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  1. melanotan with sterile water?

    And another thing, you need to do a lot more research on the half life of mt2. It is literally more than 10 times longer than 3 hours you have mistakenly assumed.(Between 24-48h). It is not broken down quickly as it is a non selective MCR agonist. It does not resemble a-msh in any way, hence why the body does not rapidly eliminate it. A peptide I'm going to assume your confusing it with is mt1 or afamelanotide. This has a half life like you misquoted (1.5-3h), and is eliminated less quickly than a-msh but still no where near as close as mt2. this is due to it's chemical similarity to a-msh. With mt2, if you inject it at 8 in the morning you could tan 100% successfully (albeit not as effectively) at 8 in the evening. There is a plethora of Mt2 articles on PUBmed.com. I suggest you read them over before misquoting and spreading your misunderstandings online.
  2. melanotan with sterile water?

    Mate haha. The idea of bacteriostatic water is to keep the coliform level at a static state. I will explain the difference between your logic and mine. If you have a very small quantity of bacteria in a solution that does not have a preservative agent in it's vehicle, the bacteria will propagate over time. The bacteria will digest and degrade the peptides in said solution as a means of nourishment for growth. If you have a preservative introduced into your solution the shelf life for your peptides are prolonged as the bacteria or coliform limit is kept static. There is nothing digesting or degrading your peptide at a speed anything close to a solution without a preservative. People have been using benzyl alcohol for peptide preservation for many years and if you had the most rudimentary chemistry knowlege you would know that benzyl alcohol does not impede or affect the efficacy of the vast, vast amount of peptides including melanotan 1 and 2. The introduction of a low temperature to your peptides will have a preservative effect, but only for a couple of weeks, as with any product in existence without a chemical preservative. The flaw in your logic is the assumption that bacteria are not resilient enough to survive at such temperatures found in refrigerators. A refrigerators sole design is to retard the growth of bacteria thus staving off the degradation of our food. Now, please find me any food or pharmaceutical product in the world that that does not have a preservative in its excipients that can survive at the temperature in a fridge for months on end. You wont, because no such thing, no matter how aseptic its container exists. So to assume there is no need for the bacteriostatic agent is simply a flawed argument built on the assumption of bacteria's inability to propagate at low-ish temperatures. They don't for a while, and then grow exponentially, hence the rapid spoiling of food and the degradation and waste of your hard-payed for peptides.
  3. melanotan with sterile water?

    Well no actually, bacteriostatic water is best. Hence why, I don't know.. it exists? hahaha MT2 is a resilient peptide for sure but if you want the extra longevity required for the use of mt2 over months (assuming you're not pinning .1mg every day) then it is the only option. While pHD's logic may be almost correct, I speak from common sense and from experience. So to correct what pHD is saying, yes it is fine with sterile water (short term) in the fridge but anything longer than a couple of weeks and you will notice a degradation in quality of your peptide. I mean man, you'd find the price of a multi dose bac water vial down the side of your couch, why skimp out?
  4. Highest grade mt2 wanted

    Can anyone pm me a decent source of MT2? i have tried just about every source around and they're all dogshit quality in comparison to what was around a few years ago. There seems to be an influx of generic, bulk, terrible quality Chinese MT2 (and peptides in general) floating around and I'm sick of being sent them after being promised a quality of 98% plus on just about every website. I don't have a HPLC analyzer handy, but I've been around the block with this peptide and I, along with any of the seasoned users can tell the difference between the cheap Chinese crap most are selling and the very, very occasional quality peptides being sold. I will pay a higher price for quality. Hook a brother a up please
  5. Yeah to be honest I neglected evertrying them in the gym for whatever reason so I had not even thought of the similarity they have to the HS row. Everyone raves about them online now i see
  6. Yeah I look them up. I mean leg presses are funny money when you consider the extra weights needed etc. but f**k me they're wirth it if you can afford them. i'll be keeping my ear to the ground for anything over then next while. Thanks Edit: Just checked them, they look dangerous hahaha thats a lot of weight to be pressing at that angle. Have to have that risk for an affordable setup though I suppose
  7. Its like i cant get the right min muscle connection with them. It just comes more naturally when I have both arms pulling a weight simultaneously that i can really contract my back and engage it. Im working on them but they're just not as effective fro me at the moment. And yeah, the T bar attachment is def a good idea as is the hip belt squats( never heard of'em but will look them up). Appreciate the input man thanks
  8. Hi, Last month I set up my own personal gym in my house. It's not that gym prices are extortion these days, I mean if anything they're cheaper - I just figured i'd splash out and save in the long run. I'm loving it so far, best decision iv'e made and would highly recommend it to anyone who considers themself to be a self motivated individual. It does have a few drawbacks however, and the proper, long term solution will mean me having to add certain machines. All I have and can afford at the moment is the following: 200kg worth of plates (enough for everything at the moment) 7ft olympic barbell Adjustable commercial grade power rack Adjustable bench Dumbells up to 30kg Now with this setup I have all my bases covered as they allow me to perform 90% of the exercises i used to perform in the gym. There are two points of my body that I feel are really missing out by having the home gym setup at the moment. My center back and lat thickness do to the lack of a hammer strength type rowing machine and the leg press. Oh how I miss the leg press lol. But yeah, in terms of my lats, my rack does not have a lat pulldown. I could have purchased one attached but they seem to be only on the lower quality squat racks so I went with a truly solid (and superior IMO) rack instead, minus the pulldown attachment. It does a pull up/chin up setup on the top frame and I of course use this religiously so I can attack my lats from this angle but I'm really missing the sheer bulk you can pack on to your back with the hammer strength row machines. Same with the overall mass you can add using the leg press, they're really the only two machines worth the metal they're made from in the gym IMO, and I'm sorely missing them. What I'm looking for advice on is, in the meantime before I can figure out a proper setup configuration, are there any exercise that can come close to achieving the mass and efficacy of growth these machines allow? My current back routine consists of : Wide and neutral grip weighted pullups Bent over rows (alternating grips) one arm barbell rows one arm dumbell rows LEGS: Front squat ( switched from reg recently due to desired quad/anterior chain development) Clean grip deads Dumbell lunges (sometimes barbell) Glute bridge So yeah, in summary tweak/ critique any part of my routine that you feel would lead to fatter quads and a thicker back! Thanks in advance