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  1. Training for Valhalla

    I hardly ever train arms, find them boring, but this was an exception, had so much fun and was absolutely buzzing by the end.
  2. Training for Valhalla

    Yes I have no problem with safety bars but because I'm a little on the wide side I clip my arms against them on the way down. I have recently brought my arms in narrower to fit inside them, not as comfortable but as you say makes it safer and let's me go for absolute max now without worrying
  3. Training for Valhalla

    First workout with my new cage. this was filmed just before crimbo
  4. Training for Valhalla

    continental lift and press going up to 90kg for 4 sets
  5. Training for Valhalla

    Bench press from the 28th of december working mostly around 140kg and then incline - first timenive fone it in years as now I have a folding bench
  6. Training for Valhalla

    Alright guys so I've recently moved house, and have much more space now for my home gym, I've been building my gym equipment up slowly now (and posted the progress in the equipment threads - building Valhalla) and will start keeping track of my workouts once again I'm making good progress and no better way to break in the gym with a wee deadlift workout
  7. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Prepping the wall for my new aqua bag
  8. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Part 4 of building Valhalla and my concept 2 model d rower is fully built and working.
  9. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Yes primal is excellent, I have a few pieces from them, and my cage is pullum, little bits and pieces are from gorilla sports -but there stuff is ok but not great - but much more affordable Bet your home gym is lovely mate with full primal stuff
  10. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Part3 of my BUILDING VALHALLA series - showing you the progress I'm making in creating my own home gym. In this episode I finish my folding bench and my rower arrives
  11. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Cheers buddy, hope it lasts a lifetime for sure
  12. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    And here is part 2 of day 1, just further expanding on my initial ideas
  13. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Alright guys so I have just moved house and i have shared a lot of my training videos in the past, in the training log section. However my workouts will hopefully be evolving very soon as I am expanding and building upon everything I had in my own home (have more space) For those who want to see how the progress is going and see everything transform day by day whilst I build everything, then I hope you will enjoy the mini series I will share here