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  1. White Shaming

    Cressida dick, dany cotton and sadick khan all fu**ing useless, wouldn't survive 2 minutes in the private sector. and that reminds me a friend of mine went for a job with the police only to be told he doesn't meet the criteria and they were giving preferential treatment to bame applicants, this was some years ago too, so much for dat white privilege .
  2. At-least Boris is making gains!

    fors331 out for his daily exercise
  3. What makes a simp?

    All the Dr's are busy right now helping out on empty covid wards.
  4. Will covid 19 go away

    hit the nail on the head here , and to top it all off whoever develops the vaccine will demand indemnity from the government against any potential damage it could cause before they agree to supply it.
  5. Will covid 19 go away

    The numbers are probably made up like fegusons original predictions.
  6. LGBT Community 'Suffering' in Lockdown

    Lgbt = mentally ill attention seekers
  7. Quarantine Haircuts

    Hairdresser done all ours, f**k walking round with a spastic cut.
  8. This is exactly what this pandemic needs a retarded kid who didn't even finish school , sure she has all the answers.
  9. favourite is probably winnie, oxys are ok too, least favourite is superdrol, that stuff just leaves me feeling ill.
  10. Gym open

    and theres me thinking that hospitals were maintained by clapping vigorously at the sky every week.
  11. Gym open

    its ok though cos we're "protecting the vulnerable."
  12. Is Boris for real?

    dont come in here with your facts guys, your going to get people killed.
  13. Is Boris for real?

    This is pretty much what I thought, lot of talking without saying much. also noticed he said there will be bigger fines for anyone caught breaking the rules, whole thing is a complete s**t show.
  14. New Cycle

    Crossfit w**ker