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  1. old daily driver

    Does Mr BGT have a beard and a cap and scarf?
  2. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    It's not cheap. Its overpriced.
  3. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    What's the price mate?
  4. old daily driver

    In 1864
  5. How are we here (srs)?

    Aw! Dammit! I'm still reeling from when my mom told me (last year) that's there's no Santa or Tooth Fairy
  6. How are we here (srs)?

    Not you Pubey Sorry
  7. old daily driver

    You back Sean? Or still in the sun?
  8. old daily driver

  9. old daily driver

    Did you get it as a gift from one of your Mecca bingo girlfriends for sweeping out her cobwebs? No taxation on gifts if the donor lives 7 years. So don't f**k her to death until Feb 2027.
  10. Meat / chicken everyday

    Probably read that chicken causes cancer.
  11. Meat / chicken everyday

    A shorter answer: He's not ill after many years of daily chicken breast. So why change?
  12. Meat / chicken everyday

    Big subject. No nutritionist. Just an avid historian and anthropologist. 10,000 +years of total vegetarianism hasn't managed to kill some societies. 10,000 +years of daily seal lion and arctic fish hasn't managed to kill other societies. 10,000 of a mixed diet hasn't managed to kill most societies. So if you're eating other protein sources like you are then I cant see any downside or health risk. Me? My current wife is from a land of wheat and meat. I am from a land of fish and rice. One one hand you shouldn't be putting diesel into a petrol car. On the other hand it's what you get used to. I cannot eat like her 7 days. I must revert to the food of my ancestors to be at 100% in attitude, performance and digestion. So, now I'll give you your answer to the question "is chicken daily bad?": I don't know. Find a way to ask your ancestors what made them perform at their best for the tasks they had to do. Use that as a template then modify for your own 2020 life.
  13. NEW Women's Fitness Motivation Video

    I wonder why they called it Maximum Iron? If I go for a couple of shandies shall I call it mind-losing absynthe night?
  14. NEW Women's Fitness Motivation Video

    How? There's no blokes in there
  15. How are we here (srs)?

    Then let's down our champagne in one glug, violently throw the glasses into the fireplace and get on with selective maxing out.