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  1. Injury solutions

    Can this be moved to injuries section please?
  2. Injury solutions

    Alright ladies and gents, hope all is well In the 5 years I have been training whether it be natural or assisted I have never had any injuries to deal with so never researched or looked into these thing i have been dealing with a right shoulder injury which is not letting me shoulder press or do any pressing movements at all with any real weight isolation chest and shoulders is not too bad but could be better it's been going on for 6 months, I have done nothing except rest for 3 weeks when it first happened but since then basically just been lifting light the reason I want to solve this now is because I am going to take a month off training totally in November and carry out whatever solutions suggest and then start back on gear in January but I want to be 100% before doing so thanks lads
  3. Uber banned in London

    couldnt be assed going on an app and waiting for an uber i just get in black cabs when in london
  4. Anavar injection

    looks like milk
  5. What doseage does of you run on cruise

    I honestly have no idea mate - i have always reacted better and feel better on lower test with short esters if i say did 250mg sus per week and 200mg test prop a week i feel miles better on the prop - i wouldnt any other ester tbh i do like long esters with EQ and primo but again if i have ever ran tren in the past i feel MUCH better on acetate rather than Enathate think its just short esters agree with my more
  6. What doseage does of you run on cruise

    same for me test prop makes me feel great i could run 500mg test e and feel nothing but if i run 200mg test prop i am flying! also i use insulin needle to inject so it literally feels like nothing
  7. What doseage does of you run on cruise

    Still under operation mate i dont run anything more than 100-200mg at most per week test wise and run finasteride to counter anything attaching to scalp no other aas i am due 1 more transplant in november to fully correct hairline
  8. What doseage does of you run on cruise

    Yeah mate i can even get away sometimes with 2 x 50mg a week and feel horny, strong in the gym etc never go higher than 200mg on cruise even when I run gear these days I only would do 250mg test but say high EQ or high primo
  9. What doseage does of you run on cruise

    50mg test prop 3 or 4 times per week see how i feel
  10. Is EQ Underrated

    I used to love 200mg test 500mg eq or 200mg test 500mg primo i can only imagine what low test and high eq and primo would be amazing feel great and healthy from eq and primo tren and masteron used to feel horrendous on.. too hot, digestion issues , hair loss
  11. 250mg per week try.

    use an insulin needle in your shoulder cant feel a thing
  12. Southern Ghost primo g2g?

    just amazing / felt amazing / muscles look plastic like action man / skin and everything all great
  13. 250mg per week try.

    TRT 50 mg test prop Monday / Thursday / Saturday
  14. Southern Ghost primo g2g?

    Last year i did 200mg test 600mgprimo and it was; Lovely cycle Lovely gains Feel great throughout cycle Hardly lose anything when you come off I used baltic pharma though can not comment on souther ghost lab - never heard of it