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  1. what do you mean by background checks ?
  2. National Lockdown

    "The findings have prompted Norway to suggest that Covid-19 vaccines may be too risky for the very old and terminally ill, the most cautious statement yet from a European health authority." something tells me they will give them the vaccine anyway and proceed to tell us what a great job we're doing protecting the elderly and vulnerable.
  3. When are we thinking gyms will open again?

    I'd agree with this, nothing is opening up or going back to normal anytime soon and there will be a lot of businesses and gyms which will be decimated financially and will be unable to reopen.
  4. National Lockdown

    we couldn't possibly do that mate, its too dangerous, you might be one of the unlucky 80% of people that catch the virus and have no symptoms at all,i mean you might not get ill at all and no one wants that so we just cant risk it.
  5. National Lockdown

  6. National Lockdown

    be sure to pray for him
  7. National Lockdown

    They could've spent that on the NHS and saved it instead of wasting the money testing people who aren't sick.
  8. Chris whitty has already said we may need to lockdown next winter and they already mentioned even with the vaccine we'll still need to wear masks and social distance. Going just on that information alone I'd say there seems to be no intention for things to return to normal anytime soon and imo the longer this goes on the less likely it is that things will ever be the same again.
  9. Lockdown 3.0 required Yes or No

    i imagine some will jump at the chance of another lockdown
  10. A new Strain!


    Yeah, 90s were hip hop gold but late 80s definitely had some decent tracks too

    90s is the golden age of hip hop, early 00s had some decent tunes too, mostly downhill after that and now todays stuff is just faggots in dresses mumbling a load of bollocks after popping one too many xanax. Common -- The 6th Sense feat. DJ Premier - YouTube

    This or anything from the 90s
  14. A new Strain!

    Remember they have a whole team of behavioural psychologists behind the scenes running the show and they have done their job so well, this is why so many are in denial and just like all those battered wives they keep going back for more thinking if they just do as they're told then next time things will be different and everything will be ok. And of course we all know how that goes.
  15. A new Strain!

    Tier 5 incoming... Well done to all those following the rules, it's really working well, you're all doing a great job, thanks guys...