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  1. well they are true fakes as they aren't even made by the original producer anymore .......... just some 'collectors item' stocks about like the old Azolol yellow diamonds etc
  2. Is anovar the safest steroid for women

    ive seen many women who use and many are far from ugly. my wife is an IFBB Pro and ive been to a lot of shows and seen then backstage , in hotels - many are friends from bikini through to WPD - any a large amount use AAS - we coach some too. Ugly? really.... I could reel off some of the hottest IFBB Pro bikini ladies who use AAS and they are drop dead gorgeous....... so yet more nonsense .......... as anyone knows paper and real world are often very very different...
  3. do all on Monday or double it just to be sure ..... no problems at all did the same recently when I travelled somewhere I couldn't take gear
  4. nolva is used when lean to get those stubborn estrogren heavy areas in condition - however its a double edged sword - there WILL be a rebound price to pay for this. If you aren't getting on stage id question why to be honest. have you really done all you can with heavy training and diet. Have you used things like DIM or Yohimbine and exhausted all avenues.... are you very lean everywhere but just the glutes and hams wont seemingly budge any more (im talking contest lean everywhere else?)
  5. you really should refrain from talking absolute nonsense with zero knowledge at all...... its borderline dangerous considering your advising women here
  6. Is anovar the safest steroid for women

    absolute bollocks.... developed by the east germans, go have a look at how some of those 'ladies' ended up! there is no safe steroid for women... is the reality anavar is about the safest given the choices available. but like anything its very person dependant - some ladies will not get on well with var but better with low dose winny - some get bloated on var - others have green discharge and their hair comes out (winny). So don't just take someones word for it you also need to be absolutely certain that what you have is as labeled - for a woman you need to test it... or get a rock solid source ive seen what tbol does and proviron also - both given by well know pro prep coaches to ladies we are now looking after and its not good.
  7. Help spec me the juice

    Test and EQ, british level triathletes used low dose test plus EPO etc...... a friend was on the team ......... endurance athletes benefit from test as its usually smashed from the output....bones weakened etc so its a great fit to boost it enough to not carry too much extra weight but recover and improve power.....
  8. he means the real Anabol...its not made anymore. its stocked by some - very old....and like the Oxys - someone is knocking out tabs with the snake logo on in green tablets and charging a premium Brisitsh Dispensary don't make AAS anymore - they make prickly heat powder and other such stuff for the Asian medical market.... its a family run business and they ceased AAS production a while back ....
  9. depends on class and your body whats your background and goals here?
  10. OSatrine can work ok, like any anabolic agent each woman will react differently they react totally differently to men so winny, anavar, ostarine can make a woman bloat....this doesn't mean its dbol or a fake (as many assume) its as women handle it differently none are safe...all can mess a woman up - so she needs to be sure before hand...their is a risk of hair loss, voice change, menstrual disruption - this may be permament or return to normal once stopped... I know a lot of females (as my wife is an ifbb pro) and so have a decent amount of exposure to this on the whole most will use anavar, winny or primo tabs (from bikini through to figure) clen, t3 and novla on top building muscle doesn't require any of this....but just like men some hard work in the gym...... many faff about with high rep fluff nonsense.... or don't stick to diets as they don't like to add bodyweight - they look at scales and then get upset and so stop eating. is her diet and training on point ..........really??? ask that first and give it some time
  11. Triumph Labs review...

    Nope Bayer for example makes all its own...it has a subsidiary called Bayer Chemicals who make testosterone and a multitude of other chemicals (including Boldenone)....... it then uses them it is products. Then you have instances - where big pharma sub licence a product - in say south America or Asia and allow the local name to handle things......... bottom line is you can be ripped off anywhere..... plenty of fake pharma sold in gyms and even from pharmacies who buy from grey distributors sometimes ......... of course your basic UGL will be made under unsterile conditions - and not compare to a UGL lab that is made in a proper facility or a pharma company - and many times - just like the drug trade - the problem is someone along the line wants to increase their margin...that can happen anywhere along the chain.
  12. Fanta lemon where to buy?

    Fanta lemon zero is the daddy...great taste shown there
  13. Insulin with every meal

    all depends on you and your body....I find myself better if I use slin 4-5 days and have a couple of days off....just me ....think easier to keep BF in check.......... but we are all different
  14. Insulin with every meal

    ok cool....metformin sure ...use either way...if using slin on training days I would use on the non training.... or if your running it daily...then when you have time off.......
  15. Insulin with every meal

    also run metformin on the non days.....if your taking some days off........500mg once or twice a day