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  1. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    oh comon, dont pick on me like this. i need genuine advice
  2. Bulk or cut pics included

    Cut or bulk?? Currently doing GBR by lyle. Didnt train during qurantine, so built my home gym 6 weeks back and training since then. since 6 weeks im eating in 500 calorie deficit, but ive lost enough muscle during qurantine and stuck not knowing what to do attaching the pic that was clicked a few days back, and my pic when gyms were open.
  3. Weight staying the same

  4. Ive been eating in a 500 calorie deficit post qurantine to lose the excess fat, just came across an article saying you can recomp by eating in a 500 caloire deficit too. So whats the difference between the 2?
  5. Bulk or cut post Quarantine

    Update: I've built my own gym, so will be starting to workout in a day or 2, need to put in the stall mats..
  6. Hi, Its been 3 months already and i haven't been to the gym, mostly 3 weeks more to go. Ive been doing functional type of training for these 3 months, eating close to maintenance all this while, a little here and there. Honestly, i've been counting calories but not 100%, protein is close to 0.8g/kg because whey is not available, trying to reach my protein goals but its been difficult. Just wondering as gym will be starting in a 2-3 weeks, should i start with a cut for a month or bulk? I am attaching my weight log i've maintained throughout and ive gained like 1.5kgs which is not much i guess, will be posting my pictures too, can someone guide me should i cut or bulk post quarantine. Im getting married in February and need to get in shape again. My workout is functional, ive added images pre quarantine and post along with my weight log. Week Session-1 Dynamic warmup Push up-10 rep 2 sets Sit ups- 10 rep 2 sets BW Squats-12 rep 2 sets Toe flutter kick- 60 sec Lower back extention-10rep-2 sets Plank-60 sec SESSION-2 Pushups- 10rep 3sets Altarnative lunges- 10step 5 rech leg Jump squats- 10rep 3 sets Wide hand push ups- 10 rep 3 sets Alternative toe touch-20 rep 2 sets Flutter kick-60 sec 2 time Plank shoulder tap- 20 rep 2 set Crunches-15 rep 2 set Russian twist -20 rep SESSION-3 Skipping-60 sec 3 set Jumping jack- 20 rep 3 sets High knee jump- 20 rep 3 sets Shuttle run-60 sec Mountain climber- 20rep 2 set Lower back extention- 10 rep 2 sets SESSION-4 Burpee jump-10 rep 2 sets Walking lunges-2 round Glute bridge- 15 rep 3 set Calf raise -20rep 3 sets Leg raises- 15 rep 3 set Sit up- 15 rep 2 sets
  7. Lump under my nipple

    tell me more
  8. Lump under my nipple

    I’m taking 20mg nolva and 12.5mg eod aromasin.. post 2 weeks will get my bloods done again. I don’t want these puffy nipples
  9. Lump under my nipple

    hahaha.. so 2 weeks of nolva and ai, bloods later.. will bump this thread with my results. feeling relaxed now
  10. Lump under my nipple

    Sure, i'll get my bloodtest done again in 2 weeks.
  11. Lump under my nipple

    no i mean when i try to press it it hurts, maybe because its sore?.. nolvadex and aromasin i just started today..
  12. Lump under my nipple

    This sounds like a good plan. i just hope my nipple dont hurt after a week.
  13. Lump under my nipple

    I hope thats the case. i can feel a lump underneath. but 25mg ai with 250mg test?