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  1. WhatsApp no longer encrypted from Feb?...

    It was the 40 million additional users they got within 1 week that caused it Service is restored now AFAIK
  2. National Lockdown

    Ever seen a newsstand when England go out of the World Cup?
  3. When are we thinking gyms will open again?

    Mid-Feb? No chance mate. That's the next review date. Schools are due to open late Feb at the earliest and they'll be the first thing to reopen apparently. Even then, they're talking about that being too optimistic. Gyms will be mid March at the earliest. We'll definitely see a return to a strict tier system. No doubt. Everyone starting in 3 or 4. Pubs are slated for May Day.
  4. National Lockdown

    Presumably because the financial impact won't go away overnight..call it a hunch... Do you think that the trillions borrowed will just be magically paid back and no further borrowing will be needed after 2021? Truly a 'Stunning Revelation'.
  5. National Lockdown

    Presumably you can confirm the care homes involved and if those who tested positive had the vaccine. Otherwise your data is absolutely meaningless.
  6. National Lockdown

    Negative result for me. I can confirm rimming is Covid safe
  7. National Lockdown

    That all assumes that face masks work. Which you've told us they don't. This also assumes SARS-CoV-2 exists. Which again, you've said it does't. So that's all conjecture and make believe, right? MERS and SARS aren't in general circulation, nor as nearly as contagious, nor as prevalent. I doubt we have any herd immunity to these viruses anyway as they were never infectious en mass. The others are pretty much common colds. Why would the common cold suddenly become more dangerous due to a reduction in alleged herd immunity - which we never had due to constant mutations. Can you explain what the Hindu Times article refers to? It appears to be irreverent to my eye.
  8. National Lockdown

    The hypocrisy from the guy is staggering ,and it isn't limited to only MSM links. I can only hope one day he wakes up to it.
  9. National Lockdown

    I'm waiting for my results - so not sure. I'll have to ask if she's been rimming her flatmate. It's a distinct possibility to be honest.
  10. National Lockdown

    Agreed mate. And as we've said a dozen times, this is where the "if you have symptoms" clause comes in. Repeat infections are bound to happen though a la the common cold. It's a matter of time. But hopefully, over time, the symptoms will lessen for everyone. Re: her case - it wasn't confirmed, so it's conjecture at this point. Perhaps not helpful for me to post it to be perfectly honest, but knowing what she experienced in Feb, the symptoms were incredibly similar to the harsh cases and this time around she has very mild symptoms and a positive test. So you kinda have to draw conclusions at your own risk.
  11. National Lockdown

    Thanks mate. I feel fine btw. Slight headache and a tickle, but that could be the cold air. I don't feel ill. My missus had a fever but is recovering quickly, which may be in part due to the fact she likely already had it 11 months ago - testing wasn't available at that point, so it could also be that it was something else (she had all the classic symptoms though). You're correct. It was always going to be this way. The common cold is a Coronavirus and mutates constantly. It's no surprise to see the mutations all over the world.
  12. National Lockdown

    Well, my missus tested positive yesterday (despite being told she 95% likely had it late Feb and has lung damage as a result) and her flatmate the day before. I got tested yesterday (soz @wylde99) - lets see what today brings!
  13. National Lockdown

    This was already explained to you a week ago by @Denied. Why repost it when it's already been thoroughly explained?