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  1. Dianabol "Who do you rate?"

    Thank you for your post guys, if anyone has any further common on dianabol they've tried and consider G2G please feel free to post.
  2. Hey guys, have any of you had any success with any dianabol recently? what labs worked best for you? its the first time i've ever been so scetchy when buying, as all the lab posts have put me off a lot of REPUTABLE brands... Such as seeing ROHM my once favorite brand, only have 35mg of deca in their omnedec as posted on the sight, which has put me off buying their dianabol all together. If you use anything which good results please post up what your favorite dianabol is so far.
  3. I could be wrong, but... aren't veins and arteries beneath the skin, so usually when you pin, you go into the muscle, and pass the possibility of injecting into an artery or vein... I mean, YEAH sure, we could go straight through a vein/artery, with the needle then into the deep muscle tissue, but once its in the deep muscle tissue the only thing close to veins and are capillaries right? if this is the case, is there any point in even worrying?
  4. In matter of fact, he had me convinced i was to take 150mg of anadrol, and that my liver would be fine, due to some daft pubmed article on starved kids in africa, and my liver values went way above normal and took 6months to come back down, followed by serious depression and a scarily high hemoglobin count, which wasn't good.
  5. I been as high as 1.5g of test and i didn't really see much difference from 1gram of testosterone, the only difference i had was more bloat and more night sweats, I even think 500mg of testosterone was an effective dosage as long as i kept my diet in check, Too many idiots these days thinking more is better, as much as i hate to slate the dude, i think thats a typical ausbuilt approach :D, and although i highly rate his knowledge some of the s**t he used to do was just stupid.
  6. C4 pharma.

    Its totally fine bro, at least you made effort to post, its most than a lot of people on here have done so far :), so for that i appreciate your help, However, don't supose you rate Primus ray labs? or heard them? because thats my latest stuff i got.
  7. Heyho, Been awhile.

    Hey guys, long time no speak.
  8. Mars bar intra workout

  9. Mars bar intra workout

    This is what i tell each and every single pencil neck charv i come by "A packet of walkers crisps and a mars bar, you can't go wrong"
  10. Trenbolone vs Deca (The big Debate)

    Hows the TRT treating you these days?
  11. Trenbolone vs Deca (The big Debate)

    God damn, its been a long time since i posted this s**t :P, both completely different steroids, like comparing a chair to cheese
  12. C4 pharma.

    cheers guys, much appreciated.
  13. Primus Ray - Do you rate it?

    Don't even want to be banned, i just want information!. Bump.