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  1. Hygene pharma

    Ahh. Gotcha now. Any idea when it'll be up and running again
  2. Hygene pharma

    Hytropin website states that hygene pharma is a fake site. And the counterfeit codes don't work. Raises questions for me. Im hoping it is at least an UGL and not just completely fake gear altogether. So hoping people have used this lab and rate it well.
  3. Hygene pharma

  4. Hygene pharma

    Sorry bout that, it was first place I found the pic. Wasn't where I bought it anyhow. But noted and deleted
  5. Hygene pharma

    Hello all, Hygene pharma?? Is it legit gear. I know its not the same company that does the hygetropic etc.. As it says they are not the same on their site. Hygene pharma website doesn't work and hygene anabolics site doesn't either. I've seen people rate the stuff in the past. I have the test e. Felt bit ill couple days after pinning and wondering if it's the test. Is it an UGL or is it just someone who bought labels and bottled their own piss. Cheers