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  1. For some private labs' blood tests they ask for one or more blood samples actually drawn into a vial rather than just a small sample obtained by a finger pr**k. Where do folk usually get these done? Is it possible to take the vial(s) to an NHS clinic (under normal circumstances) and get it done for free? My local clinic allowed me to book an appointment myself, but seemed to state that I'd need a doctor's referral to bring with me to actually get anything done, as they're usually drawing blood to be sent straight off to an NHS lab. Or are there private clinics/home visit services available? I've Googled it but can't seem to find anything relevant as searching for blood draw just brings up loads of results for blood tests.
  2. So what were the results of the NPT/stamp test that I suggested?
  3. Yep, so many woke NPCs around these days, desperate to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon no matter what he says (or even doesn't say). I've lost all faith in mainstream media now. They're just non-stop sensationalism and lies and they don't give a f*ck about the consequences.
  4. A few HGH questions

    Great news about the recovery. Lol yeah hopefully you can avoid coronavirus. Get panic-buying tons of bog roll and dry pasta because apparently that somehow helps
  5. A few HGH questions

    Cool, I'll keep it as it is then. How's your recovery going btw? If you're not sick of being asked. I read the story of what happened on your website. Hair raising stuff and a bit of an eye-opener as well, because I knew sepsis was physically extremely serious but didn't know about the lasting mental effects. That's a real double-whammy to have to battle through.
  6. A few HGH questions

    It's this one mate: https://www.podcasts.com/the-size-game-podcast-30/episode/the-size-game-podcast-15-pscarb-on-growth-hormone From what I've heard/read, exogenous GH only suppresses your own natural GH for 24 hours, in which case EOD still makes sense as you'll be giving your pituitary chance to make some of its own every 24 hours. Paul actually mentions one study involving 8 IUs administered EOD to trained athletes with impressive results, and I found and read that one myself. Presumably they opted for EOD dosing for the same reason- it's not as harsh for the pituitary.
  7. Hgh

    How did you get on? I've still got that hanky thing! I'm not usually into that kind of stuff but actually enjoyed the ceremonial bit. It was ages ago when I learned (2008 I think) but I still remember it all well and I actually fell asleep in the trainer's living room the first time I did it and he just buggered off and left me napping for about an hour when I woke up wondering what had happened I still do it most days now, although usually just once/day rather than twice. It's so good though. I used to have horrendous insomnia for years and it cured it overnight.
  8. A few HGH questions

    Thanks Paul. I've somehow only just seen this and in the meantime have actually heard one of the podcasts you did on HGH with The Size Game. Really interesting stuff. I've got Hyge green tops and the anti-counterfeit code checks out, but so far no sides at all really apart from a few mild headaches, some minor joint pain and a tiny bit of pain/numbness in a couple of fingers occasionally, but it's been quite subtle. I'm on my third week jabbing 8 IUs Monday, Wednesday, Friday just before bed as you suggested in that podcast. I'm definitely sleeping a lot better, my muscles look fuller (just water presumably), I'm adding a bit of weight to the bar every session and I'm starting to look a bit leaner. Do you think it'd be worth trying adding an extra jab at the weekend? Or maybe upping the dose a bit? I don't want to be reckless or just waste money but I also don't want to under-dose it and then have spent most of the cycle not actually getting enough. As a first-time user of it I'm not sure what level of sides I should be experiencing, I remember in the podcast you said that, above a certain dosage, there are no benefits and you're just wasting money and risking complications, but for all I know my growth could be underdosed so I could only be getting 12 IUs/week instead of 24.
  9. I did a fairly short and very basic cycle of 500 mg Test-E/40 mg Tbol years ago and enjoyed it as well as making some decent gains, but I didn't get any bloods done and in hindsight was winging it a bit re: managing oestrogen and PCT. I'm planning another cycle soon, something longer and a bit more complicated, so I'd rather rely more on bloodwork than guesswork. I was just wondering how folk normally time them, because at £80 a pop I'd rather have as few as possible. I was thinking one before, to get a baseline, but what then? One mid-cycle to dial in oestrogen/prolactin/whatever management and then one before starting PCT and one after? Or is it more common to wait until you start experiencing the first signs of something being sketchy that you'd have one mid-cycle? Any advice appreciated. I'd prefer to be a bit overcautious than reckless, but I also don't want to spend more on blood tests than on gear!
  10. On the off-chance that OP is still checking this thread: 1. You keep saying that you don't get morning wood anymore, but that isn't necessarily a sign of anything. During your natural sleep cycle, you should get an erection multiple times as your body enters a specific phase of sleep (it's called Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, or NPT for short). Sometimes this coincides with you waking up, but often it doesn't. The only way to test this for sure (short of going to a lab and being monitored while you sleep) is to do the simple test described here (commonly known as The Stamp Test). Try it because it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQplgWAbTtg 2. The only time in my life that I've ever suffered from ED was due to tight hip flexors. Is it possible that you could be suffering from this? It may sound unlikely, but I went from being dead below the waist to diamond hard within the space of about a fortnight after doing a hip flexor stretching regime every day. Apparently tight hip flexors can wreak havoc with blood flow and nerve function without you even realising. So first of all, do the NPT/stamp test. If you get a positive result from that then you can immediately rule out any physical problem. It's worth doing it a few times over a week or so just to make sure, but if nothing is physically wrong you should get multiple positive results. If the tests prove that you're not getting erections during your sleep then you must have a physical problem, in which case I'd try the hip flexor stretches (also worth doing some glute and lower back stretches as well). If that hasn't helped after 2-3 weeks then I'd go back to your doctor and ask for whatever scan it was that someone else suggested recently. I really don't see how it could be hormonal though, having looked at your bloods. I've had free test way lower than yours in the past but never had a problem getting it up.
  11. That's not necessarily true, it depends on what/how much you use, and your level of commitment after coming off. I've known blokes who've stayed pretty much the same for years after being on gear as long as they've stayed just as committed to training and eating. The problem is for most people, the level of commitment drops off for whatever reason. There's always going to be more incentive to get down the gym 6 days/week and eat like a saint when you're on a cycle and have invested money and time planning etc. Or if you're preparing for a given competition. It's also been scientifically proven that the physical advantages of using gear go way beyond the cycle, past 10 years and possibly even for life, which is why anti-doping authorities are now considering lifetime bans for drug cheats, because it's likely that they'll carry an advantage for the rest of their lives as their muscles have permanently altered for the better. Substances like HGH can permanently increase the actual number of muscle cells, and anabolic steroids can permanently increase the size of the cells (or rather, their maximum potential size).
  12. HGH Who what and where???

    From what I've read on here, Hygetropin seems to be popular, but if you can get hold of proper pharma stuff like Humatrope or Norditropin then that's going to be the best and most consistent quality. It'll be more pricey and harder to find though. The only way to tell if non-pharma stuff is fake is to start using it and then get a blood test. You can get home test kits that will tell you whether or not what you have is actually HGH, but as far as I know they don't tell you its potency so you still won't know if it's under-dosed. As for where, be careful asking for sources for anything like that on here because you're likely to get banned, so you'll have to suss that one out yourself.
  13. Hgh

    I learned TM years ago. One of the best things I ever did tbh.
  14. I'm about to start a 6 month cycle of Hygetropin and although I've read as much as I can find, there are still a few things I'm not sure about, mostly because so many sources contradict each other. But it'd be good to hear from anyone on here who's used it (or similar). Am I right in thinking that it'd be wise to start with a low dose (e.g. 2 IUs) and gradually increase it over the first few weeks until I get to my target dose, just so I can see how I get on with it? At what kind of dosage does bone growth start to become something to watch out for? I thought it'd require maybe 10+ IUs/day for years, but I've read quite a few accounts of people going up a shoe size at closer to half that dose within a year of using it, and they swear it's not just water retention because they've stayed the same almost 6 months after the end of their cycle. But I've read all sorts of s**t, so who knows! Also, what's the thinking behind jabbing 5 days on, 2 days off?