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  1. Good Horrors you have seem

    Generation iron 2
  2. How do i remove attachments ?

    Dunno but I need to do that too
  3. Just pin it once a week breeeeeh And pay attention next time lol
  4. Also depending on your credit history some surgires do finance.
  5. Healed up fine looks good now. No more puffy fukin pokey out nipple. I'm heavily tattooed so you can't notice plus I'll get the scar tattooed over. Gyno is a complete mind fuk I wish you luck in killing it. Dr's say just accept it lol fuk that do what u got to do to live titty free
  6. If you pay for surgery you can keep your nipple lol that guys trolling you. Oddly enough I did actually amputate my nipple but that's only because I was doing diy surgery. Search I'm this site and you can see my self surgery. At first it was a success but then I cut of the nipple cause I'm probably not of sound mind haha. Use the meds you got for a long period give them time. Only the nolva worked for my other nipple in the end I had to use probably 6 packs of nolva so a lot of time it took.
  7. Steroids Steroids Banta Steroids Help with steroids No life Prohornones Pct
  8. Lol cheers. The long term nolva definitely is the way just threw in adex for sake of it. I'm off everything right now got no gyno but natty as f**k lol
  9. None of it worked for me either. Letro didn't do anything. Armidex at high dose to low did nothing. Long story I removed the right side myself but that's not my point. The thing that actually worked for my left side was nolva long term. Not just a few weeks I'm talking months of the s**t. Cost me a pretty a fair bit of dosh but worked. I started at 40 mg a day for two weeks then ran it at 20mg for probably 6 weeks then 10mg for one week just to take no risks cause real gyno is shite needs to go. I also ran half an mg of Armidex rod for about 3 quater's of that nolva. Google tamoxifen gyno treatment and there's a few study's that prove that used long term reduces gyno. Actually works mate
  10. x

    Do I get nudes?
  11. x

    Lol Google straight edge tattoo
  12. x

    Yeah. The xxx tattoo Is used to symbolise someone who leads a straight edge life. No drink x no drugs x no smokeing x Xxx Makes for an awesome tattoo