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  1. Autism

    Haha I’m mildly autistic too! always been an awkward Cnut and obsess over stuff to a borderline psychotic level haha
  2. Gym Equipment business venture input.

    Well I assume tradesmen who aren’t welders probably struggle to read, write or communicate in anything more the wolf whistles or grunts
  3. Gym Equipment business venture input.

    Hi mate, I got plenty of time for any elite tradesmen (welders) drop me a PM if I can help you out woth owt
  4. Gym Equipment business venture input.

    Hello, sorry been busy what’s happening?
  5. Who's where ?

  6. Cruises

    Never heard of it, sorry! mainly on Cunard, princess, Disney EDIT: just seen it! Dam that must be 200,000t surely? They’re ugly as hell now, like Milton Keynes but afloat looks like it was made by Fincantieri though, picked up a few new ships from there for sea trials etc picked up the Queen Victoria from there for the naming ceremony and I welded on the bottle smash from a cherry picker on the quayside. It didn’t smash the bottle though lol
  7. Cruises

    I’ve worked on loads of them and been all over, as you say. Avoid any that have yanks on and you’ll be fine. Avoid the sailing graveyards too (Cunard) I spent a lot of time on the QE2 when I was In my late teens/early 20s... the next youngest person was 3x my age haha i can imagine some cruises would be good but It would depend how long you went for and how many sea days there was gonna be
  8. Accidentally pressed the link to the poster, not the title

    ‘My friend’ said that link isn’t working? Do you have another?
  9. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    That’s the plan, shame I don’t have any leathers anymore would wanna get a couple of track days in before the weather turns to garbage
  10. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    Put deposit down on it yesterday, it’s had LOADS spent on it. Been stood for 2 years tho so gonna pick it up later in the week, service and MOT it
  11. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    That’s the one gonna give him a deposit this weekend and I’ll pick it up the week after when I’ve been paid
  12. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    Lol I’ve been 32 since July (1987) but for some reason I’ve felt 32 for ages! I’m getting to that age where I have to think about how old I am
  13. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    I do all my work myself so it’s just cost of parts really. yeh I think the Mille will be somewhere between an old TL and a modern bike. Hoping it’s not too primitive in terms of rattling about. I had a kx500 when I was a kid and it used to shake me to pieces!!
  14. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    It was my gf who insured the ped tht got pinched I was just a named rider so shouldn’t affect mine should it?
  15. Aprilia Mille? And insurance?

    I’m 32 though, I dunno what’s going on with the insurance tbh. Gonna have to look into it more, I was thinking 2-300 tbh