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  1. Knocking sound when driving car

    Drivey juice? Well, check out you Mr sciencey fancy pants
  2. The early days of the Internet

    Kazaa ftw!! I ripped so much porn and music down off them..... the best of times!!!!
  3. best British movie

    I know mate, the gif was just a sombre salute interestingly my grandad (long since passed) was the spitting image of him apparently..... got approached back in the war years by a woman who knew Niv and she commented on how they similar they looked..... sadly the apple fell far from the tree by the time I came around....
  4. best British movie

    Love that film... and love David Niven
  5. How much water

    About 3 litres during the cooler months, then double that plus a bit more when the heat ramps up in summer..... when I'm away with work it's not unusual for the riggers or scaffys to be drinking 10 litres a day...... and your p!ss is still brown at the end of a shift
  6. 1. Learn to program effectively rather than following the $hit in Flex magazine. 2. Train more than 3 days a week, train bodyparts more frequently. 3. Learn to track macros/calories effectively
  7. Agree 100% if anyone says this program 'doesn't work' or ' i stalled after 2 cycles' GUARANTEED they went too hard out the gate and used too high a % too early.....
  8. That's the beauty of the program, it's literally up to you..... want more volume on bench? Try 5 x 10 @ 55%...... or 5x 5 @ 70% or..... nothing! As long as your main lifts go up..... everything else is just fluff.....
  9. Yup, there's an app.... I think there's an official 5/3/1 endorsed by wonder and it calculates all your percentages, adjusts your training maxes and even programs assistance for you...... but you have to pay for it! I just got the free knock off one, it calculates a training cycle for you and stores your pr's..... you just have to reset it after each Deload week and input your new maxes....
  10. 5/3/1 is extremely popular- and for good reason... I've used it a few times over the years and it still delivers. Texas method/madcows- I've used both and they're pretty similar, but personally I like 'Texas' better. Those would be my two favourites and I've used them (or variants thereof) consistently over the years.
  11. How much protein ?

    Im 110 kg and shoot for 180-200g a day, im in a small deficit now so as the diet progresses I'll probably eat a bit more and adjust my fats and carbon accordingly. I know a lot of guys swear by super high protein (300g+) ..... but for me i just can't do it consistently.....
  12. Trump’s Got It!

    I know those dieting feels man..... im 3 weeks in to my cut and already I can feel the cravings.... what makes it worse is im still eating a lot of food, so it's not genuine hunger yet..... how far along are you?
  13. Trump’s Got It!

    I was with you there kazza only to end up in a different vein
  14. Calorie deficit, Strength gain

    Yes and no (imo) I think it comes down to a couple of factors, 1. How big the deficit is, for instance losing 10lb of b/w over a 20 week period will affect strength far less than losing 10lb of bodyweight over 5 weeks.... 2. How lean you are/intend to get.... and this differs MASSIVELY between individuals, I've seen lads struggle with beginner poundages at the slightest trace of abdominal definition and others remain strong as a bull right up to the point that they're almost shredded. 3. Your training.... in my case as I get leaner I can still maintain strength..... I just CANNOT do the volume....unfortunately volume is the driver of progress.... so ultimately strength will stall, until calories go back up and volume can increase! Catch 22!