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  1. Epi cycle PCT and stack question

    Hi all, Firstly apologies for another epi thread. I have searched and read a number of them but they all tend to give a little bit of varied advice - so thought I'd start my own for some personal feedback. I'm starting an epi cycle (havoc) and plan to run for 4-6 weeks depending on sides. I've run previously with good success however very dry and painful elbow joints was the limiting factor and the reason I stopped at around 5. Cycle: Havoc 30/30/30/30/40/40 Olympus labs Ar1macare pro as cycle support Normal assistants such as omega 3s, protein, creatine, taurine for pumps and some cissus if needed. PCT: Nolva 20/20/10/10 DAA 6g/6g/6g/6g Tribulus (libidio) I have 3qs that I'd like to ask 1) is my cycle support enough with Ar1macare? It's quite a comprehensive product that has some cracking reviews. 2) I have 2 bottles of anafuse I was going to run for an 8 week cycle prior to deciding with epi again. Would I benefit from stacking the two? If so should I run from the start of my epi cycle or could it be something to start in my PCT? 3) what else would you used to my PCT. From previous experience and other people's knowledge a serm and daa is quite comprehensive. But is it worth adding in anything else? Cheers and thanks.