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  1. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    Did you need all 50ml to nip that balloon knot up to a reasonable level?
  2. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    Ive hear great things about that place, friendly staff who not only pull your chair out for you to sit but also push your stool in too!
  3. Bruce Forsyth RIP - Didnt he do well

    I remember seeing him on a programme about himself maybe 10 years back or so? He seemed such a genuinely nice guy, he loved tap dancing and even at his age was tapping through the hotel lobby's and stuff. Was nice to see for some reason? An old guy who hadn't given up on himself yet maybe
  4. Uneven vascularity on forearms?

    The voice of experience maybe?
  5. Uneven vascularity on forearms?

    That's the problem, I kinda feel a loyalty to my right, together we have done some freaky s**t :/
  6. Uneven vascularity on forearms?

    Ok so got one arm busting with veins and the other.... well hardly owt, not even half as veiny! any idea why? And YES before you ask it is my wanking arm that's all vascular. shoukd I switch hands? I'm just kinda used to 'good old trusty right handy' it just wouldn't feel right using my left? im really at a loss here
  7. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    Agreed there's not much that can't be solved by wanking... bad day at work? Wank got the horn? Wank arguing with the mrs? Wank angry with yourself? Wank (more aggressively) fed up of the neighbours looking over your garden fence? Wank fed up of kids hanging outside your house? Wank.... had a fallout with another guy? Mutual wanking
  8. Dbol makes me feel s**t aswell as do all orals apart from winny! Scrap the dbol? If you want a kick start why not throw some prop in?
  9. Wedding ring allergy - what to do

    Decisions decisions!!
  10. Where to buy gold jewelry online?

    Just make sure you aren't allergic to heavy metals! Haha
  11. Wedding ring allergy - what to do

    Yep nickel is pretty harmful, buy her a platinum ring or something you tight Cnut!
  12. Elevation masks

    Pic of me training in the gym with an elevation mask on.... I think I pull it off pretty well
  13. SA bodybuilder backflips, lands on head, dies.

    Who was the guy with the 'magnet motor' perpetual motion/free energy device? He needs to see this haha
  14. Fitbit tracking when using T3?

    Looks like I got on it midday on the 28th and stopped on the 2nd. Massive periods where it thinks I'm grafting like fcuk when in fact I'm sitting on my sofa trying to avoid heart failure haha
  15. Fitbit tracking when using T3?

    I can tell you exactly what happens lol my heart rate sits between 140 and 160bpm for days and by 8am sitting on my sofa it assumes I have burnt 3600kcal lol regatding the T3 I did t expect it to have such a big effect on my heart rate hence why I wondered if it actually monitors metabolic rates somehow.