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  1. Hi guys, At what dose of testosterone do you start seeing blood work go downhill, namely lipids? Cheers, A.
  2. Do you think it still buggers your heart even if at TRT-range doses (effectiveness of that dose aside)?
  3. A further point: is there any data that shows any correlation between rate/extent of calcification of the arteries and heart hypotrophy and doses/duration of use? I appreciate everyone reacts differently to AAS, and logic dictates that the more NPP/deca you take (and the longer you take it) the higher the risk of the aforementioned, but it would be great to get some numbers. I assume it's like test (but riskier): 100mg-150mg TRT doses a week are fine, but weekly supraphysiological doses (if taken long term) will most likely lead to issues. Cheers, A.
  4. Does anyone have any literature/insight on NPP's effect on plaque build up/calcification in the arteries? I heard somewhere - annoyingly I can't remember where - that it's the worst steroid for this. Obviously this is something we all want to avoid. I've had a brief search on Google, but no joy. Cheers.
  5. Cheers bud. Late reply but not been online for a while. I think your approach is one I will mostly be adopting if my next lot of bloods are crap. Harsh news about your wife, that sort of thing certainly changes your outlook on what really matters. I hope she has recovered and all are well.
  6. What do u feel Like on Test ?

    Up and down. Love the size, the strength, the libido, the respect. I'd want to stay on forever. But when things get out of whack, I hate the greasy skin/spots - this gets old very quickly - the iffy bloodwork, the libido and the constant worry of what it was doing to my health (exacerbated by having a baby). While I used to hate coming off, I never missed pinning or remembering to take this AI or that SERM. It was a big thing off my mind.
  7. Hey guys. For those of you who are on TRT brought about my AAS use, how long did you give yourself to recover before feeling/knowing TRT was required? My natty test levels were just out of range after 14 months off all AAS. One doctor says that it will probably stay at that now considering my AAS use and my age (38 next year). Another says that, while it has taken 14 months to reach that low level, there has been movement upwards from what was most likely 0 natural test and, possibly given another 14 months, it might increase enough to be back in range. You can see my dilemma: assume my natty test is low and opt for TRT, or give myself another significant amount of time to continue recovering. I'm not sure I fancy potentially having low test for another year, but, while I'm not adverse to pinning, I didn't really want to be on a needle the rest of my days (naive of me, yes).
  8. Hi guys. I've been on for about 10 months. I dabbled with a bit of NPP for the first few months, but it's been mostly test throughout. The last couple of months I've been running TRT doses (200mg pw). I was going to go for TRT, but the Mrs wants me to come off everything first and see if I will recover naturally. I doubt I will, but that's another topic. So, after such a lengthy time on, I was going to run a Power PCT which, if you're not familiar, is HCG, clomid and tamoxifen/aromasin used in a blast sense (I believe there's a study that backs up its effectiveness). However, despite being on for a considerable time, the old balls haven't atrophied much and, as minging as this sounds, my loads aren't too bad either. Back in the day when I used to use tren/NPP the nuts would disappear for months and the jizzing was a non-event. Therefore, with that, does it sound like I need such an aggressive PCT? I feel I could get away with a softer recovery protocol. Any advice appreciated, Cheers.
  9. Hey guys. Had bloods done a month or so ago and my TSH was elevated, so too my thyroidperoxidase (TPO). Is this something that will 'sort itself out' with with cessation of gear or something that is there regardless? Both high levels indicate a potential issue like Graves Disease or Hashimotos. Neither of which sound much fun. Cheers, A.
  10. Agree. And that was my plan: enjoy cycling/competing in my 30s, ease off after 35 and chill. Never wanted to touch steroids after 40. I have a mrs and kids so longevity is the aim rather than being massive. However, I never really recovered from my last competition (had 14 months off AAS) so convinced myself that going back on was 'self medicating' when really it was just an excuse. 6-7 months later and bloods are looking rough, it's time to come off and TRT looks inevitable if I don't see any improvement from another Power PCT. Pretty sad really, and I'm kind of angry at myself. Always thought recovery was a given if you take X, Y and Z. Not the case (and I only ran 4 contest cycles from 30-35 which didn't comprise aggressive doses). Then there's the whole negative psychological aspect to it (I let steroids and being the 'big one' in the group define me). Something all the lads in their 20s who are bang on the beans should consider.
  11. Seriously greasy skin and acne. Never experienced it before, so was baffled. Recent bloods point to prolactin most likely being the culprit rather than oestrogen. Which is common knowledge with nor-19s yet muggins here never believed it to be the case.
  12. Hey guys, Been on 600mg test e for about 6 months. Ran NPP for briefly at the beginning of that before I got sick of the sides. Bloods came back and main things that need addressing are: - Haematocrit/haemoglobin high - Prolactin a little high (assuming it has hung around from the NPP) - Cholesterol ratio not pretty (LDL not bad, HDL was) What's the best way to get them healthier? Cruise at, say, 200-300mg or come off completely and have a proper clear out? Assuming the latter. I'm booked into donate blood next month and have got a load of supps to aid cholesterol recovery. Cardio begins next week again too. And I'll take 0.5mg caber pw to reduce the loitering prolactin. Any other suggestions? Cheers, A.