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  1. 2020 ukm census ,how old are you guys ?

    Fiddy ish
  2. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Yeah same old, same old... Just plodding on as usual
  3. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Absolute cracking fart box @anna1 This thread just gets better n better Keep up the good work
  4. Boxing vs bodybuilding

    Evander Holyfeild trained with Lee Hayne
  5. yeah champion mate, Happy Easter. Still training hard I've got everything set up in the garden on my patio at the moment. Got to keep training during this lock down Hope your well
  6. 5' 10" @ 16st 7lbs natural lifter 140kg bench for reps I don't class myself as a Body Builder just a hobbyist Pretty much look the same as this, lifts are the same, food and routine is the same blah blah blah. I'm just older @50
  7. Ain’t no Party like a Brexit Party!!!!

    No one was forced to do anything, There was a democratic vote which resulted in a leave majority, there was also a democratic vote for Scottish independence which resulted in a majority to stay part of the UK, Stop ya fecking winging and take the will of the people s decision with grace... And don't get me started on wee jimmy Cranky (Sturgeon) and Scottish Independence, shes hell bent on breaking up the UNITED kingdom under the guise of independence, only wanting to jump in bed and be ruled from Brussels European UNION and that's IF Brussels will even take them!! GREAT Britain is stronger together especially now that we will be allowed to make its own way in the worlds global market place and not be tied to a failing economic dictatorship which the EU has become. So what your saying is we keep having referendum until the MINORITY get the decision they crave. NEWS FLASH by its very democratic nature the minority will always lose simply because they are the minority. FFS
  8. My natural progress?

    Just trying to give a newb to the site some constructive advice and encouragement. Your flippant remarks are wasted. wouldn't mind knowing what @kenz bench is, for sets n reps as a natural lifter... Its a good yardstick to asses how well your doing
  9. My natural progress?

    Video removed so cant tell, Respect to anyone who trains naturally and is posting on here. Life time natural here so could have gave some good advice.
  10. Hitting the BIG 40

    moment... ! I assume you mean movement? It depends on the muscle group, for example shoulders I do one exercise to hit all 3 heads which is a press behind the neck, once worked to failure or almost failure there is no need to do fly exercises or raises because the intended muscular damage has been done engaging all 3 heads with only 3 sets. Chest: I very rarely do fly as you so put it, once again why would I do this once I have created the desired damage through my normal sets. I predominantly do decline as this hits the pectoral major Sternal head hard and is a great mass builder, the main function of the pectoral is to bring the humerus down and across the body which is a decline movement. I will also do a incline to hit the upper chest to hit the Clavicular head 3 sets each of 8 - 10 reps = six sets in-total.. Job done. I almost never do flat bench press due to the risk of shoulder injury and tears. In reality I'm hitting each part of the chest with the desired 3 sets and not 9 as the op suggests. I will sometimes mix things up and do some seated presses on a machine but this will be incorporated into a routine as not to over train any one muscle or muscle head.
  11. Hitting the BIG 40

  12. Attenborough or Trump?

    Air quality is better now in the UK than it was 100 years ago... smog and industrialisation. just look back to 2001 and we were being pushed to change to diesel cars because of supposedly better emissions ff 20 years and now the rhetoric is to go with petrol and why ... for the same reason The masses are gullible and are easily parted with their £££££ on the whim of the governments rhetoric inclusive of climate change. Eggs are good for you but hang on what about salmonella!!
  13. Hitting the BIG 40

    Why hit the same muscle 3 x with 3 different exercises x 9 sets on the same muscle... sounds like a bit of over training could be going on here. My advice is go back to basics. 3 sets of 8 - 10 reps for each muscle group to almost failure or even failure once in a while, then repeat once that muscle is fully recovered, healed, repaired and not before, otherwise how does one expect to grow? Keep picking a scab and it will never heal!!