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  1. Rice cooker

    Does anyone use a rice cooker in the morning that keeps rice warm during the day? I have a very basic one that just cooks the rice but would prefer to eat warm rice through the day while at home! I’ve seen the likes of James Hollingshead use one but am wary of keeping rice warm all day - I’ve had food poisoning from it once before & it knocked me out for 2 weeks!
  2. Huel

    Does anyone use Huel? I’m thinking of trying as an easy way to get more calories in, especially when back in the office. Is there much benefit compared to Whey protein with some powdered oats?
  3. Strained/torn trap

    Overdid it on deadlifts last week. Felt fine at the time but next day realised I had either strained or tore my trap. It’s better than it was but a week later only by about 20% improvement & I’m still taking ibuprofen. Has anyone else had a similar injury & how long did it take to heal? I’m struggling to do any lifting as any body part seems to aggravate it. Are there any rehab exercises to do or just rest?
  4. Tried to join SG a couple of times but no reply. Not sure if they are accepting new customers?
  5. Bit of a random question but what labs sell their orals in the small tubs & which in the foil bags? i want to avoid my post rattling too much so was hoping to buy from a lab that doesn’t use the small tubs. Assuming there is consistency on their packaging..... cheers!
  6. Home Gym Mirror

    For all those that have a home gym, can you recommend somewhere to get a decent mirror. Thinking 6x4ft safety. Or hard plastic if possible? Cheers
  7. Where can I find a decent bench

    Do you have any of the attachments for the super bench?
  8. No they wouldn’t insure you until you have had the results of the investigation
  9. Where can I find a decent bench

    Ordered one of these on the preorder last night. Hope it’s as good as the reviews!
  10. Where can I find a decent bench

    Does anyone have the primal strength folding? Looks ok for the price & coming into stock soon https://primalstrength.com/primal-strength-commercial-folding-fid-bench/
  11. Retraining in your 30s

    Definitely worth putting the effort in for this. I am CIMA qualified, currently financial controller for a well known retailer. Could be worth seeing if anywhere will take you on with study support. Larger companies now have to pay an apprentice ship levy, basically another tax, so can use this to train staff. Financial qualifications can be included
  12. I have tight hips/glutes etc & developed a right side dominant & twisted squat. I’ve lowered weight & am trying to retrain myself to squat evenly. Has anyone tried yoga to help with flexibility? I’ve downloaded the Les Mills on demand so I can do yoga on non-lifting days and as part of my warmup. Thoughts appreciated
  13. Been working from home since March. Probably won’t be back in the office properly (if at all) until the new year. This is revolutionising how office work will happen
  14. Running Shoes

    How do you choose your running shoes? Last pair I went to a specific running shop but they cost about £110. Looking for a cheaper option now, is there anything to look for?
  15. PED’s & immune system

    What are people’s views on PED’s affecting the immune system? i’ve got some dragon pro-hormones & max muscles sarms. Was either going to run some p-mag or lgd-4033. The covid outbreak has got me thinking perhaps it’s not the best idea if they can affect your immune system?