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  1. I'd go with pharma grade t3
  2. First cycle

    Everyone thinks that but once you do it once you'll be fine. I'd go with glutes or delts, preferably glutes as a lot of people get less pip pinning glutes.
  3. High blood pressure ?

    It might stop you from growing tits but it won't lower e2
  4. If I got an infection from a ugls product I'd never use anything from that UGL again, I wouldn't trust them.
  5. Maybe to check if you have any infections, possibly.
  6. The person that's training and eating properly doing mild cycles would make more progrees. You can use all the gear you want but if your diet and training are s**t you won't make that much progress
  7. New to forum Need help?

    Support Celtic, not Rangers and you'll be fine
  8. 2 injections of 500mg oil per week? You'll be in so much pain you won't be able to get out of bed
  9. I might just not work out at all when I'm doing my next 12 week cycle, I'll just focus on estrogen growth and dial in my ai dose for the 12 weeks . f**k muscle growth right?
  10. Anabolic Steroid

    Calorie deficit and cardio.
  11. Medichecks don't do tests for Irish customers anymore, at least that's what they told me. I'm going to try these guys soon, similar to medichecks https://www.letsgetchecked.com/ie/en/male-hormone-plus-test/ My doctor tests everything else but won't test testosterone, estrogen etc.
  12. Myogen dianabol 10 mg

    That's anavar in your picture. He's asking about dianabol mate
  13. 100% same with me, if I keep estrogen under control testosterone completely gets rid of my social anxiety and depression. I've crashed my estrogen a few times and its 1000 times worse than me having high estrogen.
  14. Cant you order online, there's a lot of good UK sources who ship to here.
  15. ventro glute jabs

    1 inch should be fine mate