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  1. Dr Fox

    Sorry mate yes. Easier on the sides. It's just more it makes me more stable and normal. 100mg Viagra is like a party drug compared to it.
  2. Dr Fox

    Yeah it's legit. I just do 5mg Cialis ED.
  3. Covid vaccination. Yes or no?

    Exactly this.
  4. Black Friday

    They took our jobs!
  5. I'll say it out publicly. I'm not one of the Pm'ers but I appreciate your posts on here.
  6. When will we recover?

    Everything getting chucked at us and 99.9% of folk live in a bubble and don't see it.
  7. How do these look?

    Pretty much all of this is spot on. Has its uses.
  8. How do these look?

    Got that Mens Health one from Argos a few years ago. It's fine by and large but it is pretty awkward for curls. Fine for presses but it's only up to 25kg. Best just chucking more cash in to proper dumbbells tbh.
  9. Who waxes arms/ body hair

    I'm a hairy c**t. So to speak. Shave head every three days. Trim beard once a week. Nose, eyebrows and ears get plucked with now alarming regularity. Scary how fu**ing fast that's growing! Clipper my back and shoulders once a month too otherwise I look like Harry Henderson.
  10. 2nd National Lockdown soon?

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8938057/London-gym-owner-refusing-shut-lockdown-clashes-police-officer-premises.html Fair play to this guy. 30 police officers turn up. What a horrible, fascist country we are now.
  11. Daddy wants milk

    Can't drink it anymore. Made me bloated and gassy as f**k. Switched to the lacto free stuff and it's doing the job.
  12. Dating someone much younger than you

    Nah been there done that and burned the t-shirt.
  13. Dating someone much younger than you

    A lot of touchy older guys with young burds on this thread.