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  1. I was gonna get bloods done but decided not to waste my money and get more tren instead.
  2. You'll see results when you add some tren.
  3. Right now im using geneza test e.
  4. DNP - PN??

    I remember there was also another guy who posted up a while back saying he'd lost feeling in his feet or might have been leg after a long dnp run. Although I think he'd been on something silly like 3-6mnths or something.
  5. Guess who's back

    Let's see how much progress you made then?
  6. Less PIP Triumph VS Sphinx

    Not talking about virgins muscle.
  7. Less PIP Triumph VS Sphinx

    Even if you don't know what your doing and with a bad technique, decent gear shouldn't give you pip.
  8. Take a big dump.
  9. Tren

    With tren mate.
  10. Tren

    That's my current cycle, 150/400, sides wise seems no different to when I ran 300 test.
  11. ChemClarity.com - Review

    let the games begin......
  12. Horrible burps - the gear?

    if its the tren then get some digestive enzymes, found they helped quite a bit.
  13. First time using Test E

    about 6 weeks