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  1. Apocolypse Home workouts

    front delts hit to the max with various different exercise to hit them from all angles
  2. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Alright guys so the lockdown is in effect and the gyms have been closed for a while also. I don't have weights myself at home (I have some on order but god knows when they'll arrive) but I'm addicting to training like pretty much everyone on here. So I decided to film my home workouts improvising as best as possible with what i have and to be honest I'm having some cracking workouts.
  3. Apocolypse Home workouts

    working the reps on 100kg, 120kg, 140kg and 160kg, before finishing on a few reps on 170kg and a single on 180kg.finished off by some lunges on 60kg
  4. Big Al's Fight Prep

    some speed and combination work on the bag from last weekend Twitter - https://twitter.com/houseofdevlin1 Instagram - http://instagram.com/houseofdevlin Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/bigaldevlin Blogger - https://houseofdevlin.blogspot.com/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/alastairdevlin/
  5. Big Al's Fight Prep

    Alright guys so before covid I was starting to fight again in the ring (although cage to be specific with my last fight) and now that things are starting to get back to normal I'm beginning to prep to go back in again. At the moment training is a little restrictive,but I'm hoping by the end of the year to have a regular sparring partner or two (but we will have to see) in the meantime I'm doing mostly bagwork. I've got three vids to share with you with recent prep the first was in late February just before all the covid madness. Then two more that I've done during the lockdown I've started adding commentary now on the last video to explain my thoughts, techniques etc. But the first two just have music over the top. Cheers guys feel free to share your thoughts, ideas questions etc..
  6. Apocolypse Home workouts

    double workout today, one workout in the moning then another at night the morning workout saw me getting up to 4 reps on 140kg 308lb bench press second workout was all about working the reps and doing adjunct exercises. mostly doing 3 sets of reps on 100kg 220lb and then floor press and cambered bar
  7. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Bent over rows on a cambered bar and then same again but on shrugs.
  8. Apocolypse Home workouts

    This was one of those workouts I just wanted to take easy, and let the body heal A simple and fairly heavy workout working toward 200kg (440lb) as a working set of 4reps deadlift
  9. Garage Gym Power Building

    Yea I know what you mean buddy, I've always loved doing straight bar over ez as it's never affected me until a few weeks ago, was doing some boxing and missed the bag when it was swinging and punched the wall behind full power hahaha funny as hell but my wrist been hurting since so I have to strap it up on anything like this or use my ez. Nothing worse than wrist pain to ruin these kind of movements
  10. Apocolypse Home workouts

    A whole mix of stuff here done to work my triceps following the day before of chest
  11. Garage Gym Power Building

    Very impressive still rho mate I'm enjoying following your workouts!
  12. Supplements for a boxer

    Glutamine would be good too mate, no weight gain but quicker recovery.
  13. Garage Gym Power Building

    Some good lifts there mate, very strong! Love the equipment also - is that a home gym? Because looks better than most commercial gyms! Real good amount of volume on proper weight. Great to see! Do you train like that all year round?
  14. Apocolypse Home workouts

    5 sets of 8reps on 110kg with a final 6th set of 12reps. Nice and simple
  15. Apocolypse Home workouts

    officially my day off but there ain't no rest for the mighty! little play around on some easy shoulders. working my way up to a press from behind the head of 100kg (220lb)
  16. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Working in 140kg as my primary working weight, I did Warmups then 140kg 1rep 140kg 2rep 140kg 3rep 140kg 3rep 140kg 3rep 140kg 1rep 140kg 1rep 140kg 1paused rep Cambered bar 60kg 10reps 70kg 10reps 80kg 8reps
  17. Here is a tribute I have made dedicated to one of my fave boxers of all time -Georges Carpentier who started his professional career in 1907. He fought some of the all time greats such as Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey despite only being a light heavyweight (and he started off as a flyweight!). He was also a great man being a war hero from world war 1 ad a fighter pilot for the French airforce.There is very little footage out there and knowledge of the Orchid man so I felt an obligation to make more people aware of this awesome fighter
  18. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Chest and abs home workout Three nice easy peasy warmups on bench press with 60kg, 80kg and 100kg the 1st working set on 120kg. And an explanation on how I intend to do this workout today. The moving on to Sets 2,3,4,5, 6,7,8 and 9 on 120kg (264lb) bench press.- my back off sets being 20rep, 26reps and 21reps on 80kg.Having finished my backoff sets on the straight bar it's time to stretch and finish off with a little pump up on the cambered bar. 50kg 10reps 1st setHaving a quick rest after my first set on cambered bar, I take the chance to explain the value of using this type of bar.2nd set on the cambered bar with this time 16reps feeling much more stretched off and flexibleChest workout over and done time to do some abs!
  19. Apocolypse Home workouts

    A hard one today -volume work through sets rather than reps. Worked my way up ending my warmups on 140kg Then 4 working sets of 160kg (352lb) x 4sets
  20. Apocolypse Home workouts

    working on sets of 8reps going from 80kg slowly up to 120kg. hitting the volume with sets and sets on incrwasing weight.
  21. Big Al's Fight Prep

    Some extra bag work from today -did 90mins before this on the bag teaching some technical moves - will share that pugilism video once it is edited together but here is some bits I was just playing around on
  22. Big Al's Fight Prep

    First bit of footage with commentary over the top. This was from a quick session a few days ago
  23. Big Al's Fight Prep

    First footage during lockdown in May. Finally got my own bag. Bag weighs 50kg
  24. Apocolypse Home workouts

    a focus on front delts, splitting my shoulders up with side and rear delts hopefully tomorrow. went up slowly getting up to 90kg for a few sets but triceps were still tired and weak following yesterdays bench workout. so lightened it to save injury and went down to 60, 65 then 70kg for reps. note sorry guys in editing I wrote the last lift as 80kg -it was 70kg!
  25. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Ended with 5reps 140kg (308lb) and then 28reps on 100kg(220lb) as a backoff set Overall warmed up slowly on 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg 130kg Then did my 140kg 5reps 100kg 28reps