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  1. Some people suffer from raised hemocrit from steroid use and some don't, it's a very individual response. Unfortunately it also seems to be one of the most overlooked dangers of steroid use. Giving blood helps, but you can end up chasing your tail trying to keep hct levels down.
  2. Turned 30 - TRT and hgh?

    Don't just jump on self administered trt. Chances are you won't need to anyway. Stick to cycling and time off.
  3. Not that simple for me unfortunately in terms of never coming off. Was becoming a nightmare trying to keep hemocrit in range, despite multiple blood donations. Towards the end I was only on 75mg test a week and my HCT was still high. I miss the feeling of wanting to sh*g anything that moves, and the extra zip in the gym, but I'm going to give it a go without gear for a while. Obviously if my test levels drop further and/or I feel like sh*t further down the line I may reconsider. I've got enough testosterone stashed away to last a long time, so it's always there if needed later on.
  4. It definitely seems that the rate of natural testosterone recovery is an individual thing. I remember reading somewhere that after being on for an extended period of time it could potentially take up to two years to recover. I think a lot of people just don't give it enough time. With regards to meds, I also take an antihistamine, although it's only low does loratidine (10mg I think). Also use asthma inhalers, although my asthma is very mild. I'm just going to wait it out and get retested in 6 months or so. At least I know my endocrine system is back on line. It's bound to be a bit sluggish after being in hibernation for nearly two years
  5. Yeah do have some stresses going on at the moment. House sale fallen through which has been a burden financially. I'm hoping my test level should come up a bit more given some more time and once the house, etc, is sorted so less stress.
  6. Yup, that's my plan. My natty test is still on the low end, but I haven't trained in months and my diet has been far from great tbh. Once I get my diet and training back on track I know I'll feel a lot better.
  7. So I got my levels checked at doctors after complaining about feeling tired, lethargic, etc. Only did a basic testosterone test (along with thyroid and diabetes check). Serum testosterone was 13.3 nmol. Lower end of normal, but in range. Considering I only came off at end of December after being on for almost two years and didn't use any hcg, only clomid and nova, I don't think that's too bad really. Hopefully over time it will come up a bit more. My main regret now is not getting my level checked before steroids, as obviously I have no baseline reading to compare too.
  8. Psycho protein?

    I've avoided it tbh. Did a bit more digging and came across some iffy reviews of quality, etc.
  9. I can relate to all of that (apart from the tits lol). Maybe the health concerns for me also stemmed from being a father. Makes you think about things a lot more.
  10. Libido is still hit and miss, but far from non existent. I think I recall reading a post of Mingster's where he said he was able to build/maintain a good physique on extremely low levels of natural test.
  11. Not unwanted at all, thanks for the input. If my testosterone level comes back in acceptable range I have no reason to go back on anytime soon, if ever. It all really depends on whether I can still produce a sufficient level of testosterone naturally I guess.
  12. Yeah, been off 6 months now so hct should have come right down. Have got a GP appointment next week, so will lay it on thick.
  13. Has crossed my mind, but controlling hct levels is a nightmare. At least if its prescribed you can get regular phlebotomies if needed.
  14. Out of interest, would my raised hemocrit from using steroids likely have 'reset' itself to a normal level after 6 months off? That would be my main concern if I used gear again in the future. I would think that shorter cycles would have less of an impact on hemocrit levels than cycling and cruising however.
  15. Same. I look at photos of how I looked this time last year (after using tren lol) and it's depressing seeing myself now. Still, it's all motivation to get back in the gym.