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  1. On 17/11/2016 at 7:55 PM, amazighman said:

    Thank you.

    I was just thinking about ordering some HCG to take after I start TRT as I am concerned that TRT will make my testicles shrink and cause infertility.

    I am aware that NHS doesn't prescribe HCG. Maybe things changed ?

    I am married and would like to try for a child next year.

    Have you given a sperm sample yet? Haven't read all the posts yet but if you've been diagnosed and are awaiting trt then a discussion needs to be had with the endo about sperm banking if you want children. The sperm sample can tell you if you have active sperm so banking might be a possibility. Yes, it costs money but if you and your future wife want children then this needs to be discussed with endo 

  2. On 16/11/2016 at 6:44 PM, bane21 said:

    ive very recently been prescribed nebido as trt. due to being diagnosed hypogonadtrophic which ive had from a young age but was misdiagnosed and honestly if i had the choice to be on trt or not i defo would not choose trt due to the fertility issues you may run into.

    Recently is how long ago mate? If you're concerned about the fertility issues, then maybe this needed to be raised before you received your first shot. Urologists/endo's should have raised the fertility options with you before anything unless you've had tests that confirm you have no sperm. There would have been a discussion on sperm banking before going in trt if everything was in working order. 

  3. I tried nandrolone (250 per week) with my trt AP test e. Spots within 5 days on my chest and shoulders. Could not fcking get rid of them. Stayed on nandrolone for about 4/5 weeks before coming off. Spots cleared up within a week. Quite gutted as I'd heard good things about the combo. Can't be fukced with all that acne bollokcs. I'm happy on my trt only. Made more than enough gains naturally. 

  4. What job do you do? I've had tennis elbow. It took 18 months to fcuk off. I had a cortisone injection which was heavenly but the pain returned after 3 months. I took time out of the gym at 2 months at a time x 3 times to rest my arms. All the while I was still using computers at work and using them a lot on a daily basis. Repetitive strain. The pain went once I left my job. New job - no typing - no pain ;) 


    As LJB stated, I don't feel 3 weeks is near long enough either. Tennis elbow is a fcker. Personally, review training as in "rest" and maybe go see a sports massage therapist/physio. 

  5. I use about 0.5 ml Testocyp (was test e) every 7 days. Might hit 0.6 -0.7 now & again (yeah yeah, big time I know) but I'm not interested in getting any bigger. I tried deca alongside it some time ago but I got acne within a week and thus increased fjrca further 4 weeks of use so dropped it out. I wouldn't use any other compound however I use clen. I got to 16.5 stone naturally before starting trt dose. A while back I used 1ml test (only had amps) a week for about 5 weeks but dropped it back. The trt dose has been just enough to make subtle but decent improvements thanks to renewed energy and motivation. I wanted it mainly for help with mood & energy as suffered with low test for a very long time (not due to AAS use) and the knock on effect from this was...well, I'm sure you know the effects of low test. 

  6. 12 hours ago, QuadFather94 said:

    Heading to Thailand soon and thinking of stocking up. Are there oils still gtg. My friends using there clen at 120mcg and not getting much in terms of shakes etc. But not heard of anyone using there oils in a while!

    I've been using their oils for nearly a year. Not had any problems with them at all. Currently using test cyp. Very happy with it

  7. On 18 May 2015 at 1:19 AM, barb86 said:

    Anyone tested grapefruit to see whether it lowered / stabilised their hematocrit? I'm considering trt / at least B&C but there's no way I want to be donating blood! This is a big stumbling block for me so all help is appreciated

    Mate, I had issue with giving blood. Not morally as I don't have any blood borne virus. That's the only moral issue I would have in that I would be putting other people at risk and be incredibly deceptive which I'm not but because I pin testosterone I felt a pang of guilt while considering giving blood because I was injecting testosterone.  I'm on trt (self pin) dose of test (won't go into reasons why but I had low test levels which didn't have anything to do with using aas) so in order for me to keep myself as healthy as possible (along with diet, sleep and exercise) is to give blood every 3 months. I did it in June/July and have another appointment in October. I will continent to do this as it helps me and the blood goes onto help someone else. I don't mind signing the declaration saying I don't do aas or had any surgery in the past when I have. The blood was used to help someone else as well as helping me. For me, it's much safer than self-bleeding. I'm fcuked if I would do that. Safer telling a little white lie and getting it done by a professional in a safe environment

  8. On 29 August 2016 at 7:52 PM, LK16 said:

    Just out of interest in the UK you cant have injectable test can you prescribed by a doctor? They will just throw you on Viagra or cialis ?


    No they won't "just throw you on viagra or cialis"? You don't go to a GP in the UK and ask for injectable testosterone because you have problems with erections.  A GP will refer you to the appropriate professional (urologist is 1st one usually) if you have been to see the GP to discuss your low mood, loss of drive/motivation, loss of libido, problems with concentration and requested a blood test for low levels of testosterone. Some GP's are clued up around this and will make it as speedy process as they can but it still takes time m, others are not and will not and make it an even longer process. GPs don't prescribe you injectable testosterone, it's usually an endocrinologist that deals with this 

  9. 1 hour ago, aqualung said:

    have a cup of strong coffee if you need something for a PWO , if you need anything else to get moving something else is wrong with you.

    taking amphetamine for a PWO is comparable to taking heroin for a headache.

    100% agree. Is this for a weight training workout or a 12 shift at Creamfields? Using s**t like this to lift weights. Kin el!!! 


    It's definintely individual. Just completed 6 months of up to 80mg/day and the ONLY side effect I experienced was dry lips to varying degrees. The dry lips can be pretty fu**ing brutal over 40mg/day though.

    Now blasting tren and no sign of acne yet so it looks like it might have been a permanent cure for me. I will still run 60mg/week though while blasting just for prevention.

    Anecdotally sunbeds did absolutely nothing for my acne. Neither did Benzyl Peroxide/Panoxyl, Vitamin B, Nizoral, blah blah. Nothing worked for me except Accutane.

    Cheers mate. The Panoxyl has left me with a red rash/discolouration on me chest. I do think the spots are reducing ever so slightly but they're still present. 

  11. Just to add, sports direct do karrimoor running t-shirts for about £8. I've got a navy blue adidas running t that was about £15. Its about 5 years old. It's fcking great for absorbing sweat. As they're designed for this, they save embarrassment compared to wearing standard t shirts. 

  12. As soon as the month of May hits us and right up until September I sweat heaps. I don't use Tren. I just sweat especially after showers and when walking. I have to cold shower or I sweat for a period of 1 hour after a shower. I sweat when I walk. I have to wear running t-shirts that help absorb the sweat otherwise i'm left with a huge great sweat patch the length/width of my back and all down my front of a normal t-short. I wear shorts and t shirts a majority of the Summer . I wear long trousers as little as possible but I guess I'm just sweaty drippy b**tard


    Sun beds give me spots. If I'm spot free and start tanning by 5 sessions in I'll have a load of spots on my back. Go back to being pasty and the spots disappear. 

    Going on holiday in the sun always helps though. But I think that's more the chlorine and salt water along with the sun that drys them out. 

    I'll get in the pool at the gym as well then if chlorine could help. 


    My AAS Story.

    I had an account on here but I did not log in for a while, it had a few posts on it but it seems to have gone, so this is my new one.

    This post may get flames and people saying, "no no no its all wrong" but it can not be wrong, as it is about me, and what happened to me, on my trip through the world of Juice.
    Everyone is different, we all have different biology and we all react differently to chemicals in our bodies. Added to this, I am person that always went against the grain, as well as wanting to do things my way and for myself using my brain.

    I have learned by reading forums, blogs, YouTube and many other information access points about taking riods and various other "trusty in modern chemistry products". Some info seemed counter intuitive, some seemed to make sense and some just seemed total garbage, even some of the medical journals I read about riods left me thinking,  have I just gone through a high school science project reject gone wrong? and I am not even a doctor.

    The main threads that seem to follow through a lot of what I read:

    1 Don't take riods unless you have got to your peak without them.
    2 Riods are not fat burners.
    3 Don't mess with your PCT, we have tried and tested all and everyway of doing it and it is the holy grail of Clomid/Nolva and that is just the way it is, no more no less.

    Some other nonsense but that will do for now.

    This is what happened to me and I am hoping that people will open their own minds, use their brains and understand that there might well be a better way. Do not rush into it, take care and get the most for you and yours.

    I am 43 years old
    92 kilo
    Lifting for 4 years
    Squat multiple reps double body weight
    Dead lift more than double my body weight multiple reps
    Dumbell press 90 pounds all day.
    12% BF
    This is nothing amazing for many members on here.

    Up until 4 years ago, I had never ever "ever" stepped into a gym. I was the fat guy at school, never did physical education, got laughed at all the time and at my largest was 138 kilo. My knees where shot, my back was shot, I had terrible skin problems all over my legs and feet (bleeding most of the day), heart was starting to give in and I was a total mess. At 39 years old, I decided to go to the doctors and change my life. I got a health check, complete with all the bells and whistles. Of course issues, some bad, some ok, some can be sorted, some not. The obvious was, I needed to eat good and get exercising.

    Part of the issue I had was very very high estrogen, my test was not that bad for my age but due to masses of fat on me, my estrogen was high which made it hard to even want to go have a walk, never mind go to the gym. My BF% was 30+
    I decided as normal, to do it my way. I began reading on the net about how to solve estrogen problems, how to work out and how to eat for a man.

    After a large amount of research, the plan was easy, pump myself full of riods, workout like a mean F*CKER and eat like a T-rex.
    So I did.

    I have tired a lot of different stacks, pills, combos riods, pro hormones, SARMS, even HGH (which was pointless for me) all taken in many ways and forms. I have also tried a lot of different ways of doing PCT.

    My journey took me from fat git to slim boy, to muscle looking beefcake and now to well built with some streamlining coming. There is no way I could have done any of this without the help of riods, I was just in too much of a bad state. I have my bloods checked regularly, as well complete health checks 2 times a year and from my pulse to cholesterol and many other things, I am as fit as anyone can get within reason (I am not a professional athlete) but my body is running like one in some areas.

    This is how I did it with some F*CK ups along the way. The total mess ups and some where crash burn bad ones, I will not add to this post.

    1 To gain muscle to drop weight:

    As I had 0 muscle and I mean nothing, I had to build some to help me loose fat and to in the end, have a half decent looking body whilst getting myself healthy.
    For this my best reaction was when I used Nandrolone 300 a comparative mix of esters that is found in Sustanon 250. 100ml contains 300mgs of mixed ester connected to Nandrolone. We all know about sustanon 250 which is what I ran along side it. I tried tren, NPP, strait test prop whatever, the list went on but for me, best ways of gaining muscle seemed to be having these ups and downs and different release patterns. I shot 2 times a week. I have found for muscle growth, 8 weeks max cycle works perfect. I reach a plateau about that time frame that I am sure adding something like, provorin might have helped but I might as well come off, wait for the half life of the drugs then get onto PCT so I can recover faster and clean myself out. I eat as much food as I could all the time with just cutting back somewhat on carbs. I was eating about 3000 cals a day. I was not bothered about lean meats or good fats, this or that, as I was working out 2 times a day at one point for 2 hours minimum each, with 1 hours cardio. Once I thought I had gained enough muscle to help me loose the body fat, it was time to cut. During this period, I lost about 8 kilo. Of course, note muscle is heavier than fat, so what I lost BF wise was a lot more. I was taking 600mgs a week of Nandralone 300 and 600mgs of sustanon 250.

    2 Keep muscle and loose fat.

    I switched my juice to Anavar/primo/test enanthate. This gave me much more strength than the Nandralone and I felt much better in general. Lean muscle gains, even with my fat I could tell. Great endurance, I never wanted to leave the gym. Again 8 weeks max cycle then detox.  Diet, no carbs, complete protein only, high fat low fat??? I did not care. I got myself in 8 weeks to 82 kilo. I had no clothes that fitted me and my wife said I did not look like the man she fell in love with anymore, I was less than half what I used to be.  I was taking 80mgs a day Anavar, Primo 800mg a week, test enanthate 500mg week.

    3 Build it back up.

    I choose to gain some size whilst not adding too much fat. This I did with strait test. I did not blast it, I eat and eat and eat protein and protein shakes and veg only. Maybe once a week I would get some brown rice down me. I added to my diet intermittent fasting. I would not eat any food after 18:00 and start eating only after I had gone to the gym. I crammed in as much food as I could until I felt sick and then stopped. BBCA's creatine, glutamine and loads of other nice added extras. I turned into this strange looking silver back ape shaped thing on my second test cycle for this look. Picture 3.

    I have now found my middle ground. I am super fit, slim with nice muscles in the right places (for what I want). Healthy to the point of I have not felt this young even when I was young. I did not follow the norm on my cycles, as it just did not feel right. This is how it works for me. I do have loose skin around my chest and back as well as bits under my triceps. This will never go and I just have to live with it.

    Now this is where the flaming starts, my PCT's

    I tried loads of different ways, the strait tamoxifen, clomiphene and mixes of, I tried an aromasin and resveratrol stack, resveratrol in huge amounts (I recommend everyone should take resveratrol all of the time anyway) Even tried natural remedies and herbal nonsense, non of it worked and all of it was a fight and made me feel like total crap. I have however for me found a way to ensure I can hardly tell I am on PCT.  Keep a lot of the gains and can still get it up for the wife and better still, don't gain fat and have a great sense of well being throughout. Regardless of what others say, including the doctors, this is what works for me and I have done it 3 times now.

    1, Wait for half life to clear
    2, Nolva 40mgs for 4 weeks
    3, Clomid 50mgs for 4 weeks,
    No more, no crazy massive front loads either that are a totally insane. At these lower amounts and with my other stuff running through me, the effects of depression and feeling like a b1tch just is not happening. In fact, I feel like I can cardio for a month.
    4, 25mgs every day of MK-677, MK-2866, GW-1516 for 4 weeks.
    5, End of week 2 PCT if you feel libido starting to fade more than you want, 25mg of proviron a day.
    I ran an AI "Aromasin" 25mg every day through any cycle and on through all PCT 12.5 a day.

    By the time I have reach the 4 weeks of my PCT and come off everything within 48 hours I feel a little dip in endurance and then some strength loss but nothing like what others get hit by or what I had been hit with in the past. After that 48 hours I feel like me as always when I am not on PCT or on a cycle. Libido is fine, I wake up great, sleep great and go to work as normal. My PCT effects are just a slight lower felling (I can tell) and decreases lower and lower over the 4 weeks a little at a time.

    I get my bloods done 4 weeks after my PCT is done and I have always came back super good. I then get them done 1 month before the next cycle if I want to do one and they are about the same.

    I think a very important part of recovery, no matter if you take orals or not, is to clear your liver. I found 4 weeks after PCT taking 1500mgs a day of Choline and Inositol just takes that groggy feeling out. I also recommend taking this if you are a bit of a drinker or when you come back off a holiday when you have had a few too many. 

    This does not mean that everyone else is wrong, this does not mean that only I am right. But what I can tell you is, this is right for me and I am a totally different man now and so much better for it, all because I did not follow the all bro-science and I did what made sense to me, with my brain and my research. I have had no suppression off MK-677, MK-2866, GW-1516 or proviron (do not go over 25mgs a day or 4 weeks for SAMR's and do not go over 100mgs for proviron), if I did get any suppression, it did not show in my bloods or my feeling, which is the best gauge IMO.

    Pictures attached are of me as a fat git, slim and when I got to this funny silver back ape looking shape. I am now in-between it all and working on the 6 pack.

    Good luck I hope this helps one way of the other.

    juice form mix.jpg

    Good effort mate on the positive and healthy changes that have come from you losing the weight. Thing is, you've put yourself in a position where you can get to the gym and lift and get many years of pleasure from lifting weights. It can be a struggle at the gym sometimes especially if work/family/partner/life is grating on you a bit but you've given yourself an extension of life compared to where you were at. Keep going man 

  15. 25 minutes ago, Dead lee said:

    Not sure exactly, think its mainly to do with the drying of the skin but it works, sun is better again.

    Thanks for responding mate. I've got quite a few moles so reluctant to use sunbeds but thinking would accutane be better but I hear that can have a nasty effect. No doubt it's individual and not general 

  16. I posted this in the tanning section earlier but I thought I'd put in here as well. 

    Could someone explain exactly how sunbeds can help with chest/shoulder/back acne please?  Got some spots in the centre of my chest (not the mank puss filled ones, annoying whiteheads but quite large raised red bumps as part of the spot

    I'm using Panoxyl 10% at the moment. Have been for 8 days.  I'm only using trt dose of self admin test. Never done big cycles. Simply using for trt purposes and always will as not interested in going above trt dose. Spoke to a mate, he said it could be because I'm sensitive to the sudden increase of hormone after many years of low test. This was not caused by previous aas use. Thanks 


  17. I posted this in the tanning section earlier but I thought I'd put in here as well. 

    Could someone explain exactly how sunbeds can help with chest/shoulder/back acne please?  Got some spots in the centre of my chest (not the mank puss filled ones, annoying whiteheads but quite large raised red bumps as part of the spot

    I'm using Panoxyl 10% at the moment. Have been for 8 days.  I'm only using trt dose of self admin test. Never done big cycles. Simply using for trt purposes and always will as not interested in going above trt dose. Spoke to a mate, he said it could be because I'm sensitive to the sudden increase of hormone after many years of low test. This was not caused by previous aas use. Thanks 


  18. Could someone explain exactly how sunbeds can help with chest/shoulder/back acne please?  Got some spots in the centre of my chest (not the mank puss filled ones, annoying whiteheads but quite large raised red bumps as part of the spot

    I'm using Panoxyl 10% at the moment. Have been for 8 days.  I'm only using trt dose of self admin test. Never done big cycles. Simply using for trt purposes and always will as not interested in going above trt dose. Spoke to a mate, he said it could be because I'm sensitive to the sudden increase of hormone after many years of low test. This was not caused by previous aas use. Thanks