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  1. Open to critique.

    I intended to start bulking again but I'm now having 2nf thoughts. Maybe another month or so cutting then start ffs I miss food haha.
  2. Price of oly plates....

    Used to be £1 per kilo at least that's what I paid when getting my plates
  3. Open to critique.

    Thank you brother
  4. Open to critique.

    Cals were above 6000 when I was bulking due to my work which I'm constantly on the move and I mean constantly moving apart from 20 mins lunch. Dropped to just over 2000 there or thereabouts. I'm on holiday so couldn't tell you my macros as it's in my "daily diary" at home and yes it feels great to not have my belly in the way you see I'm not the most well endowed not too small either mind but I can see it now when I look down lmao. Thanks mate can't wait to start grubbing again tho (yes it's a Piana phrase lol)
  5. Open to critique.

    I'm tempted to carry on maybe another month or so but I miss eating lol & thanks
  6. Open to critique.

    Appreciated mate. I almost bottled pressing the send button when posting.
  7. Open to critique.

    Old but gold mate cheers here's to us "oldies"
  8. Open to critique.

    thanks I think
  9. Open to critique.

    No tension just "striking the poses" the last one in the jeans is just me with my top of and no pose. Ps the back is a little bigger than in these photos not much but a bit. Thanks for the input and honesty tho I hate it went people blow smoke up yer arse just to be kind. I'm quite happy with the weight loss I'm never gonna be competition material and now my summer holidays are over it's back to "bulking" but I'm gonna try my beast to keep as much of the stomach off as possible.
  10. Open to critique.

    Never had the confidence to post photos in here. Start weight around end of March was 15st 2lbs currently sitting around 13st 9lbs. Inevitably lost some muscle but the fat around the stomach is what I'm happy with as I've always been a "chubby" fella. I'm quite happy at 41 years old probably looking the best I ever have. First 4 are before the fat loss.
  11. Walk around bollock naked all day everyday smokin weed
  12. Why your the only one left who you gonna cure?
  13. **** milky!

    Mate you look like 12 years old and smaller than that irritating c**t Bieber you couldn't knock out a good wank
  14. Let me back in Male Animal

    Then you woke up realised it was all a dream and cried into your coco pops
  15. Has a tattoo cost you a job

    Who gets a tattoo thinking yeah I'll be able to cover this up?