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  1. Don't worry I'm giving up. Already wasted too much life on this
  2. Jesus Christ pal are you for real? You're now repeating what I've already said back to me as if you're somehow schooling me lol. I'll try to simplify it with a specific example: why do you feel it necessary to repeatedly use double quotes when it comes to the term grooming gangs, but not BLM? If you weren't trying to express doubt then what other point is there to quoting me on that specifically, but not BLM? Btw, don't tar all Asians with the same brush: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/sikh-group-calls-for-politicians-and-media-to-stop-using-term-asian-to-describe-rotherham-grooming-gang-sex-abusers-a6901166.html Ffs he's at it again with "grooming" Just say grooming mate, it's fine. The context or meaning doesn't change just because I said it. I didn't make it up. It's not just my opinion. We all know what it means. No need to quote me. GBH and murder can both be categorised as violent crime, but they're otherwise incomparable. If a bloke grabs hold of some random girl's tits (or "tits", as you might say) he's committed a sex crime. If a bloke rapes a girl, he's committed a sex crime, but they're otherwise incomparable. I've already explained, with bullet points, why your comparison is nonsense, no point repeating it. As for why it's irrelevant to this thread, grooming gangs are racially motivated, paedophilia isn't. Given that this is a thread about an organisation whose supporters claim to be motivated by a desire to challenge racial injustice, it's therefore a great example of their hypocrisy and dishonesty. They wilfully ignore far greater, far worse racial injustice on their own doorstep when it suits their agenda, yet be outraged and protesting for months over the murder of one man thousands of miles away. Grooming gangs (aka "grooming gangs") was also one of a few examples I gave, but it was you who decided to fixate on it so you could then start crying racism (yawn). You've got to be trolling me with "irrelevant" and "language" now lol You never actually answered the question about whether or not that's really you in your profile photo, which makes it seem even more dodgy...
  3. You can read a dictionary but once again the context is lost on you. There still has to be some point/relevance in making it clear that the words were said by someone else. The term grooming gangs is a universally accepted term. It doesn't matter who said it unless you're disputing its legitimacy or meaning. If we'd been talking about Ferraris or Spain or Anthony Joshua you wouldn't be writing "Ferraris" or "Spain" or "Anthony Joshua" as if they're my original words or abstract concepts lol. I've also talked about BLM but you don't keep repeating it as "BLM". Yeah you did say that, but it means absolutely nothing when you're still pretending that the grooming gangs scandal is comparable to paedophilia in general, when it quite clearly isn't, for the long list of reasons I already gave.
  4. Grooming gangs is a pretty universally accepted, understood term, it's not my personal thoughts or opinion. I suggest you read up on correct usage of double quotes. Lol no "all the empirical evidence" (your opinion, thus the double quotes, see?) doesn't show that at all. It actually shows the complete opposite. It also shows that increased ethnic diversity leads to lack of cohesion and trust at all levels. But it's obvious that there's absolutely no point in giving someone like you the peer-reviewed science because you're not interested in fact and will just continue to do what you've already done; skip past 99% of it, deliberately ignore all context and at best, maybe fixate on one particular sentence (context ignored) that you think you can rebut with a newspaper article. You'll then continue to flesh out this fictional bigoted victim character you've created based on your own projected character flaws and prejudices, put some more words in his mouth and carry on taking him down. Your very personal, emotional reaction to all of this and your desperation to downplay grooming gangs is bizarre. Some of the language you use is a bit third-person as well. Are you on here roleplaying as a sunburned white English bloke?
  5. This is painful. You've either got problems reading or problems comprehending. The double quotes around grooming gangs is a nice touch as well, like they're just part of some big conspiracy It may well be fun setting up all these strawmen to triumphantly smash them down, but there's not much point to it. The old adage re: playing chess with a pigeon springs to mind...
  6. Firstly, the "wider issue of paedophila" is totally irrelevant to the point being made about hypocrisy and bandwagons. Secondly, it's incomparable, for the list of reasons already provided. You can keep trying to pretend that apples are oranges and that the the media, government and general public must just be ignoring it for no apparent reason, but it doesn't make it any less stupid. It's almost as if you can't make the simple distinction between something very bad happening, and something very bad happening but the reaction (or lack thereof) to it being completely different. Dear oh dear! You see the mistake you've made there is to confuse equality of outcome with equality of opportunity. If you honestly think they're one and the same then add communist to your list of character flaws. Stating facts isn't victimhood. More projection there on your part. There are, thankfully, a lot of differences between me and you but you being successful isn't one of them lol. I hope you're more successful in life than you've been on here trying to formulate a coherent argument. Race grifters and rape gang apologists sicken me if I'm honest.
  7. Trying to make the kind of comparison you made above is downplaying it because it's quite clearly incomparable. Dismissing all mention of it- regardless of context- as braindead or racist is even worse.
  8. Right back at ya. If I'm a racist then by your own logic you're a paedo. As I said, come back to me when you can justify your terrible comparison, but you're going to struggle, which makes your pretty desperate attempt to downplay the seriousness of grooming gangs even more bizarre. I mentioned them only as an example of a major problem wilfully ignored by the same hypocrites who leapt onto the BLM bandwagon over the murder of one man thousands of miles away. You're trying to downplay them for what reason exactly, when even the left-wing media and the government have been forced to reluctantly admit that they're a whole different ballgame? Surely a man of your moral fibre and conviction must be appalled and outraged? NEXT!
  9. When you've got no argument, cry racist Out of interest, which race is being targeted when grooming gangs are mentioned? Are you saying there's a link between grooming gangs and a certain race? I'm not sure why it'd come as a surprise to anyone that most sex offenders in Britain would be white. Most sex offenders in Somalia are black, and most sex offenders in Japan are Japanese. A few key differences between the sexual abuse you mention and the sexual abuse perpetrated by grooming gangs which make the comparison a very bad one: -The size and level of organisation of the gangs -The scale of the abuse -The duration of the abuse -The fact that the victims were almost exclusively targeted due to their race -The huge overrepresentation of a certain demographic within the gangs vs their population share -The fact that in many cases the victims were themselves treated like criminals by the authorities -The fact that the authorities not only failed to act, but were even complicit in covering it up -As above, but with the media -As above, but with politicians -Members of the public not just ignoring it but even constantly trying to downplay the seriousness of it So if you can think of any similar examples of big, well organised gangs of almost exclusively white men targeting almost exclusively non-white girls specifically because they're non-white, operating nationwide, operating with impunity for decades, where the victims were routinely not just dismissed but even treated like criminals by the police, where politicians told victims to shut up "for the sake of community cohesion", where the authorities and media only acted at the very last possible moment (The Times excluded, credit where credit is due) , where the subsequent government report was buried and where people like you are constantly trying to downplay the seriousness of it/deflect attention from it then I'm all ears. Until then, stop throwing stupid accusations of racism around when you know nothing of the person you're accusing. Lol no they're not pretty much finished, but even if they were, that comment is more a reflection of your mindset than those you're pointing the finger at because the vast majority of people don't want "targets", they just want to live in a decent society where they don't have to worry about mass child rape going ignored by the authorities for the sake of political correctness, or terrorism.
  10. Yeah I agree, but it's something else when it's not only being done by big, organised gangs but those gangs are able to operate for so long because the authorities refused to act, despite knowing all about it. And the way many of the victims were treated by police was disgusting. Regardless, I only mentioned it as a good example of a very big, very real problem right on our doorstep that's gone ignored by the same people shrieking and rioting over the death of a single black man thousands of miles away.
  11. Patrisse Cullors talking about herself and her fellow BLM co-founders: “I actually do think we have an ideological frame. We are trained Marxists.” Opal Tometi, another founder, and a supporter of Nicolas Maduro: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/13/black-lives-matter-founder-an-open-supporter-of-socialist-venezuelan-dictator-maduro/ A selection of quotes including those from Yusra Khogali, another founder member, in which she calls white people sub-human and talks about killing white people: https://www.ibtimes.com/black-lives-matter-most-controversial-quotes-statements-2492936 All references to dismantling capitalism and destroying the Western nuclear family were deleted from the BLM websites when they realised it was losing them support with the wider public (just like their anti-Semitic Twitter posts got deleted). I presume they did the same where it comes to abolishing the police but haven't checked, maybe they're still pushing that one. It was all over the news and social media though and you can probably still find it on the Wayback Machine. There was more of it on the BLM UK official GoFundMe page than there was on the US website, but regardless, it all got deleted once their initial boldness post George Floyd started to wane. Re: hypocrisy, ignoring the major, very real problem of black-on-black violence and absent fathers to fixate on the comparatively tiny problem of white-on-black police brutality is massively hypocritical, as is being a Marxist, pushing a hard-left agenda, shrieking about equality and then spending millions of dollars of donated funds building yourself a nice little property empire: https://nypost.com/2021/04/10/inside-blm-co-founder-patrisse-khan-cullors-real-estate-buying-binge/ Considering they supposedly care so much about black lives, BLM are also strangely quiet when it comes to the more than 9 million slaves in Africa today. The same goes for the death of black police officers, the looting of black-owned businesses, the failure of progressive policies in black communities and the 380,000 black babies killed in abortions every year. None of that is of any use for their real goal, so they ignore it. Re: grooming gang victim numbers, 19,000 just in 2018-2019, and it's been going on for the best part of 30 years: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/grooming-child-sex-abuse-exploitation-rotherham-rochdale-police-a9215261.html
  12. You might want to have a look at what's been going on in the US for the past year... As for being anti-establishment, are you for real? Supporting BLM is about as far from being anti-establishment as it gets. When your movement is being endorsed by pretty much all corporations, the news media, the entertainment industry, politicians and academia and also gets special treatment from law enforcement through fear of causing more upset, it's not anti-establishment, it's part of the establishment. Even France and liberal Macron has now woken up to the dangers posed by Islamism, but yeah, probably just "nasty racists" and nothing to do with what's been going on in Europe over the last 20 years.
  13. It's already been happening. It's just been done gradually and very quietly, which is much easier when so many people are preoccupied arguing about racism, hate speech, LGBTQs, privilege and the endless other similar manufactured, divisive bollocks that's now infiltrated pretty much every part of daily life. Everything we've seen happening in The West over the past couple of decades was predicted in the early 80s by Yuri Bezmenov. He either had a crystal ball or he was telling the truth, because everything he said has come true.
  14. I think you've hit the nail on the head. A race war keeps all of the plebs busy and distracted and a fragmented, apathetic population is much easier to control than a united, purposeful one. It also gives governments an excuse to become more and more authoritarian. This is why I feel so strongly about it, because we're headed down a dark path if it carries on and I see a lot of well-meaning people have already been swept up by it.
  15. You've still written way more on there than I've written on here and spent a fair amount of time doing research as well by the looks of it. Nothing wrong with it and you make some good points, but still not got a leg to stand on saying I've got too much time on my hands.