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  1. Traps injections

    was speaking to a medical proffessional the other week as i used to inject traps last year, he told me that there is a nerve going from the rear of the head through the trap and this nerve dictates something to do with your diagphram and you would be in real trouble if you nicked it , so be careful m8
  2. Advice me please ☹️

    will be prescribed levothyroxine like me for life
  3. fuking hell , sod that ,
  4. d-bol

    ok cheers i got big bag of that stuff , will try it
  5. d-bol

    its dunning d-bol, had some other labs d-bol in past that never did sod all but first day i took 2 capsules i had pumps
  6. oh that mick hucknal whatever is name is ! he aint ageing to well though
  7. this is so true !! they more interested in what your personality is like , not muscles
  8. d-bol

    been on a d-bol cycle with test for almost 3 weeks now , ( test longer) 40 mg per day, seeing some good results but think im going to have to pack it up as the pumps are getting ridiculous now, coming to point where i go just for a crap and the pumps in obliques see me on the floor in agony almost , i mean painfull !!! had this in back with a-drol last year but wow this is something else, could it be im not drinking enough water ?? anyone else get or had this on good d-bol ? steve
  9. SiS Turinabol

    canna be asking that
  10. KEIFEI or Dunning Labs

    either m8, im waiting for keifei growth supposed to be good
  11. increlex vs HGH

    dont need evidence as such m8, was well known when i was reading about it years ago, as regards not many body builders using it ! apparently kuwait has this for use at their gyms, maybe oxygen gym is one
  12. increlex vs HGH

    aint this pure igf-1 and cancerous growths are very real with this ?? is it worth the risk
  13. Dialysis, Transplant and beyond

    have just seen this hope all is ok , know a fair bit about this subject as my wife got renal failure over 20 years ago and had peritoneal dialysis , then 2 transplants since, high blood pressure cause the failure steve