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  1. This isn't my stack but it's been suggested to me... What do you guy this? A good stack to take? Overkill? • L-carnitin - helps mobilise fats and use it as energy.• Green tea extract - powerful antioxidant, improve energy levels, increase thermogenesis (fat burning)• Yohimbinine hcl - decrease appetite, decrease alfa receptor activity in fats (fat storing receptors)• Synephrine Hcl - increase energy and focus, decrease appetite and increase beta receptor activity in fats (fat burning receptors)• Chromium - improve insulin sensitivity thoughts?
  2. Hi all

    Welcome to the board, it's a great resource
  3. I've taken clen a few times now and always had taurine, one time I did have any and thought I would be OK as I never had cramps before with Clen... oh how wrong I was. few days in without taurine and had massive cramps. Started on the taurine and they went away
  4. Protein v Diet Protein?

    Agree with this. Tracking in MyFitnessPal is the best step you will make, just being able to really see what you consume makes a massive difference
  5. Best creatine mono

    I went for Creapure from MyProtein as it's power form and mixes easily into a shake. Can't even taste it
  6. Should I bother with creatine

    Lots of the research into it has shown it to be effective, from all the things you could take it seems to have the biggest positive research behind it.
  7. Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the board
  8. Thanks, Do you take anything during the cycle to support? or just SARM PCT?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I've not considered adding in any test. I'm doing some test support using Tauro-Test from AD but I take that regularly anyway (which is a natural test booster), not sure how effective it is though TBH.
  10. Hi, Looking at doing my 1st cycle of Epistane, only looking at doing 10mg going up to 20mg as my 1st time using it. What would be a good recommendation on what to take for support during the cycle and post cycle? At this dose I'm not sure if I need a lot of support? https://www.strongsupplementshop.co.uk/epi-2a3a-epistane-by-vital-labs mention that if taking (50 mg+ per day) then to use use Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs for PCT but I'm not planning to go this high. Thanks,
  11. Clenox

    I've only used t3 and Clen pharma seperately before. Where did you get the clenox?
  12. Yohimbine hcl

    anyone purchased from these guys before: I DON'T READ RULES