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  1. Bulks snacks whilst at work?

    Personally I'd improve the diet rather than looking for fillers, as I know my body wouldn't react well with that food your injesting a day.
  2. Soaked in sweat while zzzz:ing

    I have to sleep with a fan on most nights though I'm generally hot 90% of the time day or night, I think my body's thermostat is broke
  3. Relationship biggest age gap has been 5 years so far...currently single after being married...still enjoying only having to think about me Slept with a lady 20 years older than me before funtimes
  4. Simplest meal recipes

    Do the people know you've been taking their food from their back yard
  5. Simplest meal recipes

    Does he have a stuffed crust? Lol sorry couldn't help my s**t sense of humour
  6. Barcelona terror attack: Another van

    fu**ing world is becoming toxic
  7. Simplest meal recipes

    500 grams Turkey Thigh Mince Frozen Mushrooms Frozen chopped onions Frozen Garlic Frozen Ginger Decent sized saucepan with some oil and add in - 200grams Mushrooms 200 grams onions 20grams ginger 20 grams garlic cooked until sizzling and nicely cooking. Season the Turkey mince with rock salt and black pepper then add to the saucepan, cook until turkey virtually cooked. Add 1/2 jar of creamy tomato pasta sauce and a healthy dash of Franks hot sauce, simmer and leave to cook. Either chop up 2 peppers to have with it or some rice/pasta/noodles. Add some grated cheese if want or a slice of dairylea Makes enough for 2 portions This is my usual lunch for work, tastes great cold too
  8. Gym membership

    I'd rather train with some tins of bean in a plastic bag tied to a wooden stick than train at david Lloyds
  9. Bulks snacks whilst at work?

    What's your diet on work days?
  10. Eating Raw Liver

    I'm guessing where eating liver is a delicacy you will find majority of butchers will have specially treated/prepared/stored liver for this purpose. I used to hate liver as a kid but now I love it cooked with onions mmmmm.... think might have to buy some for the weekend as usually eat turkey or beef currently as chicken getting less and less fond of... supermarket chicken is becoming more and more rank suppose a trip to the butcher on a weekend for any chicken maybe needed.
  11. Wedding ring allergy - what to do

    finger condoms? or just use normal condom on the finger and the ring will hold the condom in place jobs a good'en!
  12. Groundhog Day

    I can't eat just before bed as i'd wake up about 3 hours later with acid reflux, hate it

  14. Youtube

    Yeah true.... didn't like Spencer being in the spotlight for him admitting he was using when he had to come out of the jungle
  15. Thought he was bigger than 180lbs