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  1. Big Al's Fight Prep

    First bit of footage with commentary over the top. This was from a quick session a few days ago
  2. Big Al's Fight Prep

    First footage during lockdown in May. Finally got my own bag. Bag weighs 50kg
  3. Big Al's Fight Prep

    Alright guys so before covid I was starting to fight again in the ring (although cage to be specific with my last fight) and now that things are starting to get back to normal I'm beginning to prep to go back in again. At the moment training is a little restrictive,but I'm hoping by the end of the year to have a regular sparring partner or two (but we will have to see) in the meantime I'm doing mostly bagwork. I've got three vids to share with you with recent prep the first was in late February just before all the covid madness. Then two more that I've done during the lockdown I've started adding commentary now on the last video to explain my thoughts, techniques etc. But the first two just have music over the top. Cheers guys feel free to share your thoughts, ideas questions etc..
  4. Apocolypse Home workouts

    a focus on front delts, splitting my shoulders up with side and rear delts hopefully tomorrow. went up slowly getting up to 90kg for a few sets but triceps were still tired and weak following yesterdays bench workout. so lightened it to save injury and went down to 60, 65 then 70kg for reps. note sorry guys in editing I wrote the last lift as 80kg -it was 70kg!
  5. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Ended with 5reps 140kg (308lb) and then 28reps on 100kg(220lb) as a backoff set Overall warmed up slowly on 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg 130kg Then did my 140kg 5reps 100kg 28reps
  6. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Deadlift 23rd July . working up through 100kg 2sets 1rep 140kg 2sets 1rep 160kg 1set 1rep 180kg 2sets 1rep 200kg 1set 2reps 210kg 1set 1rep finishing on 215kg 1set 3reps and then two back off sets of 180kg 2sets 5reps Felt tired in this workout -had a bit of a cold all week so took some effort but still banged out some reps at least
  7. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Cheers mate -only hurts because it was two workouts in the same day. Might be old rugby injuries also as I have bust them up a few times when I used to play... but tbh I dont think so just needed more recovery time
  8. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Ended up squatting twice today - hard on the knees but a lot of fun and made up for the first workout being lesser than expected
  9. Apocolypse Home workouts

    I've always been a nut job mate
  10. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Arms workout 19th July -did an entire workout made up of giant sets -the ache was real haha
  11. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Bench press 17th july -three sets of 15 reps on 100kg (220lb) with a little play around on some heavier weights up to 140kg
  12. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Deadlift 16th July... and now I finally have my new bar and weights I ordered about 3-4 months ago - really nice and long so it makes it easier for me to fit between the weights
  13. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Shoulders workout from 14th July
  14. Apocolypse Home workouts

    That's brilliant mate such a great help. I'll put the advice to use next time I'm going it and the bits I struggle with I'll ask your advice again thx a lot this honestly is superb