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  1. Retraining in your 30s

    Welding. It’s where the money is apparently.
  2. When Gyms Reopen

    So glad I bought a rack with all the trimmings 3 years ago.
  3. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    India style
  4. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Seriously Aarron Lambo & partners Alpha Training Gym, when it was in Rushden. They had a spacious industrial unit with good kit. Easy, plentiful car parking space and accessible for anyone travelling as it was just off the a45. They since moved to Wellingborough - a much smaller and dingy place. Only went there once. Not sure if they are still there or somewhere else, but when they were in Rushden, yeah shame about the owner but Alpha training was a good gym.
  5. Fragrance

    Most of those are evening fragrances. Too heavy and projecting for daytime or work/office. Aventus and bleu de Chanel are versatile but Aventus not my cup of tea (too flowery/fruity) and definitely not worth the money for what it is.
  6. Overweight, badly dressed and unkempt. Some tick 2/3 of those boxes. i.e. the skinny emaciated vegans. Probably smell like wet dog. None of these guys would be wearing a macho fragrance like Drakkar Noir.
  7. Fragrance

    Another good daytime cheapie I like is Aquatonic. It's a shame Lynx discontinued most of their good body sprays such as Java and Tempest. Africa is the only decent one they still make.
  8. Fragrance

    You can also have daytime formal and daytime casual. I think Versace pour homme is a very good daytime formal - for the office, etc. But Versace Eau Fraiche is a very good daytime casual. There's also summer/winter fragrances. Indoor/outdoor.
  9. Fragrance

    Daytimes typically less projecting, less sillage. Inoffensive and generally crowd-pleasing but merely 'pleasant'. Versace pour homme Bleu de Chanel Aqua di gio ...are all good 'daytime' fragrances. Something like 1 million or Le Male are not good daytime fragrances, too strong, too much projection, too much sillage. Of course people still wear what they want, when they want though. Everyone knows someone who comes into the office reeking of Le Male and you can smell it everywhere they've been.
  10. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    I have some standard cast iron weight It's a sellers market at the moment. 2x5kg plates. Basically £3 per kilo is fair, IMO. Especially for iron weights rather than the sandbag nylon ones.
  11. Who wears a cap ?

    Have to wear a cap when you’re bald/shaved headed and out in the sun. Nothing worse than getting your scalp fried. Fedora in the autumn and winter.
  12. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Not bisexual in the sense of liking "men", but as I said, somewhere on that spectrum. They have male genitalia and if you're a male that's attracted to that aspect, like it or not it's a form of bisexuality.
  13. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Not gay but It’s surely a form of bisexuality. They say no one is 100% straight or gay, it’s more of a spectrum.
  14. Anyone play 8ball pool on iphone?

    I play it quite a lot. After 3 or so years and talking to some other experienced players the general consensus seems to be the game play is slightly rigged towards people from third world countries (India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc) but not enough to completely ruin the experience. they want you to spend money on the game to improve your chances. To get better cues, spin and win is a waste of time. I have 100 spins and can’t be bothered. After getting a decent cue (Valkyrie) I also don’t bother with the boxes anymore.
  15. Are "healthy" foods overrated?

    Fruit is overrated. Vegetables not so much. Calories aren't created equal. Same reason vegans struggle to gain muscle even if they think they're getting enough protein with their lentils, beans, nuts and soy. Amino acids and B vitamins in meat are very important for building muscle.