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    Title? Rank? WTF is this, we ain't soldiers, we're gym rats,
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    I wash submarines. WTF is it to you? You a cop? HMRC? A bank's compliance officer? No? Then piss off
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  1. Zat mean we can run round bare-ass nekkid and swap saliva now?
  2. Where's me ole mate KETONES?

    The J Giles Band or the Gay Giles band?
  3. Water gain vs fat gain

    Prolly just the MK. Takes a good month for the water to go. Meanwhile, just enjoy amazing sleep
  4. Water gain vs fat gain

    Yes but do you lift?
  5. We live in the same house. And bedroom. Together. So why are we posting, not talking?
  6. Yeah, and I didn't even take it seriously!
  7. Did steroids give the desired results

    I wouldnt do it again. Not cos borrowed gains but cos of sides and BP and chol. Ah, and also, once you pop you can't stop.
  8. When will we recover?

    Ahma move in whichoo honeychile
  9. When will we recover?

    I posted up last June that my biz is a third of normal. I said I have enough savings til November. Well, it's November now
  10. Do you ever use you horn in your car

    Shortest ever time measured by mankind: In London, the gap between a traffic light going green and the car behind you blasting their horn.
  11. Gear from Paraguay

  12. Would you recommend others to use steroids?

    Any sane, gainfully employed, hetero, non console gamer would be.
  13. Who waxes arms/ body hair

    Laser is permanent Around £600-800 (6 to 8 sessions)
  14. Do you ever use you horn in your car

    Proppa Highway code stuff. The horn simply means "I am here". Slightly off-topic, so do flashing lights also mean I am here. Flashing lights do not mean "thank you for pulling over to your left to let me through this narrow street".