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  1. Covid vaccine.

    Hmm, I wasn't going to get the vaccine, but I do like monkey spunk. Dilemma!
  2. Covid vaccine.

    That's very wrong. While I don't believe the vaccine is anything sinister, I am pro-choice. And no one should be blackmailed into having the vaccine. People should boycott any business using these tactics IMO.
  3. Covid vaccine.

    Dude, you attacked everyones character by posting the meme! You can't see the wood for the trees!! 1. What is it about if it isn't about a virus? Don't give me s**t about it being about 5G and microchips in vaccines - at least make it semi believable 2. World leaders have their own hides and their politics/agendas at the forefront of their mind. Always. The main reason they care about the man in the street is their vote. That isn't anything new.
  4. Covid vaccine.

    There's also the Occam's razor theory & a little thing called logic. Many people use this novel idea of 'logic' to make up their mind based on experience and/or evidence rather than made up memes and something that is purely internet rumour without any evidence whatsoever. I'm not saying everything you post is made up, that non of it is true, hell, some of it is even interesting and challenging, such as the Canadian chap from yesterday - but for every one of those guys, there's another that has beliefs in the opposing view and that's ironically what you fail to see. I applaud your commitment, but you should follow your own advice! Cognitive Dissonance is something that certain areas of society has jumped on to shame people in to questioning their beliefs. "Ohh I'm woke, you're not, I'm better than you". You're no better than vegans
  5. My point wasn't volumes, it was more for Micky's attention to show (and agree) with his view of the portions of population affected.
  6. Covid vaccine.

    LOL don't bareback any gays and you'll be fine.
  7. Posted this in the vaccine thread, but probably fits better here.
  8. To be fair Wylde, you have form for posting poorly curated memes which are often full of mistruths and lies without any kind of verification. Once bitten, twice shy and all that.
  9. Covid vaccine.

    @MickeyE I saw this a few mins ago on a BBC article about the Oxford vaccine. It has now been removed. I don't think it was removed for any sinister reason, but fortunately I sent it to a mate so had a copy:
  10. Not questioning the article because I haven't read it in full, but I do question immediately why the word COVID in the title is in a completely different font and size to the rest of the text. Almost as if it was pasted over the original word? Do you have a link to the actual article?
  11. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    He's being sarcastic, Paul. Tony is dead against the lockdowns, but I had my doubts reading it too!
  12. Covid vaccine.

    Logic suggests that false positives are more likely because it’s easier to miss something which is there than find something which isn’t. Also, you need to be careful what a definition of a false positive actually is. An old, non-infectious trace will return a positive result - which is technically correct, and isn’t a false positive. It’s just that it’s a previous infection and no longer contagious. A lad at work and his brother developed symptoms after sharing a car with someone who later tested positive. Both brothers developed the same symptoms. The lad I work with tested positive, his bro tested negative.
  13. Covid vaccine.

    They’ve said that since the day the vaccine was announced & discussed openly. It isn’t anything new. My understanding is that the vaccine they currently have provides you with the defence mechanisms to fight infection. It doesn’t prevent infection and thus doesn’t completely prevent transmission. Although infection is less likely, as you won’t develop the cough. That’s the theory, anyway.
  14. Covid vaccine.

    From my basic understanding, the PCR test looks for DNA chains which can be isolated to show the specific coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes Covid19. Covid19 is the disease which is as a result of the virus.
  15. Covid vaccine.

    Summed up well IMO Edit: I would recommend well tested vaccination against the polio, TB and suchlike.
  16. @wylde99 I can see that's copy & paste job (welcome back), but shock horror, I actually agree with a fair chunk of it! The bit about antibodies is slightly shortsighted, but the rest, well, can't really be argued with, because it's a summary of exactly what has happened. Re: antibodies - they do work. We just don't know how long they hang around for. T-cells seemingly last much longer. And the idea of a vaccine is to provide the benefits of the immune response without actually getting the virus. So in that respect, it will work (in theory). But we'll most likely need regular top ups a la the flu jab. I do question why we've gone from categorically stating that it would be 50yr old + & those with pre-existing conditions getting the vaccine to what has now become the 'wider population'. I've lost all faith in the government to deal with this in an up front manner, mostly due to the bumbling and the constant U turns. Conspiracy? No. Incompetence? Definitely.
  17. When will we recover?

    A very close friend of mine lives in Edinburgh and she is broken right now. Her mother is heading for Tier 4 and is her only child care and support. It really is starting to go beyond belief. I get the need for control, but so much of this is mindless.
  18. When will we recover?

    I highly doubt lockdown will until then, but we'll be in tiered restrictions until March I reckon.
  19. When will we recover?

    Anyone who didn't think there would be more restrictions and a likely lockdown this winter was living in denial. Furlough is running until March, so lockdowns and tiered restrictions will run until then at least. Lockdowns aren't a fix all solution. They're effective at stunting infections, but it's just a reset, so ultimately we'll see the same situation again and again until something changes (either our approach or vaccination).
  20. Nearly 10s ahead of Shaw!! Mentally quick. I saw Tom smash the world record live at Britain's earlier this year - doing it in 16s.
  21. Anyone know the results from the Atlas Stones? Presumably Tom won that event?
  22. Would you admit using steroids in a date?

    I wait to be asked unless there's a reason to volunteer the information. I wouldn't even think of bringing it up while I was casually dating, but if I was asked outright on the first date or whatever (and I have been), I'd admit to it. The girl who asked on the first date didn't have a problem with it and we ended up in 8 month relationship. It really isn't a big deal to most.
  23. Covid vaccine.

    Totally agree again (*shudders*) There has been a war against social media platforms for fair while now. I don't think it's specifically Covid related though. I jointly own a forum and we're now getting to the point that is almost untenable due to us being responsible/liable for what some fucktard posts. I see both sides. There's a need to prevent misinformation and hate (look at some of the downright lies posted here in meme form), but at the same time, we cannot censor genuine beliefs and opinions.
  24. Covid vaccine.

    Don't worry dude, someone will make it Boris & Matt Hancock's fault soon enough