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  1. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Two pbs one cup.... Haha nah two pbs in one workout on deadlift previous current pb was 210kg but got 210, 220 and then 230kg all in one workout chuffed
  2. Apocolypse Home workouts

    So been ill for a while, but am back and thought I d take it easy with a new lift I've not tried before -the continental lift.
  3. Apocolypse Home workouts

    front delts hit to the max with various different exercise to hit them from all angles
  4. Apocolypse Home workouts

    working the reps on 100kg, 120kg, 140kg and 160kg, before finishing on a few reps on 170kg and a single on 180kg.finished off by some lunges on 60kg
  5. Big Al's Fight Prep

    some speed and combination work on the bag from last weekend Twitter - https://twitter.com/houseofdevlin1 Instagram - http://instagram.com/houseofdevlin Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/bigaldevlin Blogger - https://houseofdevlin.blogspot.com/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/alastairdevlin/
  6. Apocolypse Home workouts

    double workout today, one workout in the moning then another at night the morning workout saw me getting up to 4 reps on 140kg 308lb bench press second workout was all about working the reps and doing adjunct exercises. mostly doing 3 sets of reps on 100kg 220lb and then floor press and cambered bar
  7. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Bent over rows on a cambered bar and then same again but on shrugs.
  8. Apocolypse Home workouts

    This was one of those workouts I just wanted to take easy, and let the body heal A simple and fairly heavy workout working toward 200kg (440lb) as a working set of 4reps deadlift
  9. Garage Gym Power Building

    Yea I know what you mean buddy, I've always loved doing straight bar over ez as it's never affected me until a few weeks ago, was doing some boxing and missed the bag when it was swinging and punched the wall behind full power hahaha funny as hell but my wrist been hurting since so I have to strap it up on anything like this or use my ez. Nothing worse than wrist pain to ruin these kind of movements
  10. Apocolypse Home workouts

    A whole mix of stuff here done to work my triceps following the day before of chest
  11. Garage Gym Power Building

    Very impressive still rho mate I'm enjoying following your workouts!
  12. Supplements for a boxer

    Glutamine would be good too mate, no weight gain but quicker recovery.
  13. Garage Gym Power Building

    Some good lifts there mate, very strong! Love the equipment also - is that a home gym? Because looks better than most commercial gyms! Real good amount of volume on proper weight. Great to see! Do you train like that all year round?
  14. Apocolypse Home workouts

    5 sets of 8reps on 110kg with a final 6th set of 12reps. Nice and simple