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  1. Recommended peptide labs

    I used Purepeptides for years and rate them but moved over to uk-peptides as they accept credit cards, use DPD for delivery and overall a faster service. Plus their peps are decent.
  2. Are you sleeping well with it? Not sure HGH can cause lethargy unless you're using huge doses. Worth adding peptides especially before bed.
  3. HGH Experience

    I've been using HGH for a few years now and tbh I haven't seen any big changes . I still cycle it 2-3 months on and a couple of weeks off to resentisize. I like the muscle fullness, vascularity and that I practice intermittent fasting it I think it goes well with it. I need to use peptides with it as it negatively effects my sleep but il be on this for as long as I can afford it unfortunately.
  4. Cycle/Break Length

    You don't need to cycle peptides. The 5 day on 2 day off protocol was just made up by someone on the internet for HGH cycles and makes no sense at all. I do take time of peptides only because I get tried of pinning everyday! Just space your peptide injections 3.5 hrs apart throughout the day and you're good.
  5. I thought the 40iu kits were supplied to hospitals that's obviously not true. I asked Ankebio about their other dosage ranges but the only ones they will supply us are the 40s and 100s, I wonder why.
  6. HGH and carbs

    Hey Ive been on a high carb diet using 32iu of HGH weekly and looking to go on a keto diet for a while but not sure if HGH is anabolic without the presence of insulin\carbs. Is running that dose a waste? Can I still gain lean muscle tissue on HGH at this dose without carbs or do I need that spike of insulin by consuming simple carbs to make HGH more effective? Thanks @Pscarb please advise.
  7. Using CJC-1295 DAC.

    I've used it numerous times over the years and tbh I've had zero results from it anabolicly. It did improve my sleep though and well being. Yes I did buy it from a good source always Purepeptidesuk and dosed at least 4mg per week. Why did I repeat the cycles? Because I felt that the next cycle would be better but I was wrong, it's great what it's supposed to do theory buy not sure if you can gain lean muscle tissue from this peptide unless you dose it at v.large amounts.Someone may prove me wrong though .
  8. Muscle Rage MK677 fake?

    I've used it a couple of times but find them to be quite weak compared to other labs I've used.
  9. HGH with low carbs

    Yes insufficient calories probably the cause. Just worried about gaining fat was being too careful on my daily calorie intake, didn't know hgh is capable of keeping you lean whilst bulking thought it was myth. Thanks Paul.
  10. HGH with low carbs

    Thanks guys interesting reading about your experience with HGH and what you make of it. I have no idea how that old study where people gained up to 6lbs of lean muscle tissue in 6 weeks using 8iu eod protocol, they must of had really good genetics or maybe not reached their plateau or something because I know I'm doing everything right and have gained nowhere that. Ive switched to cjc1295 gonna run this at 4mg a week for 6 weeks and may not return to hgh if I can't gain with 24iu a week. I can't up the dose because of the sides its ruining my sleep keeping waking with cramps on my hands. You guys day it improved your sleep but even on 24iu a week it wakes me up during the night so def doesn't help me in that regard. Yes I could lower the dose but if this stuff is not much anabolic then I may as well just using peptides
  11. HGH with low carbs

    Thanks. But other cheaper products you won't get new satellite cells (not sure about peptides) and I thought thay was the whole point of using hgh? I respect your views and reading what you're saying is a bit of a shock but probably correct as I haven't achieved much using this stuff for the last 2 years and I think I have become dependant on it based on the science of what it can do, but reading what youre saying says it all. Thanks
  12. HGH with low carbs

    Thanks Paul. Your perception of GH has changed since I have followed you over the years, it's seems that it's not really worth using anymore for muscle gain. If it's best used to assist for fat loss is the 8iu eod protocol still recommended or half that post workout will give you the same results since you're not trying to build muscle?
  13. HGH with low carbs

    Hi people and @Pscarb I have started a ketogenic diet and been on HGH 3x a week at 8iu post workout. My question is as my Insulin levels are very low should I decrease the HGH dose? what I have read is HGH has an anabolic effect in the presence of Insulin but does it have any anabolic effect at all if you're consuming low carbs? Thanks
  14. Igf and headaches ???

    I have made some small gains in lean mucle tissue although the last couple of months no improvement. I think I need to increase the dose from 8iu to maybe 12iu 3x a week, I will try this for a couple of months and see if it makes any difference. I'm not using Western pharma only Chinese pharma Ansamone
  15. Igf and headaches ???

    I have made small improvements but this is with the 8iu eod protocol maybe you need to do a higher dose for better gains, but not sure if more means better results with hgh