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  1. What do you think of this car?

    My last RS3 8V spun me 180, on to the wrong side of the road, up on to a curb, through a stone wall and down a 20ft grass bank Anything with traction control turned off and about 500ft/lbs of torque is a handful. Either that, or I'm a sh1t driver...or a combination of both! I looked at a Mustang before I bought another RS3. Kinda wished I'd gone for it now. My RS3 is going this spring/summer. Not sure what to go for next. Think a bit of Pork. A 911 of some variety.
  2. Meat / chicken everyday

    Why do you think it's better than whey out of interest mate? Nutritionally, I'm pretty sure a blended protein powder is a more complete protein source, but I just prefer eating protein than drinking it. I have between 75-125g of protein power per day, depending on if I've trained that day. I eat chicken pretty much every day. Certainly, every day I'm at work. I meal prep, so do chicken & a good carb source for my lunch. Evening meals will be any variety of meat; chicken, beef, turkey, pheasant, pork, salmon - whatever fits my macros and I fancy tbh. I suspect as the resistance to meat intensifies and it becomes more expensive, protein powers and alternative protein sources will become more popular.
  3. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    The events are awesome lads. If you've never been I'd strongly recommend going. I've been to Britain's and Europe's for the last 4 years and did the tour finals in Manchester a couple of years ago. I went to Britain's this year and I'm going to Leeds and Manchester too. Tickets aren't cheap, but it's a good show and a great way to spend 4-5 hours! Super friendly atmosphere too. Colin Bryce and Darren Sadler have taken this to another level, of course with help from Eddie in more recent years.
  4. For me the defining moment of improving my flat barbell bench was getting my grip right and making sure the bar wasn't resting too close to my fingers and tilting my wrists back. I use an open grip and squeeze the bar now, which gets the bar across my palm and seems to keep my elbows tucked. That broke me through a plateau and I just went on from there. My best bench was 150kg x 6 & 155kg x 3 in the middle of last year. Helps that I have short arms!
  5. What’s your diet like

    That's pretty low fat isn't it? I currently go for around 250g protein, 300 (350g training days) carbs and the remainder fats to hit around 3,000-3,250cals. Breakfast: Oats, whey, banana, milk or eggs, toast or salmon, cream cheese, bagel Lunch: Chicken, rice/couscous, olives/avocado, veg Snack: Fruit, eggs or occasional protein bar PWO: myprotein extreme recovery Dinner: Oily fish/beef/turkey/pheasant, rice/pitta/baked potato/sweet potato, salad/veg, olives Supper: Oats, whey, milk, fish oils or toast, peanut butter, whey, milk
  6. Deca and joints

    I agree with all that tbh! My NPP doses were around 350-400mg per week. I've had a break from NPP. Last cycle was Test & Mast at a very low dose while dieting. Now I'm using a very low dose of Test, Anavar and EQ. I'll then come back to NPP & Anadrol around May time when I've fully recovered from a hamstring injury.
  7. Advice on Abscess please

    IMO you did the right thing by naming the lab, but also checking first. From everything I've been told, impurities in the oils is the single most common reason for an abscess which is why @Devil was so insistent the lab be named. Although a slightly friendlier tone might have been more appropriate. A few months out of the gym is a lucky escape in the grand scheme of things. We all experience those times away from the gym due injuries, life, etc. Make sure you recover properly and come back stronger. I'm glad to see it's looking like a positive outcome for you.
  8. Deca and joints

    Just gotta thumb it in. No biggie.
  9. Deca and joints

    NPP definitely helped with my elbows, no doubt in my mind. My elbows stayed healthy for a fair while after the cycle too. They're starting to hurt again now though. Probably about 4-5 months after I finished my last 10 week NPP cycle.
  10. 2iu five days a week shouldn't cause a big increase of water, but yeah, you're right, AI won't fix that. Sounds like if the OP doesn't understand AI then this is the likely cause. Adex is very much person dependant. Try at 0.5mg per week and take it from there if you feel that the water is a problem. Use the smallest dose you can get away with.
  11. Torn Hamstring

    So the bruising finally came out a couple of days ago. Had some manipulation in the injury today. From the bruising pattern and the pain in various areas, it looks likely I did the hamstring, calf and PCL all at the same time ??‍♂️
  12. Torn hamstring help

    I did mine 10 days ago. I've seen a sports therapist, had ultrasound, started basic rehab and we're about to start manipulation to see how that goes. I've been told if I don't see improvement in a week or so, to go get it scanned. It's about £300 for a MRI which looks like my next port of call if I'm not making progress. Thankfully, I seem to be recovering well so far, although I haven't put any load in to it yet.
  13. Cheapest place to buy a Rolex?

    From what I've seen Duty Free stores just tend to jack the price so that you end up paying more or less the VAT inclusive price these days. I bought a couple of watches in the States a few years ago when the dollar was $2 = £1 and at 6% sales tax. That was one of the cheapest ways to buy an expensive watch. Sadly those days are long gone!
  14. Torn Hamstring

    Perfect. Thank you!
  15. Torn Hamstring

    Thank you mate. Much appreciated. With regards to BPC-157, what kind of dose would be required? Most vials seem to be 5mg.