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  1. ChemClarity.com - Review

    I don't mind being called a loon. And I don't care enough to hate anything really. I even said if you didn't like it to PM me and I'd remove it... I pointed out some limitations whilst saying it was "cool" and a "good product" - I'm no expert and gave an opinion. I was trying to straighten out what it could and couldn't do. I have no problem with your business - I actually might use it if I believed something was wrong, or if I wanted to be specific about dosing or content (anavar, drug tested athlete or someone prepping for comp) etc), Can you give people dosing info on most gear - yep. Can you draw any conclusions from unknowns - nope. Are you well priced - absolutely. Could your product help consumers - probable. Should you be clear to laymen about what the stuff means - of course. If I'm wrong for thinking that then I'm okay being wrong. Generally I actually like what your doing - but as Sen said I'm a dick usually. Either way, good luck with your business and I'll leave your threads alone now.
  2. ChemClarity.com - Review

    I'm comparing apples with orranges - and I'll admit that now. The most common TRT treatment given via the NHS is: Nebido. It contains 0% BA. It would be considered dangerous with that logic. It's made by Bayer the 6th largest phama company on the planet- if you really think it's dangerous contact them asap. We both know that UGL is not the same as pharma. in terms of consistency or regulation And Nebido is a crappy product IMO - this isn't due to the infections it causes though. You need to be clearer with your wording. Firstly Benzyl Alcohol is a preservative and not a sterilizing agent. What the means is that medicine is meant to be sterile when it goes into the amp/vial (as is amp/vial). It's only other crap getting in there that causes problems. IF it's prepared in pharmaceutical standards and administered by experts that's okay usually. Next... They are only unknown compounds because you don't know them. What you mean is they are compounds which you don't have reference compounds for. My background is scientific, and I you should make this clear as to not scare people. All you really mean is that you didn't have something to compare too. I've just looked in the BNF (book with doctors look in to give you medicines).and I've found more than three compounds which you would say were unknown in pharma steroid products. That doesn't make GSK or Bayer dodgy or dangerous. It's a limitation in your testing platform. I think you should withdraw the last statement about infection. UGL grade steroids are a risk. But the lack of BA is not dangerous in itself. Some simple searching shows NO BA in pharma products or alternatives. And loads of BA would not protect anyone and has it's own side effects. Public health policy is usually reactionary in terms of harm, or prejudice. I see very few people dropping dead from dodgy steroids. I see very few people losing limbs. And I think it's immoral to scare people into thinking they are likely be at risk. Look at some of the reactions on here... If you think I'm wrong to say this PM me or a mod and they/I will remove it. You have a great business model - and you don't need bullshit to turn it into something it's not. My major criticism s that no one will be saves by this or helped from getting an infection. Some people will send you money and buy products on dosing informhton you give. You can tell them the number of "unknowns" but the unknown could be a different carrier oil or ester., or even an advanced anti bacterial which reduces side effects whilst keeping products safe. If you just call it a dosing test people will pay. And that's still cool.
  3. ChemClarity.com - Review

    The UGL has total control over both the sourcing and the manufacturing. As they source the components and then manufacture them. A gym pusher may not however. Given as you have pointed out it's substance people inject deep into their muscles, do you think it's wise ti imply your tests make this safer? There is plenty of regulation - The Misuse of drugs Act, and the Medicines Act primarily. What this doesn't limit is the procession or use of AAS. I'd argue quite strongly that if you want public safety deregulation would be the answer rather than more regulation. So that the average meat head can get Pharma's finest easily rather than UGL. However then we get into considerations about harm as a result to usage. So we are left with the status quo. Can you please tell me what you mean by something dangerous? I agree with you broadly - but don't think either further regulation, or people knowing the strength of their gear is going to change that. The dosage check does not mean you are not injecting nasty crap into yourself. It's just nasty crap with the correct dosage of hormone. *I like your product. But I don't like that you are claiming it improves safety. It allowed customers/internet people to compare different labs/products and argue. That's cool but it's got nothing to do with stopping people getting hurt.