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  1. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder Full fight

    Thoroughy enjoyed the fight. I never counted Wilder out during rounds 5 onwards as I wondered whether he was exagerated his battered state to lull Tyson into a false sense of security.. a typical counter punchers technique. John Tyson suggested this approach (putting on weight and pressuring Wilder), and revealed the game plan well before time which no-one seemed to believe, and he executed it perfectly. Very impressive. Tyson is the real deal, - he always has been, - strange that he doesn't quite get the recognition for it. Wilder has no-where to go now but a rematch, - that'll be interesting. Tyson will be the favourite against AJ... that would be an interesting fight. If I was AJ, I'd be worried.
  2. Older or younger?

    Always been older - 7 - 15 years older

    How long, roughly, after the op will your head look normal? I have seen photos of people 10 days post op and their head's look absolutely fine. Others 2 weeks post op and their scalp looks like a scabby blood bath
  4. Racist

    Strange that no one remembers the million+ white Europeans, snatched from their homes and taken in chains to become slaves to black Muslim slave drivers back in the 18th century. The slavery went on for circa 100 years
  5. Ingrown hairs?

    I used to get them from shaving with cartridge razors, I used a double-edge razor now and never get them. I shave electric on occasion and I dont seem to get them from that either, I use a Braun 7 series, never liked the rounded ones. Try washing/exfoiliating your beard moreoften... wet shaving does this anyway (just use DH razor)
  6. Thanks for your reply Fadi. Do you buy each product seperately (Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle Root Extract, Pygeum Bark Extract). It would be more convenient having it in one capsule but I cannot find such a product. Couple of things that I have found that does increase my libido, - MSM, for sure. And, in particular, fish & chips from the chippy - I guess it's all that saturated fat.
  7. Just to put it out there, - Cannabis can also causes gyno. I experimented with my diet last year and made progress, - it is sometimes surprising how much difference it makes... - consistency over long periods, - arguably a harder aspect of bodybuilding than training
  8. Fadi - can you recommend such a product? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saw-Palmetto-Pygeum-bark-and-nettle-leaf-extract-capsules/174015719856?hash=item28842529b0:g:reAAAOSw9mBc0opy ?
  9. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    I've been with First Direct for the past 5 years, they beat everything on money supermarket at the time, - I am currently paying 1.65%, think the best they have at the moment is 1.54%, - First Direct customer services are excellent - you will never find them on a price comparison site, The Direct part in their name means they never go through a third party, mortgage broker, comparison site etc
  10. Bulk breakfast?

    Eating bigger breakfasts isn't something you can suddenly start doing if you're not used to eating breakfast. Start small... maybe a single scrambled egg on one piece of granary toast. Just continue like that for a month or so. In a matter of weeks/couple of months, you'll find yourself getting very hungry if you *don't* have breakfast. Your breakfasts will tnen get bigger and bigger as time goes on.
  11. Eddy hall

    Eddy seems like a nice guy, but sorry I found the programme boring. It's basically just watching people eat.
  12. Has anybody taken viagria whilst on a test cycle ?

    How does Kamagra differ from Ciallis? Is Kamagra basically the same as Viagra? I use Kamagra for heavy sessions, about 1/3 - 1/2 a pill. Amazing results with no sides
  13. Isn't there a risk that your head will 'reject' the transplant? In which case you have to shave it anyway, and you'll have a nasty scar running along the back of your head?
  14. I agree, it's very difficult to judge anyone really. Even people you think you know well. You never know what's going on in the background. There's always multiple sides to a story. Ant comes across like a charismatic guy on telly.
  15. Showing off thread - post your car pic

    I absolutely love my car. It's a 15 year old Lexus LS430 LPG. £70k new, cost me £4k. Feels like a Rolls Royce. 4.3 V8 with a gorgeous smooth gearbox, air suspension, loads of sound proofing including double glazing, - lots of toys.... - it's such a serene place to be, and LPG cost me around 65p a litre. It's a very smug feeling driving a big automatic with a big petrol engine and achieving good economy.