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    bjaminny got a reaction from Anti-Gravity Phone Case in My breakfast smoothie (or anytime during the day)   
    Being a fan of sweet things I've decided I'm adding too much fruit in my shake. After a bit of playing around, I've managed to come up with something that really hits the spot. Some of you may say "You need locking up, fella". At times, maybe I do lol. 
    Scoop and a half orange cream MyProtein whey protein powder (35 grams protein)
    Uncooked broccoli - I used 2 big heads of the broccoli trimming off the stalks. I don't see much goodness in them (might be wrong there)
    1 shot espresso
    150 mls water
    10 (sometimes less) blueberries 
    1 or 2 strawberries (optional)
    1 Beetroot - Sealed packs of 5-6 cooked beetroot from Lidl 79p. Adds enough sweetness to leave out banana
    Cod liver oil (liquid)
    Teaspoon of inulin
    Low fat Greek yoghurt - 100 - 150ml. I only use this first thing in the morning, not in afternoons. (Lidl do massive 1kg tubs for £1-39)
    Golden! If I have this pre-workout during the day I add a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter to it. 
    I've recently stopped having oats in my shakes. It was only 1 scoop but swapped it for broccoli. 
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    bjaminny reacted to swole troll in Trt nandrolone deca   
    anything over about 50-100mg at the most is beyond trt and could potentially lead to detrimental health effects 

    most of the advice i give on blast and cruise is oriented around performance rather than health as ive posted many a time that hormone use beyond that of a prescription has the potential for health detriment 

    the more you take the bigger the potential risks 
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    bjaminny got a reaction from ChemClarity in Ap ??   
    You have lovely nails mate 
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    bjaminny reacted to notdorianyates in Dbol preworkout   
    Agreed, but being a northern lad i don't like to waste my money! Haha! 
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    bjaminny reacted to popeye1982 in the wife says no to tren!!!   
    Would you put up with your misses if she was on her period for 12 weeks.... I think not 
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    bjaminny reacted to Gavinmcl in the wife says no to tren!!!   
    welcome to ukm
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    bjaminny reacted to SickCurrent in Rich Piana, mma and his wife   
    Came into thread having mis read that Piana had a new tranny wife.....promply leaving dismayed and bored
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    bjaminny reacted to Russian_88 in Alpha pharma still g2g   
    Still have scratch off codes/panels, loads in uk. And I have not seen a single fake one. People talk about fakes of alpha but that's all they do, talk ... Not a single one posted a picture or lab tests or anything to show us these fakes ... 
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    bjaminny got a reaction from Russian_88 in Alpha pharma still g2g   
    I've been using their oils for nearly a year. Not had any problems with them at all. Currently using test cyp. Very happy with it
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    bjaminny reacted to Sebbek in Genuine website/sellers to buy Testostorone products.   
    I'm good buddy 
    btw jak instead of yak
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    bjaminny reacted to Sebbek in moving back to UK from Thailand   
    Good shout mate
    end of topic lol
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    bjaminny got a reaction from Sebbek in moving back to UK from Thailand   
    SB labs are proper. Clen is like rocket fuel 
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    bjaminny reacted to Sebbek in moving back to UK from Thailand   
    I'm gonna put SB labs above androlix mate 
    I have run them both 
    op al pharma AP Unigen Roxmedica Bayer ect
    you are spoiled by choices 
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    bjaminny reacted to weaver in Partying question   
    its enough for me pal dont have to drink the whole bottle
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    bjaminny reacted to nickc300 in What can I run to help maintain gains while off?   
    Peptides helped me out loads after I came off a cycle a few years ago. I ran ghrp2 and mod grf all the way through pct and for a good couple of months after. It's great psychologically still pinning 3 - 5 times a day. If you do your research and follow a good protocol with it you'll be happy. 
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    bjaminny got a reaction from Jamezzz in Second course advice please folks   
    When I read that I actually read it in Yodas voice so felt it worthy of of a pic of the know all fcuker himself  
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    bjaminny reacted to Dead lee in Can i bring steroids over to the UK by the plane, for personal use only.   
    Anyway it's not something il ever do, I plan my cycles around any breaks away, the only thing I'll ever take are some Adex, t3 or t4 and have no worry ever taking them.
    Once I hit that plane I'm done, I ain't lifting a weight either, I can mange a few weeks without the need to train or use AAS.
    For the guys who travel a lot the letter is there in black and white.... I'm just passing it on, not arguing over it, why not contact people who really know and ask again.
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    bjaminny reacted to Jay Walker in Adderall...   
    Rare as rocking horse crap those in the UK, had some, cant get any more of the buggers.
    Not good for use with gear IMHO, burning candle both ends and too brightly.
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    bjaminny reacted to 39005 in Adderall...   
    have a cup of strong coffee if you need something for a PWO , if you need anything else to get moving something else is wrong with you.
    taking amphetamine for a PWO is comparable to taking heroin for a headache.
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    bjaminny got a reaction from Master Chickenherder in How Steriods Changed My Life   
    Good effort mate on the positive and healthy changes that have come from you losing the weight. Thing is, you've put yourself in a position where you can get to the gym and lift and get many years of pleasure from lifting weights. It can be a struggle at the gym sometimes especially if work/family/partner/life is grating on you a bit but you've given yourself an extension of life compared to where you were at. Keep going man 
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    bjaminny reacted to JUICE1 in Acne and sunbeds   
    It's definintely individual. Just completed 6 months of up to 80mg/day and the ONLY side effect I experienced was dry lips to varying degrees. The dry lips can be pretty fu**ing brutal over 40mg/day though.
    Now blasting tren and no sign of acne yet so it looks like it might have been a permanent cure for me. I will still run 60mg/week though while blasting just for prevention.
    Anecdotally sunbeds did absolutely nothing for my acne. Neither did Benzyl Peroxide/Panoxyl, Vitamin B, Nizoral, blah blah. Nothing worked for me except Accutane.
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    bjaminny reacted to GeordieOak70 in Acne and sunbeds   
    Exposure to sun shower ed and clean diet with lots of water has worked for me in the past after tren and mast and recently from tren.
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    bjaminny got a reaction from Dead lee in Acne and sunbeds   
    Cheers guys, I keep putting the sunbeds off but I am going to go and get one tomorrow. 
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    bjaminny reacted to mcrewe123 in Anyone else sh*t them self?   
    Went out for a meal with my family and at the time new missus of about 2 months, needed to get some shopping from sainsburys on the way home, Walked into the shop and let out a tiny fart which turned out to be a dribbley s**t that ran all down my arse into my boxers. Had to make up a reason why i suddenly decided I didn't need anything in sainsburys anymore and walked very fast back out of the shop to the car. Drove home with the windows down in the winter hoping she couldn't smell it...
    she never knew either hahaa! 
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    bjaminny reacted to Glosss in Anyone else sh*t them self?   
    On a side note, the injection site is sore AS f**k. Is this PIP?