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    Title? Rank? WTF is this, we ain't soldiers, we're gym rats,
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    I wash submarines. WTF is it to you? You a cop? HMRC? A bank's compliance officer? No? Then piss off
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    If I can't eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it, fuck it or spend it, then I ain't interested.


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  1. Almond only. 30-sec microwaved. Buttered on ample buns. Yum! Gurt lush.
  2. I look at it with foreign eyes and feel sorry for you indigenous natives. But then that's probably just my asparagus and autism talking. I'm actually quite a nice chap. Affable, happy-go-lucky too.
  3. The drive in

  4. Why do my emojis show up as question marks?

    Test using phone; ???????
  5. Gold!!!!

    Hyperinflation? Good I'll borrow. Each monthly payment will be easier to do.
  6. Lockdown lark

    Blame me and @PSevens2017 When we first started chatting he was vehemently anti gay. Now he's er in the groove
  7. Lockdown lark

    Just wait. This time next year More pregnancies More divorces
  8. Artisan bread ,do you ever treat yourself?

    Artisan= home made then sold at overinflated price @Endomorph84 craft = not home made, then sold at overinflated price
  9. Boris has Corona

    Has he f**k. He made it up so as to offer hope to us dumb plebs. "If I can run the country with CV, you muthfukrs can your familes" Should also explain @Varg's mild symptoms issue Bit like a fake YT natty on 50 var
  10. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    Meanwhile, theres a new dude called @LethweiUK Got hisself 609 posts but is fully cognisant with various members of yore's unique and cute little foibles..
  11. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    No the non-show t the park was s slacks
  12. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    No the non-show t the park was s slacks
  13. 14 year old 5’9 Skinny

    Hi Justin This girl likes a guy with muscles. Nuff motivation? As for method ANY simple basics program will work Eg lift every other day Bench press Squat Deadlift Overhead press Bent row Pullup Should take an hour On your non lifting day don't overdo cardio. Eat quality Sleep