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  1. Been working from home since March. Probably won’t be back in the office properly (if at all) until the new year. This is revolutionising how office work will happen
  2. Running Shoes

    How do you choose your running shoes? Last pair I went to a specific running shop but they cost about £110. Looking for a cheaper option now, is there anything to look for?
  3. PED’s & immune system

    What are people’s views on PED’s affecting the immune system? i’ve got some dragon pro-hormones & max muscles sarms. Was either going to run some p-mag or lgd-4033. The covid outbreak has got me thinking perhaps it’s not the best idea if they can affect your immune system?
  4. Brawn Rad-140 any good?

    How did this affect your natural test level? I’ve heard rad-140 is pretty suppressive
  5. I want to spend up to £200 on home cardio equipment. I was thinking either bike, rowing machine to free standing punch bag? It need to be something I can keep in the garage & use when my young daughter is asleep in the day, so road running isn’t really practical. Any views/suggestions appreciates. Thanks
  6. Loan to value can significantly affect payments/interest rates. One of my mates had a similar mortgage size to mine but as my LTV was less (65% vs 90%) he pays an extra £300 a month in interest!
  7. LGD gains

    Assuming diet, training & PCT are on point, how much lean muscle do you think could be kept after an 8 week LGD4033 cycle? Thanks
  8. Prowler sled floor

    I’m thinking of buying a prowler to use at home but the only place I can really use it is on my patio. I don’t want to ruin the patio, so there any flooring I could lay down then roll up when finished? I’m thinking this probably won’t work because it will need to be fixed down...
  9. Promag alternative

    How did you find Brawn products?
  10. Promag alternative

    Powermyself have Brawn p-mag. Interested to see what people think of Brawn products - assuming they must be ok as JW has started stocking a couple
  11. Ostarine for injuries

    What is people’s views on ostarine helping injuries? I’ve had a tricep injury that doesn’t seem to he’s 100%, i’m thinking of running 10mg ostarine to help
  12. What is people’s views on ostarine helping injuries? I’ve had a tricep injury that doesn’t seem to he’s 100%, i’m thinking of running 10mg ostarine to help
  13. Tricep injury advice

    A couple of weeks ago I managed to strain my tricep doing reverse grip bench (I find this best for stimulating my chest). It seems to be in the centre of the tricep. Since then I haven’t been able to do any training without feeling pain. I have stopped any pressing but even squatting and deadlift aggravates it. Kiseology tape allows me to squat etc pain free but I know this isn’t the answer. My question is should I just stop everything for a couple of weeks, or is there any way to train around this? Thanks
  14. I’m thinking of buying a free standing punch bag to keep in my garage, hopefully make cardio a bit more interesting. i know they are not as good as wall/ceiling ones but they are not practical for me. Can anyone recommend a decent one that won’t break the bank - i’m 5’10. Cheers
  15. Braun Nutrition still g2g?

    Did you end up buying any Brawn products? If you donpost a review on here please as i’m V interested. I’ve noticed JW are now stocking Brawn Epi fyi