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  1. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    Only ppl that are confused are those that promote this s**t. My advice is stay away and don't let them anywhere near children.
  2. Points based immigration system

    I hope its him , I need some new vests for the gym. he claimed he was a councillor for ukip not bnp, was all bullshit anyway.
  3. Points based immigration system

    this is how i imagine alphafit to be irl;
  4. Cheapest primo lab?

    if you want cheap primo buy mast
  5. Points based immigration system

    don't waste your breath, guy was telling me how great Corbyn was in another thread and told me to go to chinas to witness how good communism is.
  6. Guess who’s back motherf**kers

    cant wait bro
  7. Philip Schofield

  8. Guess who’s back motherf**kers

    In for photos of mad gainz and clown masks
  9. Tren sides

    Did he really just go there ?
  10. Philip Schofield

    Can't be, Schofield didn't say anything about liking young boys or being a massive nonce.