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  1. Thanks guys, think il just drop down to 125mg every 7 days and get bloods in a few weeks
  2. @Sasnak okay awesome man thank you, I think i will go down to 125mg every 7 days for a few weeks see if I feel better and then get tested and adjust from there don’t want to drop from 5 days to 11 will adjust ever so slightly but thank you for this also how do you feel, are you clear headed loads of energy , strong libido and good sense of well being etc?
  3. @Sasnak hey bud yeah I know nolva will only block it so it won’t take effect, only thing I have at the moment, just asking what other people’s dose was. what do your levels come back at with 125mg every 11 days and do you take an Ai with it? il call the clinic tomorrow and maybe just book the test in earlier
  4. Hey guys my doctor has put me on 125mg sustanon every 5 days and taking no Ai I go private so I have to pay for blood test and consultations I was supposed to have one last week but due to funds I am doing it end of this month, I have been on just over 6 weeks, I have started to get bloated face, emotional and sex drive is dropping so I have started taking 20mg nolva per day to help until I get my blood test done is anyone else taking this amount and found it to be too much and needed to lower their dose ? I don’t want to have to take an Ai so just curious if anyone else is in the same boat on this amount. I’ve fairly lean all round so not worried about too much fat causeimg the conversion to estrogen
  5. Low libido on TRT

    You should come off the letrzole untill you feel better but that could take a few weeks till it’s all out of your system a lot of people don’t need an Ai on 150mg, get your estrogen checked in a few weeks and keep and eye on it, if it starts to get out of range drop your test down to 125mg or 100mg but you may not need any on 150mg and you should feel amazing
  6. New TRT User

    All you need is 25mg of proviron a day for 2 weeks and you’ll be perfect
  7. Hey guys what’s everyone try protocol at the moment that they don’t need and Ai and feel great on it, obviously everyone’s will be different but curious to see the dose and how people feel on it?
  8. Anyone running Sphinx test prop?

    Haha no mate, people under estimate how quickly test starts to work on especially if your sitting at nearly 0 levels. Few more days and I should be feeling like a god I forgot how much of a punch test prop packs over Test E, my libido is crazier on it too, man I just need to see skin on any girl and I want to ride them.
  9. Test E 250 Aburaihan

    I have the same and there fake a really easy way I noticed was the only had 0.9ml in each shot always came back low and all real pharma I had was always 1ml spot on that and the fact I didn’t look my sex drive lol here the fake ones I have
  10. aburaihan test enanthate real or fake

    I have had real and fake Iranians the ones I got in the box you have there I always had was real! I have a box here of fake ones at the moment
  11. Anyone running Sphinx test prop?

    Only think I have noticed is pip next day is pretty bad but il massage straight after a pin to help that out, can deal with the pip knowing the the gear is g2g
  12. Anyone running Sphinx test prop?

    Yeah mate I was running on 0 test for nearly a week and I pinned 150mg so I felt normal after a day.
  13. Anyone running Sphinx test prop?

    Legend dude thank you, can feel it already thank goodness
  14. Anyone running Sphinx test prop?

    Thanks mate apreciate the update
  15. Anyone running Sphinx test prop?

    Okay mate thank you I just pinnned 1.5ml so I should feel something by tonight as I’ve been running on bunk gear all week and feel terrible lol.