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  1. If you could choose one 'super power'

    The USA is the only super power we need
  2. Underage Girls In Clubs

    Should be stopped at the door n sent home
  3. I survived....................

    Yeah... Marrnnn
  4. I survived....................

    IMO anyone who does dead's has a mental illness
  5. Gym Fails (your own)

    I don't have any fails of my own.... Obviously .... I did rescue a guy from being pinned to the bench by 100 kg while passing by the benches one day LOL
  6. Bad spotters’ ugly 7

    A dead owl that has fallen from a tree ain't doing s**t, unless it lands on your head...
  7. What are your thoughts on fighting?

    As McGregor found out, real men just use their fists
  8. Gym Fails (your own)

    Luigi dat you mate? No probs, happy I could help...was funny though...
  9. Irrrrrelevance

    Sarcasm helps keep you from telling people what you really think of them.
  10. Irrrrrelevance

    said the ventriloquists dummy
  11. Irrrrrelevance

  12. Bad spotters’ ugly 7

    Said the lil guy
  13. Irrrrrelevance

    You can't be late until you show up.
  14. Irrrrrelevance

    Peas on toast