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  1. Nice to see the bell end is still at it. There have been a few threads over the years that are exactly the same as this. Shame karma hasn't caught up with him yet.
  2. Sometimes you can have the 'best' life and still not be happy and want to end it or not be you. Just look at the celebs who have it all and still need drink/drugs to get by or self harm etc. Yes outward pressures can cause this effect and compound problems, but it can just be how you're wired and you need to learn to roll with the ups and downs. I have a great life (hell perfect aside from mortgage and not owning a ferarri), but there are days I want to really cause damage to myself, self sabotage and can be a spiteful pr**k. I know the signs now so can rationalise things and do things to manage my thoughts so they pass quickly, but before I knew what the hell was going on I was suspected bi polar for all the craziness in my mind and how I'd act. To anyone struggling I'd suggest seeing a gp or speaking to someone you trust. Next steps and what worked for me were making a list of whatever it was that you had good and bad in your life and work on fixing. For me it meant new job, cut out social media, cut off friends, cut off hormones, focus on family, trying new things, find some 'whys' and what matters to me. I spent too long chasing things and doing things for others - trying to be a standard I'm not, for strangers I couldn't even give a s**t about or to prove people wrong about things that had happened 10+ years before. Most of the time there are lots of techniques you can do to help keep your mind in a more positive state but you need foundations there and not just to mask things in short term. Of course for serious things medication may be the only answer but I find sometimes pills are too easily prescribed.
  3. The biggest guy in the world

    If he'd have said disabled bays it would have been more believable.
  4. Auto trader alternatives.

    Gumtree. Was free whenever I've sold mine and moved quicker too.
  5. Need relationship advice

    Send her a pic of you smashing other birds.
  6. Being pub doorman

    Pretty much. Was a bit further towards central just along from lebeq tavern.
  7. Being pub doorman

    Think it depends on the place. I used to own a shisha lounge and we had probably 50pc of customers for Somali, every one of then nice as pie. That said, when I was walking through Easton past one of the Somali cafes that was packed , I did s**t myself a bit hearing someone shout 'ey brudda' out the door too me thinking I'd end up robbed. Turns out they knew me. But funny how the mind works.
  8. Casting for new TV Show

    Hes the one we take sacrificial newbies to bum.
  9. Tinder a bit s**t?

    f**k. My wife said she was meeting her friend. :|
  10. We're all sex gods here. Of course we have.
  11. Single again (this time better though)

    Been there, done that, if it stops someone ending up like me at those times for all the forum bravado and jokes - its not worth fronting up.
  12. Single again (this time better though)

    Hope you're doing ok but from someone who tried to talk like you when I split with mine, you dont sound ok....more like you're trying to justify and replace. It's ok to be a bit bust up over it, I'm sure I was only reading posts a few weeks ago about how you've got a banging babe best sex best life etc? Hit me up in the DMs if you need a shoulder brah (or a dick pic or whatever )
  13. What would you do

    . It would be a shock but why the hell would you disown your child or kick them out because of who theyd wanted to be with? I would want to be the person they trusted and on hand to destroy anyone who made them feel like your friend has done to their son and for them to be happy with who they are. If they said they were vegan on the other hand.
  14. Relationship problem

    Introduce her to @drwae that'll solve his problems.