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  1. Bench to deadlift ratio

    Worked for me. I was lacking on my upper body. Trained it more consistently and more intense and my numbers jumped up.
  2. Niacin flush

    I remember my first experience with Niacin. Was just sitting in the gym locker room until the flush went away.

    Give ESP Extreme a try. Crazy amount of stims haha.
  4. Beetroot powder

    Yeah. Most pre workouts are under dosed. They just put ingredients in there just to say they have it in there.
  5. energy level and apatite

    For the first week or so I would take a fat burner such as Lipodrene in the best to help suppress my appetite and give me an energy boost. After that I would stop taking it when I started to use to the diet. I personally prefer to just take yohimbine now as it works great by itself.
  6. How did you meet your mrs ?

    Was one of my exes best friends lol.

    ESP Extreme, Dust X, Mesomorph are a couple of pre workouts to look into. Have you tried any of these?
  8. Break from creatine?

    3 times a year I like to take a month off from any supplements I'm taking at the time.
  9. Beetroot powder

    How did you feel with your home made pre workout? https://www.samedaysupplements.com/blog/supplement-tips-questions/make-pre-workout/
  10. Probably overall 30 mins a day.
  11. Supplement stores update

    Same Day Supplements, myprotein and bulkpowders.
  12. Best pre workout available?

    I have tried Woke AF. I thought it was pretty good.
  13. Cravings Whilst Cutting

    When I'm cutting I usually take hydroxyelite to help curve any cravings and suppress my appetite. Typically only need it for the first two weeks to get my foot in the door. Great product to look into IMO/ https://www.samedaysupplements.com/hydroxyelite-by-hi-tech-pharmaceuticals-90-caps.html
  14. Hi from Norwich

  15. Best Pre Workout Supp Out Of These 3?

    Gotta Love Mesomorph pre workout lol.