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  1. This time last year?

    I was working in oil and gas making decent $, then the world went to sh!t and I spent the last 7 months doing crazy casual work.... I shouldn't grumble im still making money and doing alright.... some have it really tough.... Got a decent job offer on the horizon though so hopefully things should get even better Hang in there everyone, good times are ahead....
  2. Just had a look..... not bad..... I wouldn't be paying full price though 50 quid seems expensive for a pair of trousers?
  3. I think the question is really...... Can you afford NOT to? I seriously like the bottom one, what are they from vet?
  4. I'm up late so I'm cooler than you are

    Well its 11.26 am here, so I've been up earlier than you..... But you are cool as fvck to be fair so......touchè
  5. What do you think about scottherman?

    Quite possibly mate, when your living depends on it..... you'd only really be doing yourself a disservice by not using something....
  6. What do you think about scottherman?

    I don't watch his stuff, but I'm familiar with him..... off the top of my head id say he's probably slightly above average in terms of natural development..... Again, I've not seen his recent stuff.... I think now he's doing more cross training, is maintaining good fitness rather than going all out for body building..... but imo, there's usually a reason guys like him are fitness models/influencers in the first place..... it's because they look good! The vast majority of trainers will probably not get near that.... again imo.
  7. Neither. My arms are large (compared to the rest if me) a 3" increase and I'd look stupid(er).... A 3" height increase would make me around 6'7..... so no dice there..... I've been married a long time so 3" on my Johnson would just be wasted..... Next thread @vetran
  8. I have been a bad boy

    No mate, 'normal people probably don't feel bad at all...... in fact it's probably just another normal day.....
  9. What did you workout today?

    Squat 5 x 5, bench 5 x 5, row 5x 5, 25 mins on the stairmaster followed by a swim down at the beach..... delightful Hope everyone had a great Xmas day
  10. good movies from 1960s

    Straw dogs- i know it came out in the early 70's.... but the book it's based on was from the 60's. Besides its the quintessential movie depicting British relationships of that time....
  11. The gym build

    Thanks for the reply buddy, you're a legend! Yeah I watch Lee on YouTube and as I live in Australia I'm buying it through sams fitness! I thought there would be a wait time for it, but that's ok.... it's more the shipping costs that will be the decider for me. I appreciate the time you took to give me some feedback on it mate, it's a bit of a minefield buying online as opposed to walking in to a shop and having a bit of a push and pull on bits of equipment tells you far more in an instant than a whole host of pictures.... so someone's actual experience with it is worth just as much!
  12. The gym build

    That is really good, I've just been on their site and priced up a similar set up to yours and that seems about right.... you happy with the quality? I'd never heard of them before.... bit tbf it looks very solid stuff....
  13. The gym build

    Great setup you've got there bud, im sure you've mentioned it before but how much did the full set-up cost?
  14. Squatting shoes

    I bought the Adidas power perfects years ago and initially loved them, however I think if you've got decent ankle mobility and can squat on to your haunches without falling forwards, the amount they'll benefit you will be negligible.... I prefer chuck Taylor's these days...