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  1. Tren A flares my nipples up real bad Any higher than 50mg winstrol per day and my joints hurt so much I can barely train
  2. Hi guys which of the above in your opinion gives a better drying out effect? 2.5 weeks out from a show and I'm currently on 125mg test e and 350mg winstrol I'm wondering if it's worth my while throwing clen in the mix for the final 2.5 weeks or will it not further the drying out effects of winny?
  3. Dandelion root powder

    There is extract, and root powder. Which one is the one to use?
  4. Dandelion root powder

    Trying to get answers to questions on here is becoming a nightmare ?
  5. Hi guys has anyone used this for its diuretic effects and if so at what dosage?
  6. Creatine pre show.. Drop or not?

    Good man thanks for that
  7. Just wondering if any of you guys who have done prep for shows/photoshoots drop creatine a few weeks out to rule out the possibility of any potential water retention?
  8. Just want to see if im the only one getting the water retention because if I am then it could be something else causing it
  9. Not ideal to shower every day to be honest (even tho i usually do). Meant to dehydrate skin and hair too much
  10. Hi guys currently taking yohimbine hcl pre fasted cardio for fat loss. Some sources say it causes water retention and other sources say that it actually has a diuretic effect. Personally I feel it retains water slightly as when I go a few days without it I'm definitely drier. Interested in hearing people's opinions on the matter
  11. Dimension Labs

    Using their winstrol its amazing
  12. @ElChapo your thoughts on high dose vit c for natural diuretic effect? If yes, 5g sufficient? Also, if yes, would this be noticeable in a cutting stack already containing 50mg winstrol?
  13. Guys I'm not sure if a post like this is allowed, however it might be different if im asking to source serms and not drugs due to gyno I want to treat. If allowed, can someone please point me in the right direction of where to get raloxifene. Thanks.