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  1. Hello again. I started Trt about a year ago was with NHS but have begun sourcing myself and also getting extra bloodwork as NHS wasn't frequent enough. Anyway I have low HDL cholesterol and LDL is going up. How to combat? I started nolvaeex or tamofixen for gyno symptoms after being overprescribed ai that crashed my e2. Been taking tamofixen and no ai. Am on 100mg test e a week. I was reading tht if possible you should run no ai or tamofixen. Has anyone else on normal Trt dose had problems with producing HDL I already eat the sort of food tht ment to be good for that.
  2. Seem to be aromitizing more than the average trt user, but finding the anastrozole ive been prescribed, to not be particularly effec ive heard about doses being wrong. Im on 150mg of test a week and they started me on 0.5 mg a day. Ive had problems with my doc took a long time to get trt, my levels where left low after chemo. They put me on the ai becuase i reported itchy nips and what feels like the start of gyno if i roll the skin around the nipple under my fimgers i feel i tiny bump smaller than a pea. My questions are is half an mg a day to much? Seem to have lost the feeling of wellbeing. I showed doc my chest he was not worried said the size was a combination of new muscle and a lil fat. The lumps he said were so small that the ai should sort it. It was probs due to aromotisation. I wouldnt mind a second opinion on chest as it seemed like the lower chest muscle has grown a lot, im concerned i will grow boobs. Will pop up some pics. Also going to suggest to lower my ai a bit as i seen on here thats a pretty high dose, are there alternative for controlling estrogen.
  3. 1 week with a lesser dose of ai i feel loads better. Got some tamofixen from gym becuase it seemed reasonable price. Took the jtchyness out of nips. Tamofixen brand is mylan, looks legit. Just thought best to check there real(am i allowed to post pics of it). Spoke to gp they gunna do some bloods early for me. Also felt my chest said theres only a ti y bit of breast tissue in my pec, it appears to mostly be fat. Reckons it will resolve itself without surgery. They sending me for ultrasound on chest just to be safe. My bodyfat is pretty low as well so i wanted to ask when they say its mostly fat in my chest, does tht mean anything that isnt the little ball behind nipple is fat. Or is fat when you have gyno different than the normal chest fat? Also just a note the doc couldnt feel any breast tissue at first when feeling with my arm above head and two fingers you cud only feel the lil ball when rolling the skin behind nipple between fingers. Sorry to bang on, dont rate my docs knowledge on trt. Will probs be usimg this forum to double check everything they say.
  4. Do you think this looks like gyno?
  5. Thanks for the advice, will try that and see if i can get bloods early.
  6. I can get tamofixen from local gym, thats the same right? I was under the impression tht the adex was more appropriate on cycle. Im open to it though as ive been getting awful sides from it. Honestly felt after the first week like i wasnt on trt anymore. I would request from doc but he dont seem to know much about trt tbh.
  7. They only doing bloods every 3 months, might grab a medicheck test tbh, after a bit of reading i thought tht was a high dose will taper it back, my doc honestly seemed uninterested. Are you on nhs trt? If so wil lyour doc let you request extra blood tests
  8. Been feeling awful for about a year. Had some bloods taken recently and my test levels are very low for my age I'm 30 and my free test was 0.2 nmol/l. Total 12 nmol. Albumin very high 51.2 g/l. Wondered how to approach the GP about this mine are not generally the most helpful.
  9. Tendon in knee popping/moving

    When I squat deep the large tendon that connects to outside knee pops on way down also been noticing some glute pain on one side feels like a knot, I only post on here because the gp seems pretty uninterested as I'm not dying or anything. Wondered if anyone had advice it doesn't hurt feels a bit tired or like you stretched after leg day, noticed some tight hamstrings so been stretching them already. Honestly wanted to know whether to carry on the squatting or stop as dont want to f**k my knee, I know a few guys with bad knees and it sucks
  10. Getting back into things after cancer

    Had lymphoma and been out of gym for 2 years now in which time I turned into a stick man. Been trying to get back into it but really struggling with energy levels and motivation wondering if anyone else has had similar experience and got back to there previous fitness levels