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  1. Whey80/ISO/hydro

    No idea dude, I know nothing about you - sorry.
  2. Whey80/ISO/hydro

    Just add oats/PB to your whey and blend it up. You can control the ratios then, rather than having them dictated by a supplement.
  3. Whey80/ISO/hydro

    Well it is considerably more costly for them to produce. You'll digest it easier, and more rapidly for sure. For me - as I have digestive issues - it's 100% worth it. For the average person that doesn't suffer any GI issues? Probably not.
  4. Whey80/ISO/hydro

    Nope, you're right. Most wouldn't notice as the AA spectrum will be the same. It's just purely down to digestibility. Anyone that complains of gas etc after drinking shakes, 9 times out of 10 when I move them over to an ISO they feel much better
  5. Best competition tan?!?

    Get in touch with Karen Marillier of Show Tan - without doubt the best tanner out there. Mine looked perfect at the last show. She's not the official UKBFF tanner, but sometimes will pitch up in the local area if she's not covering another federation.
  6. Cardio

    For health, sure the odd 10-20min after a weights session will be fine. For prep, it needs to be structured and progressive IMO.
  7. Whey80/ISO/hydro

    It's not just down to that; a large part of it is the lactose content. I can't use concentrates (typically the 'whey 80%') as they kill my stomach. Whereas a quality isolate like Dymatize ISO-100 or Reflex Micro-Whey digests super easily. So for me, it's worth the small amount extra.
  8. Contest prep doses

    Yes. Sorry, Mast E! (Just to save on jabbing EOD and adding volume in with the test/tren). So yeah every 7 days as it's a longer ester and no water retention from the mast.
  9. Contest prep doses

    Rather than keep pushing the envelope.. I like to make sure that prior to the prep myself/clients are on as minimal gear as possible. So that when we do switch things on for prep, there's an amplified response without going crazy high with doses. Last prep in the final 5 weeks for me was: 150mg Test P EOD 100mg Tren A EOD 250mg Mast E E7D 50mg Anavar ED 50mg Winstrol ED 30mg Halo (final 14 days)
  10. You're doing all this for a shoot? Damn I hope either 1) You look the dogs bollocks 2) You're getting paid for it
  11. L leucine

    OK, so Leucine is one of the key amino acids involved in MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis).. But, most foods we eat already contain it in a high enough amount to ilicit a positive effect on MPS. Populations such as vegans etc often end up eating 'incomplete' proteins whereby they aren't getting a full amino acid spectrum (and possibly leucine).. This is where supplemental amino acids at meal times could come in handy. But, rather than just leucine alone, I'd be using EAA's. Which will then give you the full amount of essential amino acids. Which will drive protein synthesis further than leucine alone. Re; glutamine. Unless you're a burns victim or have a muscle wasting disease like AIDS - it won't do much for muscle growth. Although can be benificial for gut lining. I wrote an article that touched on glutamine here: http://www.rntfitness.co.uk/5-supplements-you-need-to-stop-wasting-your-money-on/ I'm also finishing one up: The Amino Acid Roundtable - that will discuss BCAA/EAA/Hydrolysed Casein etc..
  12. L leucine

    Do you know the reason? (Genuinely trying to educate here - rather than just say 'no don't bother' - so please don't take this as me being patronising).
  13. L leucine

    Before you worry about how to take it.. Can I ask why you're taking it? (Not a loaded question) Typically supplemental leucine on it's own isn't really needed (unless perhaps your vegetarian/vegan.. but even then I'd suggest supplementing with EAA's at a meal > leucine alone).
  14. Any whiskey fans?

    Woodford Reserve Bourbon