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  1. Mars Rover landing.

    All very nice, but when they gonna fix the Blackwell Tunnel?
  2. I can vouch for @TERBO We wake up together. In the same sheets. Sometimes with a paid guest of indeterminate gender.
  3. Cos I help out mates. It's called maturity. Yer fakkin c**t!
  4. Check the "Made in...." label. Then switch country for the next set.
  5. Lifting is stoopid

    Once I pop, i cant stop! Throw myself into it for like 6-8 months, then burn out in every way, then feel like crap. Luckily, ive managed now to crack the work/life/lift balance. Hell, sometimes I'll even ride a bike outside for fun and tourism!
  6. Lifting is stoopid

    All it does is kill you because your body works so much harder to do everyday tasks and your muscles require a lot more blood. So.you have to eat more which is expensive. Paying gym membership is also stoopid because you're paying even more money to kill yourself. But smoking and drinking is proper value for money.
  7. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    The most popular languages in England!
  8. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    But there's only one English country - England! Joking, I know you meant English speaking country. That's not here bud. How's your Urdu, Hindi, Polish and Romanian?
  9. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    Nyah, not gay nuff blad
  10. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    Dude! You sorta becoming an Ayrab Wylde99. His dead weight is spliff and yours is booze. Don't like the environment? Change the environment, either from within by going into local politics (impossible, Crown Prince bin Salman WILL order your execution) or GTFO ie emigrate. In other words, stop moaning and do something. Say goodbye to KSA. Go on a uni course abroad. Marry a local. Have kids. Live like them. OR: stay as you are, join the Saudi civil service that all the "employed"middle class work for, get subsidised food and accom and not grow your brain in Utopia. Oh, BTW, it isn't Utopia. Your VAT has gone up from 5% to 15% last July. Income and corporation tax is coming at 15% cos dat black gold be running out. Get out before KSA implodes upon itself. (Then again, up to you mate. I'm not of your tribe, so I have no deep interest in your well-being beyong saying the West is fu**ing great and I love it compared to the alternative.)
  11. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    What bothers me the most in this thread; you start a thread about something and suddenly you DON'T get comments by someone that is completely irrelevant to your topic and all the rest of the comments will be about that irrelevant comment . @PSevens2017, @js77 can we gay it up a bit now please?
  12. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    Ah! You've stumbled across what I called the "Bobo the Metro Sperm Guy" syndrome.
  13. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    Same is broadly true of Latinas. They tend to be brought from an early age up to be good wives and mothers - seen as a status symbol. I'm all in favour of this.
  14. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    Bradford Glasgow Newcastle The list of town where unemployment is rising (and crime) is increasing goes on and on. Watch for tax hikes then riots soon.
  15. Sex on steroids vs natty sex

    I know! Ain't it great? Lol