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  1. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    and they told us we were saving lives
  2. Covid - long term plan

    camp 2 and continue to do so as much as possible, no mask, no gloves and no f**ks given.
  3. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    wait till people realise there never was a pandemic and we trashed the economy for nothing.
  4. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    personally cant wait, pretty certain I read the fight wont be scored but hopefully they'll do more fighting than exhibitioning and someone gets knocked the f**k out. iron mike ftw.
  5. Ultimately Shredded

    30% bf so probably 40% plus, only thing you need op is to stop eating like a fat c**t.
  6. Had to fill someone in last week

    Sounds like you ran into this guy op
  7. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    and shop staff don't have to wear them either.
  8. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    Masks are bullshit just like the virus.
  9. exercise synergy

    You need to make your posts shorter @nobalator, no ones going to read all that
  10. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    Sounds like a load of bollocks tbh, could be more aggro than its worth.
  11. Betapharma

    Lab for beta faggots, gtfo with that s**t. Inb4bestlabeverthread
  12. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    I hear if you repeat it a third time he will magically appear.
  13. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Masks are bullshit, once they get damp and moist they become a breeding ground for germs, they're an absolute nonsense just like the 2m rule, 1m rule and pretty much everything else we've been told about covid 1984.
  14. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    will be right about the same time that the vaccine is ready. Covid 1984 NWO incoming....