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  1. Selective scam

    Put my order in today as usual as have no doubts over it. This threads stupid
  2. Selective scam

    Ordered at least once a month for over a year now never had any problems at all same as everyone else basically
  3. advice from those that DONT pct

    Hi mate I didn't get bloods done or anything but felt a bit crap for about 4 weeks then started to feel better and more like my old self and started enjoying things I forgot that I even enjoyed after being on for a long time. But I only stayed off for 3 months in the end then decided to go back on. If you only did 3 jabs just stick it out and you should start feeling normal again soon and pretty sure youl recover easily mate
  4. Used both the dbol and winstrol recently and can say they are both legit my 2 favourite orals and have used them quite a few times from tm always did the job giving great results. Only used 40mg of dbol and 50mg of winstrol each time I used them
  5. Put on a lot of size and got pretty vascular had veins all over my arms quads and chest was crazy lol felt awesome too no anxiety or anything face bloated a bit but wasn't using an AI although was using 400mg mast e with it didn't get any gyno symptoms or any negative sides at all. Like I say I may have got just as good results with high test but enjoyed the cycle. Going to try deca next for the first time or npp what would you recommend to be a good starting dose? Was going to either do 1ml of SG 400MG deca or 300mg npp per week to see how I react. Tempted to start lower but want to achieve results still
  6. Yeah not too sure about tren mate I only did it for 6 weeks back in 2015. Not done deca either so maybe the 19nors might affect fertility for some time but I don't believe they would permanently if they did probably reduces your chances though while on them and some time after. I don't really have the experience to make a valid opinion on that though
  7. I actually really enjoyed eq ran it for 16 weeks at 750mg with test at 500mg but had only used test and mast previously with one run of low dose run of tren which didn't agree with me. However wonder if I could have got the same results with 1g+ of test but no negative sides at all from eq for me, felt good. Gonna try deca or npp for the first time next blast and been using gear over 10 years lol so really need to try it
  8. I've got my misses pregnant twice while being on (been in varying doses since 2014). First time was just on 250mg test a week this time 500 test 600 mast. People will probably disagree but you really don't need all that other stuff mate maybe proviron but wouldn't bother with all the other crap. Just my opinion though. just don't pressure yourself too much or stress about and Itl happen eventually. Like I say just my opinion from my own personal experience
  9. TM proviron

    I've just started using their proviron at 50mg a day only on my second day so can't really say much but have no doubt they will be legit from other products of theirs that I've used
  10. Taylormade pharma gtg?

    Hi mate i want to try mast base myself i see you previously said you liked it what benefits did you get from it? Do you inject into muscle like normal? Gonna get a few vials in i think. Thanks for any feedback
  11. Has anyone tried this pre workout yet? Ive used many preworkouts over the years but this one was seriously intense for the wrong reasons mainly. I took one scoop and within 10 minutes started feeling dodgy. My face was tingling severely and felt really hot and had red blotches all over my skin. Then the tingling spread down my arms through to my legs and toes until the whole of my body was tingling. If i moved my arms or legs in any way i would get an intense tingling feeling and it lasted for well over an hour. However i still had a great workout with it once the tingling started to die down but wasnt worth the overwhelming feeling. Ive used preworkouts with beta alanine and niacin before and experienced mild tingling but this felt like nothing ive felt before. Has 2g of BA and 80mg niacin per serving which isnt a huge dose. Has anyone used this and felt the same? Im thinking maybe i should have shook the tub before use as can only imagine i got a huge dose of niacin or something
  12. advice from those that DONT pct

    Hi all just looking for people's experiences that have cycled or been on for a long time and haven't done a PCT when they came off. Just wondering is it better to do a slow taper say 1ml of test every 10 days then gradually reduce it to every 12 days then 14 days etc until you just stop completely also reducing the amount you inject gradually? This way makes sense to me but looking for people with actual experience to see how they got on. I know PCT is pushed hard on the net but after doing 2 pcts in the past I'm not convinced it helped me recover quicker and it made me feel terrible the last time I did it, also all of my mates that have cycled have never done PCT and they seem fine and tbh they've never heard of it. To me they are harsh cancer drugs that I don't really want to put in my body anymore after using them on and off for a long time over the years Having said that I do have some nolva if I get itchy nips when I come off but I'm not planning to go back on now tbh as my circumstances have changed. As much as I appreciate people's advice I'm not looking for people to tell me that PCT is essential as I know all about it and don't need telling. Been on test over a year never doing more than 2.5ml a week with the occasional oral thrown in. Not done any injectable other than test. So has anyone been on a long time and recovered without PCT? Thanks in advance for any replies