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  1. Hey guys. Not sure on the rules regarding asking for sources on diuretics. I'm after aldactone and/or dyazide. If anyone knows where to find any, that'd be a big help. If this is breaking forum rules, apologies, delete the post. Cheers.
  2. Test/tren/npp opinions

    Made me blush. Cheers chap.
  3. Test/tren/npp opinions

    Run that a few times. Felt good and got decent gains. Didn't have any prolactin/progesterone issues.
  4. Is EQ Underrated

    Isn't that one of the turn offs, though? You have to bang a load for not an overly dramatic result. What's the mg/ml for bold? There are better anabolics out there that require far less amounts.
  5. Hey guys. Debating doing the below over the last two weeks of prep. Appreciate it might be super-fiddly and probably unnecessary, but heard a few guys say they've done the below to great effect. I am running 400mg tren ace, 400mg test prop and 400mg mast prop going into this show. This is more than I've run before so a little on the high side for me. I am also on high protein, no carbs, moderate fat. Feel free to add, advise, berate, ridicule. Cheers. 2 weeks out 20mg halo ED 20mg superdrol ED 2.5mg Letrozole Begin antibiotic (if skin hasn't cleared up) 1 week out 20mg halo ED 20mg superdrol ED 2.5mg Letrozole Antibiotic (if skin hasn't cleared up) Wed - 25mg aldactone or dyazide Thurs - 5uis Novorapid with first three meals, 25mg aldactone or dyazide Fri - 5uis Novorapid with first two meals, 25mg aldactone or dyazide Sat - 5uis Novorapid for first meals only, 25mg aldactone or dyazide, stop water 9.00pm Sun - Show day - carb up without insulin, 5% Nutrition Kill It for pumping up.
  6. Girlfriend getting groped

    Go out with a stinker. Problem solved. Only joshin'. Had this in Ibiza. Some lad grabbed my bird's arse at Ushuaia when I was in the lav. She didn't tell me when I got back as she knew I'd go mental. The only thing she said was to move to another part of the venue etc. Didn't twig at the time, assumed she just wanted to go to the bar or nearer the front to dance. She told me later when I asked if she was all right and I wasn't happy. She said he probably thought she was single etc, and he disappeared sharpish when I returned. Regardless, he shouldn't have done it. I hated her being treated like that but also - and this is just male ego - that fact the little chav t**t got away with it/got one over on me. Must've thought he was a right lad slapping a big lad's mrs' arse. Not still pissed off about it. Honest. I was livid she didn't tell me, but I guess what she did was the sensible thing. Ignore it, walk away. If she had told me I probably would've filled the c*nt in. I'm a reasonable and placid chap who never goes looking for trouble, but being on a combo of gear and coke isn't ideal for containing one's temper. Unlikely, but I could've potentially been nicked, hospitilised etc (a doorman killed a guy in a fight when I was there in 2011), which would've thrown a bit of a spanner in the works regarding our holiday. The mrs was annoyed, obviously, but she said if she could let it go, then so should I. Again, usual girlfriend speak to stop you decimating the place, but also a valid point. Bottom line (pun proudly intended): if you can - which is difficult - let it go.
  7. PCA Class Categories - which am I?

    Yup, when I did my first show they put me in Super Tall and I thought they were being sarcastic as I'm only 6'1.
  8. PCA Class Categories - which am I?

    Cheers guys, I saw this but they don't have the class number next to them. All well and good knowing the height requirements for Super Tall etc, but not overly helpful without the class number (if you're unfamiliar with contest classes like myself). Would be better if they added class number to their criteria listing. For example, 'Class 1 - Men's Super Tall Over 179.1cm'. Much clearer.
  9. Had this convo with my mrs the other day. If my boy wanted to take steroids I'll tell him to forget it and would be dead against it. However, you tell a kid no they'll do it anyway if they're set on it. If that was the case I'd like to at least know what they were doing, make sure they were doing it properly, monitor their use and ensure they got regular health checks. I'd make sure it all went through me so I'd buy the stuff, make sure it wasn't crap and control amounts being used. I'd also come to an agreement that they at least wait till 21, ideally 25. However, we live in a different world nowadays and that sort of age to start seems far too old to these kids who are banging prohormones etc while still in their teens.
  10. Hey guys. Hoping to enter one or two PCA shows coming up. However, I'm not overly familiar with the Class categories and their heights. I'm 186cm so where does that put me? Class 1? Class 4? Not sure which end of the scale is which. Ta, muchly.
  11. IGF-1 legit and worth it?

    Yeah, I've read they're not all that for actual anabolism, just looking for something that will give a sick pump for half hour while on stage etc. Cheers.
  12. Hey guys. Been looking into what might be the best thing to aid the pump before walking on stage. I know we have access to orals, insulin and NO supplements to help pump up, but what are people's thoughts on peptides like IGF-1? From what I've heard/read it delivers insane pumps. However, according to other accounts the IGF-1 available on every peptide site is not genuine stuff so not worth the money. So, the questions: 1) is IGF-1 currently available real/effective? and 2) would it offer an advantage to looking fuller if used when pumping up for a show? Cheers. A
  13. T3 dosage up, protein up?

    Even at 4 weeks out? Could I not come off later or does that mean I won't have time to fill up again (I thought that was all done in the last or so)? Cheers.
  14. T3 dosage up, protein up?

    Hey guys. Debating upping my T3 dose for the last 4 weeks. Probably to 75-100mg. As it's know for raising metabolism overall and tears through protein, fat and carbs, shall I up my protein intake a touch to spare potential muscle atrophy or is that 1) counter-productive and 2) unnecessary as the anabolics will cover any possible loss of muscle? Cheers.
  15. Soz, think I put this in the wrong section. Tried to delete, but couldn't find how.