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  1. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Weight still stable at mo @ 193.2 this AM - Not much change day to day really Seriously need to get my arse into gear as been very lazy, No excuses just me being a lazy f**k. Got docs wednesday so hopefully get some bloods done. Tonight will be arms and calfs
  2. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Well yesterday went to pot LOL, Was about to go gym from work and forgot half my gear and i doubt the gym would appreciat me being topless HAHAHAHA Went this AM instead and was a brutal leg session, Dieing already. Tomorrows not going to be fun. Weight this AM was 192.8 Chest and Tri's tomorrow AM
  3. ECG/EKG scan

    Bet you was, Glad you got sorted fast mate. Its a fecking joke. Took me months to get my son's op done and he was bleeding every day for months and for a 2 yr old to wait like that is terrible, Obv there are far more serious issue with other kids but still a joke.
  4. ECG/EKG scan

    Rochdale mate "Shitt hole" I phoned them up, Nothing apparently can be done as i have not been assigned to a consultant yet so she can't talk to anyways specifically I have got an appointment for next Wednesday as i'm going to push for bloods as i stated i still don't feel right and with past kidney issues should be no issue getting done. Naffed off
  5. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Weight this AM 191lb - Not eating enought at mo and basically cutting "Not intention" Just no appertite. Shoulders and Biceps last night was brutal and so sore today Quads, Gluts and calfs today
  6. ECG/EKG scan

    Tell me about it, I phoned 4 weeks ago and secretary said nothing she could do but defo need to chase this up as still nothing.
  7. ECG/EKG scan

    Mate your gonna have to weight, I have meant to be checked for cancer over a month ago "Got put on 2 week waiting list" STILL WAITING One of them things mate, I know you can get done with bupa or something if u can afford
  8. 5 Day Split

    I'm just starting DY's style of training MON/TUE Gym WED Rest THUR/FRI Gym SAT/SUN Rest Upper body 6-10 rep range Lower 10-12 rep range
  9. Relationship Perspective

    Everyone has different ideas of what you should do in a relationship, You just need to find what works for you and your missus. Me and my wife have been together 15 years and have only just in past say 5 years got into the proper flow. She useless with money and bill like insurance and mortgage and the like so that's my end but she brill with the kids "I have no patience" so everyone has there strengths and weaknesses. You just need to work out the dynamics for YOU AND HER
  10. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Well another week started again and another week to try and get back inot the swing, Only trained 3 days last week so kinda peed off. Tonight i'll be training shoulders and biceps Weight this AM was 193.2 6 pack is still hanging in HAHAHAH JUST
  11. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Morning all. Trainig going well. Been doing 1 in 1 off this week. Defo feeling it after the time off. Been on a training course past 3 days so food has not been the best. Will sort this out for next week Weigh this AM is 193.7
  12. Keep your chin up hun. I was the same after prep finished. Put 20lb on ib a week due to depression and binging. Takes a whike to get head back in line with what you want. Jusg keep moving forward you beast
  13. Anyone tried and what's the verdict
  14. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Oh enjoy bud, Yeah im starting to do Dorian Yates style of training to see how i get on. Im do a couple of blasts with a cruise in between and then have a few months off. I say that as this would be my second time off since i started bits of gear a couple of years ago. Been debates a 750mg Test E and Inject-able Dbol for next cycle
  15. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Hay bud, Never get any sides on PCT so im lucky in that respect. No HCG for me bud, Had the snip so not worries about full function just need to get test levels back in normal range. How you been mate