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  1. Training for Valhalla

    Part 1 of today's double Trouble squat workouts Hahah this training twice a day is battering me but its soooo fun also lol Simple one to start 100kg 3reps 120kg 3reps 140kg 3reps 160kg 3reps 180kg 3reps 200kg 3reps Then some hill runs All done in 25mins Been shattered since then, luckily shane isn't over till early evening. Been taking advantage and been bumming around sunbathing and sleeping lol Hence the late post lmao But should be back in the gym in about an hour Part 2 of my double Trouble Leg workout A classic way of doing volume for this one, but with a twist 10 sets of 10reps on 80kg 176lb squats ... buuuuuuut.... each set being supersetted with 20reps on leg extensions. Not massive weights but these things add up, especially on pre-exhausted legs that are feeling the heavy sets from earlier on in the day and the little leg workout I did the day before. Nothing quite like battering your muscles into submission for maximum growth and development. Finished the workout off with a massive 2min set on leg extensions with a variety of techniques, including flushes, partials and single legged reps
  2. Best & Worst Protein Shakes Ever?

    Can't remember the brand but the worst protein I've ever had was a soya protein. That stuff is horrific although not as bad as when I blended liver and seaweed lol that looked and tasted like vomit and even had thr lumps too haha My fave is the multipower pre made protein in the brown glass bottles. Those are delicious but at like 3.50 a pop when I used to buy them (about 10 years ago) way to expensive to have as anything but a treat
  3. Training for Valhalla

    A tale of two workouts haha so another day where I am doubling the workouts up, staring off with a heavish session with the intention of coming in with loads of volume work in my second workout. Today is leg day so that means squats, squats and more squats!! 💪 Simple one to start, worked my way up to an easy 220kg 485lb for a single, now going to rest and eat (and take the doggos for a walk) for a couple of hours before hitting legs again with my reps and sets Part 2 of today's leg workout So following doing my singles this morning, I ate had a walk with the dogs and then jumped straight back into the gym for some basic volume work Lots of reps all on a banded bar, Bands 23kg -72.5kg 50lb - 160lb Great way to pump up the lower quad more and more with every rep but keep massive volume also Ended up getting up to 120kg which was easy hut my back was seizing up lol so rather than pull anything I I called it quits -but what a pump!