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  1. Optimum biotech Good or false

    I don’t think for a minute anyone is faking that brand, probably just changed supplier of 10ml bottles
  2. Optimum biotech Good or false

    Optimum biotech gear is decent. I’ve used deca and test c with no issue. My mate has used it exclusively for the last few years. He won his class at a regional show so can’t be bad. would add that all the bottles I’ve seen have been clear coloured glass
  3. Bloods

    What labs gear are you using?
  4. New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    Where did you read that?
  5. New Lockdown Monday Announcement

  6. BlastinG year Round?

    At least you’re honest and don’t give it the “I’m on 100mg week cruise and 200mg blast” shout that many do now.
  7. New triumph

    300mg still in the range
  8. Keep blood pressure under control is the biggest thing you can do to prevent damage to the kidneys
  9. Hgh

    Refrigeration is a problem so I’ll probably do the same
  10. Hgh

    How many iu per day was that reading off?
  11. Anybody used the hygetropin GH 100iu kits?
  12. Would be my exact same list!
  13. Cialis

    They’re fine.
  14. Iirc arachis oil is made from peanuts. Many years back I used pharma sustanon and I often had problems with prolonged swelling, redness and heat at injection sites. I realised it was made with arachis oil and suspected the reactions were due to my peanut allergy. ive asked quite a few ugl suppliers and never come across any that use peanut oil. I stick to GSO (grape seed oil) which is widespread in use and have no issues