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  1. AM Got Engaged

    Congrats old chap!!! All the best!
  2. BOTOX and cheek fillers etc

    Is that the women who look like ducks?
  3. best time to do cardio

    Pmsl s**t!! I just saw June and thought it was this year lmao... I hardly venture in this section and was just bored at work. Prob yeah lol or too high intensity, I have a 20 min brisk walk to gym and up a hill for my warm up, then cardio after lifts keeping HR around 140-150 for 17-20 mins
  4. best time to do cardio

    I add 20 mins after every weight sesh for heart/circulation/BP/general health I just do a fast paced walk on an incline treadmill mostly but switch it up with stair master and x trainer. 5 to 6 days a week
  5. Broadband speeds.

    They are like unicorns
  6. Broadband speeds.

    Virgin, inc telephone (which never use but forced on me) and tv and their fastest fibre £60 a month been with them a few years now, I phone up every year to get it cheaper or freebies.
  7. DPD

    Cherry Pepsi max is amazing and a god send.... summertime usually always have a large bottle chilled in the fridge. DPD are one of the best, Yodel are scum lol I detest them so much if a shop uses yodel and dont offer any other delivery courier I just dont order with them. When I see a yodel van I have the urge to piss up its wheels
  8. Broadband speeds.

    Mines around 354mbps dl
  9. Bank hol plans lads?

    Working sat..... Sunday chill and Monday gym and chill....rock n roll
  10. I've been lying down from.midday to 6pm

    Took me a min to work out what that said lmao Prob because I'm a fat person stuck in a fat person's body..... hang on that ain't right....
  11. I've been lying down from.midday to 6pm

    I didnt set an alarm and still woke up at bloody 0830 with hunger pangs.... so had to get up and eat, just chilling today though, plenty of food and just watching YouTube mainly Martins Licis, jujimufu and maybe some Thor. Just cooking up some food, 2 large chicken breasts sliced partially in half and stuffed with mozzarella and some butter and then wrapped in thick cut bacon. Might have a bowl of granola after for a treat. Gonna watch generation iron 3 as I eat. I just cant stay in bed all day on a weekend as then feels like I'm back at work too damn quick, plus get way too hungry
  12. F*** the sea lads

    I cant stand jelly fish they freak me out, plus impossible to see their stinging friggin tentacles. I go in the sea to about waist level and that's it, I hate it when I cant see my feet in the water. Even those really deep swimming pools freak me out, the ones they use for diving practice that go like 25m down.... think its abit like heights as the depth is kinda like a height... I'm s**t scared of heights too lol
  13. F*** the sea lads

    Follow the river Soar it may lead you to the sea *shrugs*
  14. Recommend a good hoover?

    I got a Dyson and does the job well, bought it when argos had an offer on, think I saved like £100. I bought a vax before that Dyson for like £80... it broke after 2 uses...was s**t
  15. Are there any women around here?

    I remember watching a YouTube vid with Brooke Ence talking about her being in that film also, did you rub shoulders with her too? I remember seeing an advert for extras for Vikings and really wanted go do it but work commitments along with the slim chance of actually being chosen lol never happened.