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  1. Yeah 3 years is a long time and at those doses it will take time to come off so be patient mate. What is your normal amount of codeine that you take eod at the moment? The reason you end up dropping 250mg in one go is because your tapering to quickly but dont get disheartened. Although im the same with valium il get down to a low dose have a stressful day at work then take triple the amount ive been tapering on just to get some of the relaxing effects. But its just a blip and doesnt mean youve failed. A lot of people that have been on valium for years have to taper down 1mg every 2 weeks or something stupid like that but then valium withdrawals can be worse than heroin. Unfortunately ive had a lot of experience with pharmaceuticals over the years and have learned from first hand experience the best way to get off when i get in trouble with them so happy to help anyway i can. Youl get off them with the right plan in place and dont beat yourself up over it mate cos youl be well happy when your finally free from them and itl be worth the slow taper in the end
  2. Yeah thats true about the benzos mate. If you go cold turkey you can have a seizure depending on how high the dose is and how long youve been taking them for although its quite rare. I remember a few years ago when they were harder to source i ran out and got really bad anxiety had the shakes and got carpal tunnel syndrome where your hands go numb. The feeling lasted ages its not worth it slow and steady is best same with the codeine. Codeine withdrawals are similar to heroin and the fact your doing eod means your getting there. Id suggest doing a lower dose but do it every day and reduce it slowly to the point where your down to like quarter of a pill a day then do that eod then every 3 days etc and do it for as long as it takes so it doesnt have a bad impact on your life. The thing is when you want to stop you just want to stop completely but its far safer to do it when your body is ready. Youl get there though mate
  3. Yeah diazepam has a much longer half life and i get that feeling when i wake up too. Need a couple of coffees to wake up properly. I find xanax gives me more of a euphoric feeling but in the end wasnt even feeling anything off one and a half bars. Sticking to diazepam now and tapering off from 25mg a day down to 7.5 atm going to go down to 5mg tomorrow. If you end up being on them a long time its the best way to get off. Slow taper means no bad withdrawals.
  4. Im expecting some of the galenika diazepam in the post either tomorrow or next day. Not tried those ones yet and havent tried galenika xanax i think galenika are supposed to be pharma. Ive tried the abbot diazepam they are decent too same with the GPO 5mg they are all legit from that site. Im pretty sure a 1/4 of a xanax is equivalent to 10mg valium or something similar. Xanax hits you fast but tolerance builds super quick and withdrawals once hooked are severe meaning you end up dosing several times a day. Ive still got a few left but im tapering off diazepam slowly atm. Want to get off the stuff
  5. Its real xanax ive used plenty of different brands and pretty much exactly the same strength as the pharma bars i used tobget a few years ago. Shouldnt have taken a whole one straight away 1/4 or half for the first time max. They are stronger than diazepam and quicker acting and leaving the system
  6. You dont need any of that anyway mate even if you want kids. My misses is 16 weeks and ive been on test since 2014 with about 10 weeks off each year no jabbing with none of those meds. The only thing i took while off this time is 25mg proviron a day to help my mood as was intending to stay off but i doubt that would have contributed at all. Then jumped back on and got her pregnant a coupe of months later. I see people on here taking so many meds that are supposed to help fertility but i think its a load of bullshit. I have 2 other kids as well did first cycle when i was 20. I fail to understand how synthetic estrogens like clomid and nolva can help fertility. Just my opinion but you dont need it. Even coming off is easier without those cancer drugs.
  7. Ive used a few boxes of test e g2g in my opinion
  8. Put an order in yesterday and got a confirmation email this morning so guessing its all good
  9. Quick question about TM

    Managed to message from my phone in the end. Dont have a computer or tablet lol
  10. Quick question about TM

    I dont know whether its cos my phone is dodgy or something but it doesnt have it on there when i go on it. Cant do it from my order either so just gonna have to wait and see. Thanks mate
  11. Quick question about TM

    Ok thanks for that mate il wait for them to email
  12. Quick question about TM

    Thats ok mate thanks if they email me then il email back but if they dont then il just assume itl be on its way. Not too bothered about communication as long as it comes lol
  13. Quick question about TM

    Thanks mate il wait til they email me then. Not actually worried but just want to make sure it goes through properly
  14. Sorry guys i know theres a million threads on this already but just a quick one. Do you need to email them to let them know when youve paid? Just put my first order in with them and it said to contact them when paid but cant find the 'contact us' bit to email them. Im assuming it will go through anyway?