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  1. is 2 meals per day okay?

    Depends on the number of calories you're trying to get in I guess. How do you deal with shakes? Could you go to 2 whole food meals and 2 mea replacement shakes? It's pretty damn easy to hit 700-1000 calc in a shake. I just had 100g oats, 50g maltodextrin, 65g whey, 30g peanut butter, 250ml milk & 10g fish oils.
  2. What do you want for Christmas?

    To go to a gig would be pretty amazing. Or a suction cup fleshlight.
  3. I got Covid!!

    People are generally giving out false positives if they’ve had Covid and they have cells/particles still hanging around. This would potentially give a positive result despite the patient not being contagious anymore. But, given you’re only supposed to be tested if you’re displaying one or more symptoms (outside key workers) these cases should be pretty low. The chances of displaying multiple symptoms and testing positive but not being contagious can’t be high. And now that we have better records of who has had Covid, due to testing, we can see if reinfection is possible it if it’s a case if a false positive... As someone said above, false negatives are far more dangerous. And there are plenty of cases of both. But it’s not tens of thousands. It’s a small percentage that means it’s within the margin of error for many tests if this nature.
  4. I got Covid!!

    It’s the Welsh government that put in place the retarded restrictions and they are not the ones in charge of testing in the UK. And apparently it seems that supermarkets took the decision to restrict the sales so drastically rather than apply common sense. That’s what the Welsh first minister has suggested - although he would say that given what a monumental f**k up the Welsh lockdown has been so far.

    Great minds Oh f**k, what's going on with us agreeing again!

    People will just buy from Amazon if they pull this s**t. I wonder how Wylde will make this Boris' fault.

    Utterly fu**ing ludicrous.
  8. Pure gym petition for gym to remain opened

    At the moment decisions on gyms and leisure centres has been handed down to local authorities when an area goes in to Tier 3. But I feel you're absolutely correct, eventually, I fear we're going to see gym closures, and control pulled back to Westminster, if/when things ramp up.
  9. Grime music is sh1t

    Absolutely correct. And you look at the likes of Joe Perry, Slash and Izzy Stradlin who worshiped the Stones. They went on to form the sound of Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses. Just a shame Nirvana (definitely overrated) came along and ruined it all.
  10. Grime music is sh1t

    That backing vocal. Just incredible.
  11. Grime music is sh1t

    The Beatles clearly weren't s**t. They were pioneers. Overrated is subjective. How do you ever live up the reputation they have? The latter songs they produced where like nothing else around at the time, and musically it was sublime, especially given how quickly they progressed from writing songs like Love Me Do. But as @Kazza61 said, The Stones were where it was really at. Gimme Shelter is one of the finest songs ever written. Sympathy for the Devil isn't far behind.
  12. Southern ghost

    Zero pip on the vial I tried. Very thin oil. Their Proviron is good too.
  13. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    Far too many Gyms staying open in South Yorkshire thankfully. Seems it's down to local authorities now to say if gyms and leisure centres stay open.
  14. Lumbar spine disc replacement

    I’ve had a decompression and discectomy at L5/S1, but not a full on replacement. I’d imagine it’s pretty rare? What condition/diagnosis do you have?
  15. Yes, testing is inaccurate. You've got people doing home test kits that are sensitive and should be done by medical professionals for starters. But isn't 7% Wylde quoted. And even then, he actually misquoted a figure that wasn't even about the success rate of mass testing. It was a figure mentioned as to why we DON'T test in certain areas (ie Airports). That's my point. It's nothing about being a Covid enthusiast. He's posting mistruths and often nothing more than lies.