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  1. 12% maybe less, aiming for around 8 or below in 6 weeks for photoshoot buddy
  2. To increase fat loss as per @ElChaporecommendation
  3. Has anyone used these and if so how do you rate them? Throwing them into my dnp stack.
  4. Just recently started my cut. AAS + 250mg dnp + eca. Looking cycle to be as short as possible 4-6 weeks. I have also got T3 here from a while back. Should I throw it in the mix too? I usually dont like t3 due to the fact it makes my cravings go through the roof. However I have never taken them with ECA. Would the t3 be beneficial in this stack?
  5. Home gym pissing contest

    Yea this ones not great if I'm brutally honest lol
  6. Home gym pissing contest

    Cheers buddy
  7. Hi guys im starting my own garage gym to train myself and potentially clients down the line when i feel its good enough. Interested in seeing some of your own setups guys, and rough estimate on the cost (optional, but would be nice to compare my budget to) thanks
  8. Thanks man, however I've read a lot about how there is insufficient evidence that the vitamins minerals etc from a multivitamin are absorbed by the body hence why I've always skipped a multi vit. What's your take on them? And do the cheaper generic ones do the job?
  9. Recommended ZMA protocol before bed? Also do you find it useful? a;so, thinking about investing in a Pre workout supp, preferably one with pump ingredients, mostly for the phsycological effect i use to get on taking a pre workout before training (many years ago) however im also considering sticking with my current pre workout stack of black coffee, 3g pink salt, 5mg EOD cialis. Do you think it would be beneficial to take a pre? and if so what would be you go-to pre?
  10. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Hows the home gym setup coming along lad?
  11. haha fair enough bud appreciate it, but if i have any questions that Elchapo or ghost cant answer, i'll be sure to head over to your AMA and ask you there
  12. I feel stupid asking this but can you explain more about the "whoosh" as I don't quite understand what Lyle is talking about when I click into that link
  13. You have so much knowledge it's incredible! Learning so much from reading this thread and asking you a questions. Personally, do you find it easy to diet down to a low bf% i.e sub 8%? And if so what methods do you think does the trick for you i.e. certain drugs/dieting strategies etc that make dieting that bit easier for you? Or is your will power when dieting just very strong?
  14. P/P/O/L/O repeat 5 day split

    That's exactly the advice I was after man can't thank you enough