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  1. How can i b mid cycle? As in i started my cycle 9 weeks ago. Its not rocket science
  2. sounds good mate. suppose I could do simular. work to failure. Not as good as my usual strength training but suppose it is working the muscles.
  3. Alright guys. As is everyone we are on lock down. This making workouts very hard for me. I usually use a gym 3-4 times per week to lift for strength training plus do Brazillian Jiu jitsu 3-4 times a week. I am in the middle of a Test prop only cycle. I planned this cycle to try to hold onto some muscle while dropping drop body fat. The cycle is a very basic cyle shown below: Week 1-12 300mg/week Test Prop pinned M/W/F Week 1-12 0.5mg/week Adex M/F Then PCT Currently in week 9. Obviously all gyms are shut, and the only weights i have at home is a bar and dumbells with a total weight of 48kg. No bench or anything else. I have been doing a little super set circuit using the weight bar and dumbells but its more of a calorie burn than a strength session. Also been doing some cycling of an evening again burning calories. Any suggestions on how to train fro strength using my limited equipment? Also is it worth staying on cycle or cutting it short? Im sure its not just me in this situation right now. cheers in advance guys.
  4. Is it PIP or worse?

    Alright mate. Woke up today still sore. No redness. Just a bit swollen. No fever or anything like that. Im thinking its juts the worst dead leg iv ever had! Nearly 16stone (all my weight) onto my quad onto my mates locked up knee! hoping it gets better over the next couple days. Cheers mate!
  5. Is it PIP or worse?

    Cheers mate. Im hoping its just a dead leg, but im worried now. If im still like this tomorrow i will go mate!
  6. Is it PIP or worse?

    Think i will go to the walk in centre tomorrow if its no better. What will happen if it was an abces mate? Cheers for replys
  7. Hello everyone. I jabbed my quad last friday, 1ml 100mg test prop. It was a bit sore later in the day. Then the sorness went like a day or 2 later but there was a hard lump about an inch in size no redness, no heat. Just a lump, a bit sore to the touch. The jab i dont think was far enough into the muscle. now today, i was training brazilian jiu jitsu, and threw my opponent and landed with the lump in my quad right on his knee. Its given me the worst dead leg iv had, but now even 8 hours later im in agony. Is this to do with the lump i had in my quad, or is it simply just a dead leg? im in agony. cheers everyone in advance
  8. Alright bud. Im on a cut at the min mate, just trying to hold any muscle i have now while cutting bk the calories.
  9. Cheers mate. Its wierd as i generally only feel the effects of alcohol the next day, usually bk the gym the following day. Im thinking its a combination of both alcohol and raised e2. Goin to start arimadex today. See how i feel in a few days. Cheers for the replys mate!
  10. I think i will mate cheers for the input. Will start from today. Cheers again!
  11. Im 34 mate. Was a heavey sesh to b fair, 12 hours on the beer!
  12. Pinning mon, wed, fri mate. 100mg per jab.
  13. Im about 2-300kals deficit mate. I had a cheat meal sunday after a night on the beer. Had a large curry and desert! I dont look any different to b fair, just been feeling tired latley.
  14. My skin is quite greasy to b fair. I think im going to introduce some AI to my cycle. Cheers mate