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  1. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Once these freedoms are taken then they are hard to get them back, really don't understand how people don't get that. I think some of these so called liberals you speak of just can't think for themselves and need the government to do it for them along with everything else.
  2. I have kids at 2 different schools, its all true and more, whole thing is a complete s**t show.
  3. UKM Anti Covid 19 RAVE!

    im in.
  4. Eli lilly trial has been paused as well.
  5. We're clearly screwed as a species now.

    looks more like a form of torture than a prom dance.
  6. But what about saving those lives bro? You're gonna kill granny
  7. New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    you sure mate, sounds a bit dangerous to me, remember it only has a survival rate of 99.98%
  8. Its a fact a lot of people are finding hard to come to terms with but there is no pandemic.
  9. Keep saving those lives bro and remember not all heroes wear capes.
  10. Not true, 12yrs upwards
  11. I fear your warning is a little too late for some members.
  12. and most of them are here on ukm, too scared to catch a cold and so stupid they believe they're actually saving lives by wearing a soggy bit of cloth on their face and leaving the pub early.
  13. Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    I think all these companies need to stop virtue signalling and just stick to what they know.
  14. Simps

    Could be wrong but it's most likely a promotional post to get more fans.