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  1. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Didn’t even know what pegging was until I joined this group years back . Dam wish I never googled it
  2. Fatty Wahlberg

    Few years back, I watched a YT expose on the supplement companies' adverts. They filmed it backwards (shot the guy when he was cut first, then bloated him up). They fed him what you said above. They changed the lighting. Bingo! 4 hours later, a blimp that could be edited into the start of the advert as the before picture.
  3. How often do you call in sick at work?

    But how can you hook during your period? Or you have a specialist client bank so rain doesn't stop play?
  4. Dessicated liver tablets

    Yes, when I wear flared jeans and sport a perm.
  5. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    A barrel is like 3 to 20p dude!
  6. Gym showers

    Cumberland works for me.
  7. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Only a matter of time now...
  8. Got my first jab yesterday

    Oct to Apr you say? That's British wintertime.! Best build a home gym, order food and deca and come out bigger and badder when British Summertime starts!
  9. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Sounds gay enough to join!
  10. Got my first jab yesterday

    Congratulations to @EpicSquats who got his first job yesterday. As an Englich teachr.
  11. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Yep. Middle. Cos ar Apollo be like busy doing his job - healing diseases and teaching an s**t. So he might have had the physique of a footballer/rugby player, now turned coach. He prolly subs on the amateur boxing circuit in the clouds - you know, just to keep his hand in, like.
  12. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    Late 70's / early 80's punk and ska. The past 20 years' misogynistic, pornographic, anti-authoritarian gangsta rap. Country Western ()
  13. Women don’t like muscles.....

    With all that tren in him, 3 months later, he came back as PenisNotFunction.
  14. Women don’t like muscles.....

    It's actually Herculean physique. Adonis the pretty boy was more like that cnut Zyzz.
  15. Women don’t like muscles.....

    On holiday I get beaten up by pissed younger holiday makers for being mouthy and dishing it back. Superb fun - until your shoulder doesn't work for a coupla days.