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  1. Thanks for the mention. Sadly my list of "trusted practitioners" are diminishing by the day... SADLY, once again. The degree of incompetence in this business is beyond comprehension. I say this with a saddened heart!
  2. You can recover 100% from this. The problem is that therapists do not understand how faulty pelvic alignment affects disc compressive forces, and when remaining unchanged, the malcompressive forces persist and so does the pain. Read my lower back article https://treningogrehab.no/true-solution-lower-back-pain/
  3. Sciatica Pain Jab Help

    Worst thing you do is to stretch the glute. I know it'll feel better in the moment, but over time it just gets worse.
  4. Sciatica Pain Jab Help

    Do exercises for the psoas and piriformis. For the psoas, see my website or youtube account. For the piriformis, do clamshell exercises.
  5. Rotator cuff routine

    Look at my article here. https://treningogrehab.no/shoulder-pain-scapular-stability/ There are many good exercises found also on youtube, but a common problem that is rarely addressed is that the scapula MUST be properly situated during these exercises. If the scap is hanging too low, or in downward rotation, the RC exercises won't work at all.
  6. Long Head Bicep Tendon Rupture, fix or leave?

    This occurs due to coracoid impingement usually. Do you also have (probably pretty bad) shoulder pain? You can live without the lhb but the scapular dysfunction will need resolve
  7. My arms are f**ked

    It'll pass. Don't stretch it, just leave it.
  8. Biceps tendon pain; stopping me from training...

    Bicep tendon WHERE. Distal or proximal?
  9. costochondritis tietze syndrome

    Doesn't sound like tietze based on what you're saying. Make a mark on an illustration or something so we can see exactly where it is.
  10. Shoulder pain...

    Hi Nealo, this is typical subacromial impingement. You need to teach the scapula to upwardly rotate as you abduct the arm (side raise). If the scapula DOWNWRADLY rotates as you abduct, impingement is inevitable. I've written extensively on these topics. I have a big version and a small version, you can try the small version first https://treningogrehab.no/shoulder-pain-scapular-stability/ Of course you'll also need to train the supraspinatus as well as the remaining RC muscles without compromising scapular positioning. Unfortunately most therapists are clueless of scapular movement, so you're best off either learning it or hiring someone who really knows how to deal with it.
  11. Back problems with MRI

    Never relax. you gotta stay there forever. It'll feel normal after a few weeks - months. If you want to rid yourself of back pain permanently, you can not "relax". Get used to proper alignment.
  12. Back problems with MRI

    Remember that all disc herniations are posteriorly positioned. This can NOT happen - impossibly - by extension, i.e anterior tilt. Anterior tilt is an absolute myth when it comes to lower back pain. Please read here. https://treningogrehab.no/really-assess-lumbar-lordosis-dispelling-fallacy-anterior-pelvic-tilt/ Tight hip flexors do not reduce lordotic curve, this is absolutely not true. Agree 100% on bending with the hip. Preferably bending at the hip WHILE having proper lumbosacral alignment
  13. Back problems with MRI

    The new posture should be UNCOMFORTABLE and probably painful. Pull your butt back and up, and stay there. Forever
  14. Back problems with MRI

    Etoboss, your posture still sucks. The pics you sent me are very off what I am trying to explain in the article. Butt has to point up and a relatively large arch should be visible in the lower lumbar. Your back is completely straight; you are doing it wrong. No disrespect intended, I just feel that abrasiveness sometimes gets the point across better. Kind regards.
  15. Back problems with MRI

    Post a pic of your standing position. pelvis must be clearly visible. If it's not working, you're not doing it right. No injections will cure this, don't waste your money.