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    How long are you running it for and is it only for anti aging?
  2. Google the side. Increased appetite. Better/ worse sleep. CTS etc etc. You'll be leaner and hold more muscle mass. This won't happen as quickly as the changes do visually with aas
  3. I'd go half dosage and then work up. Just in case you are sensitive. I'd do that daily. You can do 2 or 3 times a day. I've used peptidesUK.com for years now and very happy. Never heard of anyone using that other crowd personally
  4. Bac water

    It's handy alright!!
  5. Bac water

    http://www.peptidesuk.com/Bacteriostatic-water?search=Water I find the reusable vial handy.
  6. bought 10mg - does this seem a lot?

    You used 3mg and burned??? f**k that!! Haha. Tough break man
  7. bought 10mg - does this seem a lot?

    I've never had an issue paying slightly more fir good product. You are putting a chemical into your body after all!!
  8. MK-677

    For what??
  9. bought 10mg - does this seem a lot?

    Started this exact one 5 days ago and it's working already. Use the same one every summer. Just get your calculations right. I like to mix this mt2 with 2ml of water to make the marks on the pin a bit easier It's awesome
  10. MT2 Quality

    I'm pasty white normally man. Still don't need those high dosages though. It's definitely hash. Especially on creatinine levels. Pretty sure Skip (us prep coach) spoke at length how it was killing his kidneys and brought him close to failure
  11. MT2 Quality

    I've never needed this much. In fact I've gone dark just running 250mcg EOD for a week and then 250mcg x2 weekly for maintenance. You'd want to check your kidneys with 1mg so regularly pal
  12. GHRP-2/MOD GRF

    I've been using peptidesuk.com for ages now and can't complain. I always see and feel them so I'm happy with them. Im actually using the same protocol as you are suggesting and love. Been off ipeds since my last show in October and I'm keeping much of my size etc. I just throw in the odd shot of ghrp6 at times for hunger purposes.
  13. Humatrope real?

    Why do people spend their money on something and then ask? I don't know man but hope they are real for you
  14. GHRP-6 Storage?

    Ideally keep it in the fridge. However taking your daily pins out is fine. Just keep them in a cool place out of sunlight
  15. Peptides sites

    I use www.peptidesuk.com as I've never had and issue with them. However you're going to get a different answer from most people.