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  1. Isis test e worked but defo suspect brand name
  2. Prince Charles out and recovered?!

    More mixed info I get a cough I've to lock myself in the house for 14 days losing wages not knowing if I got it or not charlie and bojo confirmed they got it only 7 days
  3. If it's is getting that real government needs to stop f*cking about and bring in a proper so called lock down. I work in a factory about 400 of us still travelling back and forth plenty more in the same position because the government has not forced shutdown of non essential factories.
  4. Genesis UGL UK

    Running there anadrol at 75mg and test cyp 500mg at the moment only 3wks in so to early for the test but libido higher than when self trt at 125mg a wk so gd sign Tabs are well pressed and doing what they should also gave there pre workout a go with dmaa defo gives a dunt tried tm dmaa got nothing from them only comparison with dmaa I've used
  5. Apollo think it was along lines of thor rip with mten added bit of an oldie but was a good one