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  1. Taylormade and PIP

    Ive been running TM Test Prop and I'm getting Pip from that even 4 weeks in. I'm using there EQ also and no pip whatsoever .... I'm just taking a couple of ibuprofen as some sites have been a bit red and warm but nothing major. Anyone else using the Prop and getting PIP?
  2. Good Labs for Tren Hex?

    Ive got option of Parabolin Sis, Baltic and Pharmacom ... due to run in 4 weeks time ... anyone had any experience ???
  3. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    In for this one, just caught up
  4. sis test e 300 blood work.

    Cheers for posting results, I'm soon to be starting SIS T400
  5. You can add meals to it and change the names up to 6/7 meals I think but you need to edit from website not on iPhone
  6. 20 weeks out cycle advise

    Yea sounds a sensible option mate , thanks @DLTBB
  7. 20 weeks out cycle advise

    Yea that's what I originally was thinking but I will have 20 weeks so would it even be worth starting a deca cycle before moving onto prep cycle. I'm kinda out of sync as I was dieting and B+C from July through to start of December
  8. Clen v Ephedrine

    what dose do you run T3 with Clen?
  9. Been off since beginning December was running test e / tren e / winstrol on a cutt, 1800cals, the cycle went well and I got to 81kg and about 8/10% BF. Ive been bulking since then and dropped cardio completely im now doing 5000cals PD and currently 87kg prob getting toward 14% bf, still got abs showing but just not ripped as they were. I am looking to get back on cycle in Feb as long as my bloods are good. I will be 20 weeks out for my first comp I'm planning 8th July. So was after some thoughts on the cycle as ill need to start the diet prep from 16 weeks ... cheers in advance
  10. Test/tren/npp cycles

    I have only run test/tren/mast together which is a common stack ... not sure on running npp I'm sure someone else may be wiser
  11. Cheers @sen @Russian_88 feel a bit easier now ... I'll crack on and get this done ✅
  12. Long esters so I pinned 1 ml Sunday / wed
  13. Well it was a low dose and I really enjoyed the cycle