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  1. Who is AncientOldBloke ?

    Is the other forum the one that rhymes with GMuscle but starts with a T?
  2. People questioning if you're on the juice...

    I tried telling a couple tinder dates as an experiment back in the day.. it never went well. They generally assume you're some sort of crazy drug addict who will rape and kill them.
  3. Cheapest place to buy a Rolex?

    RIght but I mean, the Authorised Dealer, if I'm not mistaken, charges 20% VAT on top of the actual price, but if you buy it somewhere like an a duty-free airport shop, you pay no VAT.. That's what I meant about lowest price, where (e.g. in Europe) is the tax lowest?
  4. Tinder a bit s**t?

    Me too. Maybe one day we can go look for a friend together...
  5. Asking as I know there are some watch people here... I once bought one from a shop in London, but later found out that I could have saved paying VAT if I'd bought from an airport. So where is the cheapest place to buy a Rolex? (yes, I know, $5 by the street in China/Thailand/etc., but besides that...)
  6. Pretty sure they just wanted to take the heroine money for themselves, not put a stop to it....
  7. Did you get one done after coming off?
  8. Curious as to whether any of guys have had an actual test to see if your little boys are swimming around the way they should be, especially the ones that have been jabbing for a few years?
  9. Lots of CV going on here....

    I just reduced focus a bit. I just looked at my life and saw that gym was taking a lot of time and energy and it wasn't really making my life better. I know some people say "it's just an hour" but for me it ended up consuming more, and the sides from the drugs was interfering with everything else.... I still go to the gym 2-3 times a week and do some bench press, squats, pullups, etc. but it's just to make sure my belly doesn't stick out more than my chest. Feels like maintenance, like brushing my teeth.
  10. Lots of CV going on here....

    Thanks, but... My avi pic is 3 years old, it's a remnant from a time when I used to lift...
  11. Lots of CV going on here....

    Hey, haven't seen you here for a while... hope you've been well.
  12. It's perfectly fine, it's actually a bit difficult to kill a person, imagine if all it took was injecting an air bubble. The air bubble myth is a grossly misunderstood issue -- if you inject several CC (e.g. a large veterinary syringe) full of air into a major artery, it will stop your heart from being able to pump effectively. Injecting a bubble of air into a muscle or minor artery does nothing.
  13. Speed awareness course

    Keeps you awake when you're sleepy though.
  14. Speed awareness course

    Ahhh I think you may have been in my group. They showed a number of contrived experiments where going 30mph the car stops in time, but going 32mph the car knocks over an old lady. Then they try to say "therefore 30mph is safe and 32mph is dangerous", and all the idiots get excited and nod happily. My argument is, why stop there? You could set up another experiment that shows 28 is safe and 30 is dangerous. Where does it stop? Everything is dangerous. Why are you trying to manipulate people's thoughts with propaganda videos that utilize contrived, unrealistic experiments? Also if you care about safety, considering that men have biologically faster response time than women, the stopping distance for a male driver is considerably less than a woman and therefore if you care about safety women should have lower speed limits.