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  1. What easing of lock down may look like

    Peak? Is the virus suddenly going to disappear? The death toll (which is a pretty crude and useless measurement anyway, better off looking at the death-rate, or comparing to last year), has only gone down because people are living like hermits. Surely the virus is still doing the rounds and cases will increase as soon as lockdown is eased? Who knows if this virus is going to mutate, latch on to a different receptor, and come back with a vengence, like some doctors are predicting. I do hope you're right, and we're over the peak and the virus will somehow disappear however
  2. Brexit views still the same?

    LBC isn't a "random guy off the internet" it's a reputable, discussion, radio station
  3. Brexit views still the same?

    I have lost count of the amount of business owners who have rang LBC saying they can get tones of PPE, have offered it to the Government, but have been ignroed. Don't believe everything the mainstream media feed you
  4. Youtube

    My tuppence fwiw (not aimed personally at you) Be upbeat, happy, authentic & easy going. Get straight to the point (of the title of the video). Be careful about saying "um" after every sentence. Get yourself a pucker camera and equipment, video editing software, a quick strapline/intro/brand/jingle-thing. Video most videos topless (seems to be the done thing) Good luck!
  5. Are takeaways open near you?

    Yeah, quite a few actually. 2 kebab shops, 1 chicken shop, 1 chippy, plus the local italian and thai restaurants are doing deliveries.
  6. Anyone selling UK legal SARMs

    I have an opened bottle of BC Revolver 25 Ostarine MK2866. There's 53 caps in there - 25mg per cap
  7. Look after Government /Criminal Justice IT systems, - I iused to work from home once a week, so now just do it everyday.
  8. We keep getting told that there is no problem with food supplies, - do you all believe that to be true week/months down the line? We all here probably eat a lot, - i've got plenty of fresh food in, but very little long life stuff.. I have sat back and thought people panic buying to be stupid.. now I'm wondering after lockdown when we then are only letting in afew people into a supermarket at a time and limiting what you can buy on already bear shelves, I should have panic brought with them?
  9. Reason for going the gym?

    Insecurity , vainity & mental health. Insecurity: I started as a teenager after my sister started calling me "skinny". A couple of years later when I started to put on a bit of weight both my Mum & Dad stopped hitting me. I think I now associate having some muscle with security. Vainity: Now I'm 44 I am very proud of having a v shaped body, big back & shoulders with a small waist and pert bottom. Most men are in terrible shape. Mental Health: I enjoy how I feel after training, - the results make me feel good also.
  10. Gym at home and at work both free. Buy a few supplements, £10 a month maybe I eat fairly well so that's probably the biggest cost, but then I was going to eat anyway... I just eat healthier than I probably would otherwise, - so all is all - not much really
  11. Who knows how Tyson F would fare against the people of yesteryear.... he has a nack of doing whatever is needed to get the win.... - funny how people keep underestimating him... maybe that's part of his strength
  12. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder Full fight

    Thoroughy enjoyed the fight. I never counted Wilder out during rounds 5 onwards as I wondered whether he was exagerated his battered state to lull Tyson into a false sense of security.. a typical counter punchers technique. John Tyson suggested this approach (putting on weight and pressuring Wilder), and revealed the game plan well before time which no-one seemed to believe, and he executed it perfectly. Very impressive. Tyson is the real deal, - he always has been, - strange that he doesn't quite get the recognition for it. Wilder has no-where to go now but a rematch, - that'll be interesting. Tyson will be the favourite against AJ... that would be an interesting fight. If I was AJ, I'd be worried.
  13. Older or younger?

    Always been older - 7 - 15 years older

    How long, roughly, after the op will your head look normal? I have seen photos of people 10 days post op and their head's look absolutely fine. Others 2 weeks post op and their scalp looks like a scabby blood bath