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  1. Basically I have been dieting down and it's going really well then I stupidly burnt myself quite severely front and back from my knee to my shoulders and my butt to my upper back...looks horrific to be fair lol It's very painful still on day 3 it happened on Monday. I weighed in fine on Tuesday morning but then on Wednesday morning which is today I weighed in nearly 4lbs heavier whilst not deviating from my diet. I have read the body swells and retains water when sunburnt which is in my opinion the cause of the random spike in weight but has anyone else experienced this when should I expect it to go back to normal?
  2. Yeah maybe it's gods intervention the tren clearly giving me more sides than I thought FS lol He's trying to force me to come off
  3. Yeah I understand the comments being made where correct it is better to get it all before hand but your delivering it as advice in a perfectly acceptable helpful and genuine way the other guys where not the f**k up was already made I was seeking advice not to be told I had f**ked up the very fact I was posting is because I knew I f**ked up and needed advice lol. I have said one or two things I shouldn't of in the replies I'll accept that and apologise but thank you for the reply I think I will just crack on then it was going so well. I was on these forums years ago and it was such a better atmosphere I agree with what your saying in that last paragraph and the point your making earlier regarding people jumping to tell you it's all your fault. Too many unhelpful people just want to bash people for making mistakes instead of offer help it scares people away from the forum. Thanks
  4. I'm on a forum not a spelling test but I hear you not my proudest post so I'll take that one I deserve it lol and I'm not mate got made redundant.... I did play well to get there to be fair, I managed to convince them I was competent enough to run the place somehow lol
  5. Yeah I felt fantastic the cycle was going well I'm just worried that being off short esters nearly a week is going to put me back to square one then I'm only going to be on a short time and it may be more beneficial to come off and take a break before I go on again. Maybe I'm not explaining what I mean properly but thanks for the reply a stupid question is only stupid if you know the answers if it was stupid to the person asking the wouldn't ask it I'm sure ? I feel noticeably worse since last week but it's probably mental
  6. I just don't get it mate. I came here with a question needing advice it's people like that who are to blame for forums like this being dead...no one can be bothered with that kind of attitude. No help offered just being a slabber instead lol
  7. Who said I'm poor? I'm also not complaining I have ran out either I'm asking a specific question and your choosing not to answer still? Wow coming at me with the insults haha do me a favour next time you see you mum hit her a slap you where clearly dragged up you idiot. If you have nothing helpful to say why say anything? Your missing the point im not struggling to find 100-400 quid to complete my cycle at all money is not an issue I choose to get it monthly as it suits me better...anyway... I can easily afford an unexpected £1000 bill my friend infact if you must know I was made redundant through furlough from a very well played management role as the company decided to go into liquidation. I have already explained I have never been let down before ordering 2-4 bottles at a time is how I normally operate for various reason such like it comes in the post for one I don't want to order 20 bottles at a time like. This is the first time I have been in this situation I'm not looking for a lecture oh your should buy it all before because that's what you do I asked a question regarding should I stay on or come off....that was it any other opinions keep them to yourself or they would be asked for. As we can see from your last post tho your awful fond of an old opinion you must highly value your own opinion ?? do us all a favour and keep it to yourself as you just look stupid when trying to attack someone for their financial status especially during these tough times. Do you enjoy trying to be an online bully? Do you wanna get together and compare bank statements also? You seem to think you now alot about me and I'd love for you to have the opportunity to express all this in person...I really would. It would be interesting to see how opinionated you are when I'm standing there Infront of you. If your from Northern Ireland I would absolutely love the chance for you to give me these opinions I'll happily drive anywhere in the country to show you the car that gets me about pay check to pay check too you can take a photo with it and show all your friends ? So to sum that up you would do well to grow up and keep your opinion to yourself a bit. Educate your self do a bit of yoga instead of weighing into a forum acting the big man throwing all these opinions about. Also if you can buy prescription drugs in the UK legally without a prescription I'd love to here how that's quite amazing to be fair. Oh and don't forget to slap your mum and I mean a real slap possibly report her to the authorities for child abuse because you must if been hit on the head waaaay to much I think they can still look into old cases buddy. Good luck ?
  8. Haha and this is just hilarious your preaching buy all the drugs like the PCT isn't important? As long as IV got all my drugs never worry about the coming off and recovery part. I never go on without my PCT at hand incase soemthing happens and I need to come off. What if your in my situation and you can't get your hands in a PCT...what then? Would you still be on a forum trying to belittle someone else for screwing up a cycle? Just sayin...
  9. I love how there's no attempt to answer the question just be a mouth piece instead. Not everyone is in a position to buy it all at once....so instead of being judgemental and acting like your above people because your never f**ked up on cycle why not try offer a bit of help or advice that could be useful...instead of trying to rack up the old post count ???. When I go on cycle I have my pct and stuff ready to go incase I ever have to come off for any reason but I order as much gear as I can then top up every pay day it's never been a problem in the past it usually comes within 2 days IV never not had any... this time its not came and I'm in a sticky situation and wondering what to do stop or just crack on as normal it will be a full week of missed injections. Big shout out to @TERBO who actually answered the question
  10. Ok thanks I just know that in the past when I was inconsistent with jabs I seen very little results and I don't wanna start from scratch and only be on 6 weeks maybe I'm over thinking it It was got online my friend orders it for us both was apparently ordered Monday I was under the impression it took 2 days max to arrive
  11. I'm running test p and tren a 1ml EOD been on 8 weeks was due to pick up my last 2 bottles this week but got let down so I haven't had any test or tren since since Monday (4 days ago) with a bit of luck I'll get it tomorrow but is there any point missing 2 injections then starting again? I planned on being in for another 6 weeks then PCT but is there any point after missing nearly a week?
  12. HGH Fragment, does it work?

    Recently got my hands on 2 vials of it and completely messed up the first one because I mixed it wrong and used too little then the 2nd one I injected it 250mcg in the morning before fasted cardio then 250mcg either before bed or before my evening workout. I have to say I did see a difference over the weeks I lost somewhere between 5-10 lbs but I have to say there was a massive change to my diet and the morning cardio was new so I'm thinking is there any point getting it again did it make any difference? I certainly looked alot leaner possibly due to the change in calories and adding fasted cardio. What's people's views on it is it worth taking? Am I allowed to ask where is good to get it and disclose where I got it?
  13. New Triumph Range...

    The ?? Where actually sad face emojis they posted as ?? I swear lol. Well it was good when I used it that's why I'm saying it's a shame and what's available to me locally IV never heard of I made a post actually asking about the brand there. I have no online source either IV been out of this game for a long time training natural
  14. New Triumph Range...

    Used this lab before and it was great shame I have no way if getting it anymore ???
  15. Has anyone heard of or used this seemingly comes from Ireland looks the part and alot of bug guys down here using it.