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  1. Lovely, I'll take two Thank you
  2. Squats,incline bb bench, deadlift, pull ups
  3. Did you just tag yourself there Vet? .....Besides you would surely have had a few infractions by now?
  4. Absolutely LOVE the stuff..... as @swole troll said i too ramp up my consumption unconsciously, then scale it back..... Unless your drinking upwards of 6 cups a day i wouldn't be too concerned.....energy drinks and pre workout are a different animal though.... i read an article recently where some kid experienced temporary blindness after consuming multiple cans of energy drink..... scary stuff... Get quality beans, grind your own and enjoy!
  5. Does that mean you won't be replying to anyone on this thread?
  6. Where can I find a decent bench

    Scaffolding board and a couple of cinder blocks can hold a surprising amount of weight....
  7. None millionaires of ukm

    Mines not too bad for being over ten years old..... the brother in laws has got to be well over 30 years old, got the cooking power of a candle in a shoe box and probably cooks whatevers close to the microwave on the kitchen bench better than what's inside it
  8. Yup, it absolutely was/is worth the trip.... your Leicester aren't you Blue? MFN, fvck I've not heard that in years....is it even still there? .... other than that you won't have missed much in Ripley!
  9. It is good...... it was just better 20+ years ago.....probably just like me
  10. No $hit! I used to train there as a young fella.... we're goin back over 20 years but it was THE best gym for miles around.... PROPER hardcore from maybe 97-2000 as they had a few competitive bb'ers train there. I went back there last year when we visited the uk..... and it's changed A LOT..... it's got carpet down now!
  11. ^^ As above, if you want a bulletproof commuter bike with a bit of grunt I'd say get a Fazer..... or better yet a cb600 hornet, don't know uk prices but theyre a hell of a bike.....reasonably quick, high mileage isn't a problem for them and build quality is brilliant on them....
  12. How far would you drive to the gym?

    Thanks mate I'll check them out, it is a pain not having dbells over 50kg and im a bit pissed off with the place anyway.... your dead right i'd kill for a spit and sawdust place but unfortunately there are no such places here! I'd say 95%+ are 'high street commercial 24hour types' 2% are bodybuilding/powerlifting specific (and nowhere near where i live) and the other 3% are either personal training studios or attached to leisure centres.
  13. Don't bother.... get that k3 you were looking at a while ago.... Edit: was it a yellow sv650?.... no.... why is it rerouting me to the Australian ebay....
  14. How far would you drive to the gym?

    Ha! Close..... anytime.... although there are a lot of them around me.... have you been? Are they any good?